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'92 Lexus LS400 Headlight Assembly

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Question From ke7chv on '92 Lexus LS400 Headlight Assembly

Came off the highway and took out the front right headlight assembly. Repair shops and online retailers want $250-$400 for the assembly for just one side. Wanted to know if anyone knows of an alternative assembly that could be used in its place. (Don't care about cosmetics, just that it would fit in its place with minor alteration).

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Those prices aren't bad. It is what it is and you really have no other options.

Chevy Cavalier headlight replacement

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Question From cobbsal on Chevy Cavalier headlight replacement

I have a 2000 Chevy Cavalier with a passenger low beam that went out. I spent over an hour trying to figure out how to replace it after I bought the bulb. I can't see anyway to get at the bulb - not from the top, bottom or side. There seem to be plates or bars or parts in the way from every direction. Can anyone give me a clue how to do this supposedly simple task ???

Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

there is a black cover that i belive covers the headlight assemblies, once removed there will be two 13mm bolts holding the headlight assemble in place.just watch you don't losse the little shims under the bolts.

Shadow in the feld of view from new headlights

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Question From j.feller on Shadow in the feld of view from new headlights

I installed a set of new headlights on my 05 Pontiac Grand AM, these are the headlights I bought:

(link to a place not allowed, the pictures are)

I've adjusted these every way possible but cannot get rid of these black spots/shadows in my field of view. I've got an email in to the company but was looking for other's help as well. Thank you, Jordan


Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

I need to take out the link you posted as not allowed but looked. These are aftermarket and despite all the claims the meet OE specs they probably don't at all and good luck arguing that with the place.

Link stated all this in quotes........"Brand new in Box; OEM Quality Headlight Assembly

Two Headlights are included for both driver and passenger sides

Headlight Assembly includes Lens, Housing, Socket, and Bulb"
IMO they are NG by your description of dark spots with all that or somehow messed up installing them.
Real OE are big bucks and used is used too. Not tried yet but places claim then can defog lousy originals if you still have them but no promises on that,

1988 toyota camry headlight

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Question From Guest on 1988 toyota camry headlight

1988 toyota camry
how do i wedge that dang headlight assembly into place? do i have to take off bumper or just use extra finesse?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Fix or replace the broken parts that hold the assembly,


help please

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Question From Guest on help please

I am trying 5to change the headlight in an 04 chevy mailibu classic but i am having trouble doing so.....I cant seem to get enough space to get the new bulb in the headlight assembly anyone got some advice?

Response From DrElectrics Top Rated Answer

Is it an insert from the back? Do you have the correct globe? What are you bumping into when installing? eg-Air filter, Battery?? Lemme know.