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No Headlights

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Question From Edfireball on No Headlights

95 Suzuki Swift (same as Geo Metro) headlights flickered and went out. Came on again later, but don't come on now. Daylight running lights work. Neither high or low beams work. High beams do come on when flashed on turn signal. Relay #1 energizes marker lights. I can feel relay #2 energizing, but no headlights. Swapped #1 and #2 relays with no change. Chilton manual shows drl control module, but where is it? and does this seem like the next step?

Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!

Response From steve01832 Top Rated Answer

You may want to check the headlight switch. The DRL relay is pulled in when the ignition is turned to on. The headlight relay is pulled in by the headlight switch. If the headlights work on flash to pass that rules out lamps, fuses and wiring on the headlight side. Sounds like you lost the relay control which is the headlight switch itself.


Response From Edfireball

Thanks for the help Steve. I actually tested the headlight relay and it is energizing and closing. The crude wire diagram that I have leads me to believe the "hi-low" switch is bad. I do have ground going through the relay. I guess that means pulling the steering wheel and light switch.

Thanks again

1996 Buick LeSabre Headlight Problem

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Question From X_Static1 on 1996 Buick LeSabre Headlight Problem

We have a 1996 Buick LeSabre. It has automatic headlights. The headlights wont come on at all. This started all at once. No warning signs. We have replaced the headlight switch and also the BCM. The headlights still won't come on. What can we try next?

Response From Double J

Stupid question...

Anybody check the bulbs themselves??? I assume you did...

you can't turn them on manually??
Usually when the automatics go out its the photo sensor in the dash... but they would work manually...

Possibly a faulty dimmer switch...just a thought..
I'm not at my regular computer to check on a schematic for this....don't have access form this one.maybe one of the others can provide that...

IF not I'll be there tomorrow 2/14-

Response From way2old Top Rated Answer

Also have the fuses been checked?

Response From Double J

Here you back results....

Voltage is applied at all times to the lamp control module through the HEADLAMP Circuit Breaker and CKT 242. With the Head Lamp Switch ON, the headlamp switch input to the Lamp Control Module is grounded. The Lamp Control Module then applies voltage to the headlamp dimmer switch. When the Headlamp Dimmer Switch is in the LO position, the LH and RH Low Beam filaments light. When the Headlamp Dimmer Switch is in the HI position, the LH and RH High Beam filaments light. When the Ignition Switch is in RUN and the Ambient Light Sensor indicates darkness, the Lamp Control Module provides voltage through the Headlamp Dimmer Switch to the Headlamps.

no headlights, but have running lights on 98 Yukon

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Question From rainsgang23 on no headlights, but have running lights on 98 Yukon

hey guys please help me. I have a 98 GMC Yukon 4WD. My problem is my headlights have quit working. My model has the daytime running lights and they still work. If I turn on my headlights the running lights will then go off but all others will work(parking, tail, brakes, etc.) My husband has checked fuse boxes under hood and inside of truck and all is good. He thought maybe the headlight switch had gone out but did the same thing after installing new one. We removed one headlight and direct wired to a battery and all bulbs work. Any suggestions you can give us to check would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Response From DanD Top Rated Answer

If there is no power getting to the headlights themselves on high or low beam; I would check the headlight dimmer switch.
I believe it is part of the multi-function switch in the steering column.
There are three wires that you need to deal with that are for the headlight circuit.
A yellow wire that comes from the headlight switch; it should have power on it anytime the headlight switch is turned on.
A tan wire, that should have power on it, when the dimmer switch is clicked for low beam headlights.
A Lt green wire that should have power when the dimmer switch is clicked for high beam headlights.
Does the high beam indicator light come on in the dash, when the dimmer switch is clicked for high beams?
Check all of the above and get back to us, with your findings?
You can do these tests with a test light connected to a known good ground and the probe on the wire connection you want to test.


Response From rainsgang23

Thank you so much for the reply. I am at work now, but as soon as I get home this evening I will show this to my husband and we will check it. I will let you know what we find out. And thank you again for the reply.
And no the high beam indicator light does not come on at all in the dash. But the running light indicator comes on when started and goes off if I turn the headlight switch on.

Jeep headlights

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Question From Jeeper dave on Jeep headlights

I have a '92 Jeep XJ Larado with a 4.0 HO & 171,000 miles. All was good but it was left parked for 3 wks. and now it has no headlights. All other lights (and other electrical) seam to work just fine and headlights will come on if I hold back the multi function switch. High beam light on dash comes on at that time but always goes out when switch is released. All fuses are good and there is power to them however there is no power to the headlight plugs at the soccet. ????????????? I am not a mechanic so please explain in simple terms. Changed out the headlight switch. No luck.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Is there ground the headlight sockets?


Headlights go on and off when turning on headlights 95 Merc.

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Question From bigjohn on Headlights go on and off when turning on headlights 95 Merc.

1995 Mercury Grand Marquis
4.6 engine
100,000 miles

When I turn the headlight on using the switch on the dash, they flash on and off one or more times and sometimes stay off. I hear a click sound, what should I look at first switch or relay maybe? Does Ford have any history of this kind of problem?

Big John

Response From way2old Top Rated Answer

Might be the lighting control module. This has some control over the headlights. Might be the headlight switch or even the multifunction switch. You need to do some research to find where the problem is. Let us know.