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2016 Fiat 500 Engine Cylinder Head Gasket 4 Cyl 1.4L Elring

P311-28ED2E2    344.671  New

H80779-00 , 04893239AA , 6 07 619 , 30-030523-00 , 10184500 , AH6510 , 55206232 , 61-38835-00 , 55 206 232 , 49422205

Elring Engine Cylinder Head Gasket
  • Gasket, cylinder head
  • ; Thickness: 0.72mm Diameter: 72.4mm with OEM # 04893239AA, 55206232, 607619 Gasket Design: Multilayer Steel (MLS)
  • Product Attributes:
    • Diameter [Mm]: 72,4
    • Gasket Design: Multilayer Steel (mls)
    • Thickness [Mm]: 0,72
Brand: Elring
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block Engine CID CC
2016 - Fiat 500 L 4 Cyl 1.4L 83 1368

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will not turn engine over when hot

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Question From saffdave on will not turn engine over when hot

my car will start straight away when cold, but when it gets warm it will hardly crank engine over. if i leave it for 15mins it will spin engine, no problem. i have fitted a new starter motor and cleaned all leads, had battery tested and thats ok. this problem seems to have started since i had new head gasket fitted. i have only limited knowledge of engines and was wondering if timing could be out although car runs ok. any suggestions please.

Response From dr.donut

this sounds like a frayed wire from batt. to starter, batt. terminals? look around, maybe it was rubbing on something, with less wire to run through the current heats it up making resistance , the hotter it gets the more resistance, you need clean, top notch connections

Response From saffdave

i will give it another try although i have cleaned all terminals. the odd time i do get it started when its playing up. i can switch off and start it again it spins the engine like it should. thanks for reply

Response From Old 396

Have you ruled out an ignition switch issue or starter relay issue? Especially the starter relay. It's common for the bridge in the relay to get hung up or fail altogether in these vehicles.

Response From Mr.scotty

Knowing the year, make, and model would be great.

Response From saffdave Top Rated Answer

it is a fiat punto 1999

2005 Audi A8L 4.2 AC issues - watery sound, lack of cool air

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Question From bugbehr on 2005 Audi A8L 4.2 AC issues - watery sound, lack of cool air

Year: 2005
Make: Audi
Model: A8L
Engine size: 4.2L
Mileage: 75,500 miles

Hello! I had just gotten the timing belt and water pump replaced by an indie shop two days ago, in preparation for a cross-country drive back to CA from NY. Around 4PM today, the air coming out of the vents began to feel significantly less cool. Eventually, (to quote Jeremy Clarkson) the air like an asthmatic wheezing through a straw. I noticed water (or a substance similar to water) dripping down onto the front of the passenger side footwell, and I noticed a sound like burbling water, sounding kind of like a small water fountain, coming from the air vents. In addition, there was a bit of condensation on the plastic slats on the air vents.

Is my AC failing because of the humidity and heat, in addition to running at 60+ mph for over 10 hours each day? Or is this a more serious issue linked to my cooling system? I still have 1,600 miles to go before arriving back at home, and I'll have to cross Texas and Arizona in the summer heat. Should I delay my trip and get this issue fixed ASAP?

PS - I found the following post on another forum, and was wondering if it was also relevant to my issue:

"This is a shot in the dark, but I might know what's up. First, I have never heard of an air bubble in the coolant system making a noise you can actually hear. I'm wondering if the noise you are hearing is water trapped in the heater vent system. When the A/C runs to cool the air, any moisture in the air will condense on the cooling fins. This moisture collects and drains out of the heater box through a little tube. With like 99% of car this tube goes back trough the firewall and just drips on the ground near the back of the engine compartment. If something blocks or freezes in this drain tube, you could have a lot of water trapped in the heater box. I don't know where "Bloomington" is but if it has been cold maybe water froze in the drain tube. A leaf getting into the wrong place could also stop it up. It's happened to me with other cars."

PSS - I also found a post on a FIAT forum from someone who heard water gurgling from behind their dashboard. Not long afterwards, their headgasket blew. Will the same thing happen to me if I don't get this fixed?

link deleted............not allowed

Response From Hammer Time

Sounds to me like you simply have a plugged up condensation drain. You will have to locate the drain on the engine side of the firewall and blow it out with compressed air.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

bugbehr: The reason if just water is just as HT said. If just water it would dry out on a paper towel, antifreeze wont. Hope not that! You are underway now apparently now and yes headed for likely hot weather as you said. Short of tools if you can find the drain on firewall at least see if it's intact.

Why did you check a FIAT forum for an Audi? The most common reason for head gasket failures is overheating IMO not inoperative A/C but since you just had a water pump done and may be late, check coolant level as if low after the work done could be the most important problem now. No engine no A/C anyway and worse - walking or towed to next place for more possible repairs.

Suggestion: If doing preventative work prior to a trip of the sort that long especially best to do ahead when at all possible so it proves itself fixed as breaking down on a long run from known places is a nightmare. Good luck with the run.

If you must this (condensate drain) ((Water)) could probably be solved at some truck stops places quickly unless in some very difficult location could be a while you wait fix,