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No hazard lights isuzu rodeo

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Question From naanth01 on No hazard lights isuzu rodeo

I have a 2000 Isuzu Rodeo. First, the left blinker would not work and would buzz when I engaged the left blinker. Later, the blinkers would not work, brake lights did not work when I turned on the head lights unless I had my foot on the brakes, so I found that the fuse blew. Replaced the fuse, but when I turned the headlights on the left blinker would be solid green on the dash, but the right blinker would flash when engaged but not stay on when right blinker was not engaged. Last night the fuse blew again and now blows fuses immediately. I am going to check the rear lights to make sure there are no shorts and melted wires. The rear window wiper has never worked also. Please let me know what I should do. Greatly appreciated!

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

I am going to check the rear lights to make sure there are no shorts and melted wires.

When you do that let us know. If you still have the issue, we'll advise.

2002 Isuzu Rodeo will not turnover only headlights and dashlights work

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Question From amandatapp_159 on 2002 Isuzu Rodeo will not turnover only headlights and dashlights work

I have an 2002 Isuzu rodeo 6 cylinder. Friday it kept loosing power to everything except motor no radio, power windows, no gauges worked, no a/c, and automatic transmission at first would work as long as you changed it manually then got to where it would not get out of 2nd and only go about 20mph. It had to be jumped when shut off, parked it for the night and next morn went and put a diff battery in it and it drove normal to auto zone they tested my old battery said it was good then checked battery and alternator in it and said the alternator was going out and it was already draining battery in it before I got back home everything quit working but motor. I went to take out old alternator and found wires that were corroded so I fixed them and reconnected them when my wife went to crank it, it arced bad out of old alternator then no longer would even try to turn over. Took old alternator to auto zone and when they tested it a red light came on there machine and then machine shut off so it was def bad. I went and put the new one in with no problem, but still nothing but headlights and dash lights work. There is no clock which is always on even with no keys, no radio, no a/c, no tail lights, no door or dome lights, and will not even turn over at all, battery is fully charged, alternator is new and tested good, and I tested all fuses on dash and in fuse box under hood and nothing was blown, but still only have headlights, and dash lights, and can hear what I think is fuel pump cutting on. Does anyone have any idea what might could be the problem and how I might can fix it, its the only car my family has and I do not have the money to take it to a mechanic

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

What do you have for testing electrical circuits?

Response From amandatapp_159

Just a test light

Response From Discretesignals

Did you check the 100 amp main fuse? If the alternator shorted the battery wire out, that would probably be the first fuse to go. Use your test light and make sure that the test light lights up on both sides of the fuse with the test lamp connected to battery negative.

It is in the fuse block under the hood.

Looks like this and should be bolted to the bus bar:

1997-1998 Isuzu rodeo won't start

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Question From ggamez9 on 1997-1998 Isuzu rodeo won't start

This morning when I went to start my car up it wouldn't start. When I put the key in it seems to have power but when I turn it all the way to START it loses all power.
Its not the battery because I just bought a new one thinking it was the battery,
I don't know much if anything at all about cars. What could it be ?
Any help is appreciated

Response From kev2

sounds like a dead/undercharged battery.
maybe the issue was the charging system - and replacing battery did not correct issue.
check all battery connections then Recharge battery and check charging system.

Response From ggamez9

I don't know if the battery is dead since its brand new. Paid 100$ for it. When I open the door the dome light comes on, when I insert the key and turn it once the radio comes on but once I move it all the way it loses all power
How do I check the charging system? Not sure ewhere that's located
**Also I made sure the batter was well connected, its tight and secure

Response From Tom Greenleaf

New isn't charged fully but should start if all else is fine OR really could be dead + new - junk. It happens.
Check with at least a voltmeter at posts then "U" clamps when starter is requested and my bet is you'll see it loses total connection at one of them but both are highly suspect. If absolutely not there then the other ends of the battery cables - both,


Response From ggamez9 Top Rated Answer

Ok so i did all that i cleaned the cables too, and retightened the cables. The battery is also good

One thing i noticed was that when i have the key in the ignition and i test the headlights i HEAR a clicking noise coming from the fuse box area, what do you think that is?

I asked a mechanic what it could be and he said it could be the starter, i would just take it to the mechanic but i dont have the money so im trying to figure this out on my own to try to save some cash

Response From Discretesignals

What is the voltage on the battery posts when your attempting to crank the engine?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

YOU AREN'T COVINCING ME that this battery is good yet. Lights working mean little. Starter takes a wild amount of power in comparison.
If improper power or state of charge it wont crank and odd noises can happen and so on. Until know power in this case battery is charged and known good is blind guessing. This vehicle would take a jump start most likely and either not work again later or be done with it if no testing tools or separate charger.
Nobody does it - stores don't but a new battery should be charged and checked BEFORE installing!
Think of this: A car has just been parked but was fine a year ago and now doesn't start? Gee - no shat. That battery could have sat that long - same problem,

(thought I said batteries are marked how old they are on them in code or obvious. More than a few months the fail rate skyrockets)

brake lights going out

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Question From trkdriver4849 on brake lights going out

2001 izuza redeo 2wd with 2.0-brake lights work with headlights off-turn them lights on and taillights and turn work-step on the brake and i lose taillights and no brake lights-the top brake light still works-now with car turned off you step on brake and it sounds like door open buzzer is going off-but does not do it with lights on

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Is that supposed to read "Isuzu Rodeo" or is that some new car I never heard of?

It sounds like there may be some kind of ground problem in the back of the car connected to the rear tail lights. Check and see if there is a broken ground wire back there.

car starting problems

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Question From Tess on car starting problems

I'm a single mom and have not a clue to the best thing I should do.

My 2004 Isuzu Rodeo won't start and I think it's the batteries. The interior light is dim and the headlights won't come on. There isn't anyone around to give me a jump because they are at work. Though I may have a tow company come by in the afternoon. If I get it started, what should I do next besides take it to a fix it shop. I don't want to be stuck with a huge bill I can't pay.

So here's part of the trucks history:

It had the alternator replaced about 2 years ago.

Batteries were replaced 2 1/2 years ago

There was a worn belt with cracks that needed to be replaced soon. The mechanic did tell me if it broke the car won't start at all so I'm guessing it's a fan belt.

The engine light came on this weekend and had the catalytic converter replaced that is still under warrentee.

Any suggestions?

Response From Double J Top Rated Answer

Your going to need to have the battery tested as well as the charging system and the electrical system checked for draws when the vehicle is off...
If the belt broke before it was shut off,you would have certainly known that....
First things first....see if it will jump start...if so have the batteries tested..
IF battery/batteries are 2 1/2 years old you may have some sort of warranty still on them...Pro-rated warranty which means basically you pay for the months used towards a new battery....some batteries come with a free 2 year or 3 year replacement period ..so check into that as well...
If its known the belt is worn....HAVE it replaced....
this type of basic maintenance thats usually neglected will let you down and cost you much much more than if you had replaced it when told it was bad....
make sure you test for electrical draws...if there is one you certainly don't want to drain any new battery....

hope this helps.....
post back your results...we are here to help you....