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horn going berserk

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Question From chrisbdaemon on horn going berserk

Hey, I have a 1994 Eagle Talon that I bought used. The guy that owned it before me put in a new steering wheel, its a GT Grant. The horn never worked right, it worked sometimes, but rarely. One time I tried to mess with it and get it to make a sound and the metal button fell of and then the horn wouldn't stop going off. I disconnected the wire and took it to the only mechanic in town who didn't know what to do. His solution was unplug it and leave it alone. I would really like to get it working somehow but I don't know where to start.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Simply put original stuff back in. You have an air bag in there and can kill yourself. To date I know of four mechanics killed by air bags while working on a car. Whatever it takes get that back to at least factory and watch out for those suckers as they can deploy even with battery disconnected!!!!