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CarJunky AutoAdvice

water damage please help

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Question From akrause1795 on water damage please help

I have a 2000 Volkswagen Golf GTI.a couple weeks ago the alarm system on my car kept messing up. More recently in the past couple of days the headlight system in my car also messed up. The wood beams in my left headlight went out and I determined it was not the bulb by replacing the bulb. It went out after I drove it in the rain. And then yesterday I drove my car in the rain again and the right high beam went out. I also determined it was not the light bulb by replacing it. The have whites have backings on them to prevent water damage I think the water is getting in somewhere else. Any suggestions on where to check?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

"Wood Beams?" I'll try to interpret you post with ideas anyway.

Bulbs plain don't like even being touched by your fingers let alone wet nor anything electrical, connections, splices anywhere. Alarms suk quickly and about all aftermarkets screw up so get those properly removed if so. More troubles for owner than a thief.

I think you mean those spongy "white" seals for a bulb - right? Grease with smear of dialectic or silicone grease or replace those as possible.

If these areas of trouble were wet with road salted water consider greasing up everything you can find as it's fatal for electrical stuff and doesn't dry out on its own,


Response From Discretesignals

The wood beams in my left headlight went out

Did you check for termites in the headlamp housing?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

I may hold the world's record for typos but that one I still can't figure out. Why wetness and wood anything must be this car drove thru a lumber yard after being flooded or something?
Ants maybe?

Call an exterminator don't ask car repair forum

Response From akrause1795

The low beams* I don't know what happened.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Back to the issue. Connections both sockets and wires including grounds must be checked. Any can be aggravated by moisture especially if already weak from corrosion,


Response From akrause1795

URGENT UPDATE: I have determined it's a blown fuse in the fuse box, BUT there's another issue now! Google says that for my MK4 Golf GTI the fuse is supposed to be 15A...
I put a 15A in... Blown!
I tried a 20A...Blown!
I even tried a third time with a 25A... Blown!
But the right low beam still works off of a 15A!

Any suggestions before i go out and buy 30/35A?

Response From Hammer Time

Any suggestions before i go out and buy 30/35A?

Yeah, call the fire department and tell them what you are about to do so they can start heading over there.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Ya - Get a fire extinguisher and learn how to run real fast! NEVER OVER FUSE a circuit - what were you thinking?

It's shorted and drawing too much now somewhere to be found. The fuse limits the damage to the fuse instead of the rest up to a fire sport.

Same suggestions but will add that water can make a short worse and redirect electricity thru it at a weak spot.

Blind guess is troubles with the bulb sockets at they are up front where the "TERMITES" can get in!


1996 Volk.Golf wont unlock!/no power..

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Question From snowydread on 1996 Volk.Golf wont unlock!/no power..

Hi, I have a Volkswagen Golf 1.8i 1996 Petrol engine and im having problems with the power suppy. I left the light on (doh!) last night and it took a long while for us to jump start it but after I did manage to, the indoor light wasnt working and neither was the central locking? the windows wound down fine, the headlights worked and even the cd player! But now I cant lock/unlock all door via one key and i cant open the fuel cap either because the latch is also controlled by the electronics. And it makes a funny sound as i turn the ignition. Cant anyone help me out? I need the car to get to work tomorrow!! I can start the car now btw but the power is weak.



Response From Hammer Time

Jump starting a car is something that you should not do these days. It can be very harmfull to both your car and the donor car. With all the sensitive modules on these cars, the sudden power surges can do a lot of damage. Also, the alternator is designed to maintain a battery and not fully recharge one of one from another vehicle. The electronics are too sensitive. At this point you need to get ypour battery charged using a battery charger and resolve those issues. Then test all the fuses with a test light.

Response From snowydread Top Rated Answer

Thank you, will that involve taking it to a garage or is there anything at home i can use? Also, do you know how i could fill the car with fuel as i can no longer open the fuel hatch and need to do it manually if possible.

Many thanks,

Response From Hammer Time

I don't know what your mechanical ability is but judging by what's happened so far, I suggest taking it to a shop.

Most cars have a manual fuel door release for emergencies.