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Dayco Engine Harmonic Balancer
  • Premium OEM Replacement Balancer
  • Product Attributes:
    • Bolt Hole Quantity: 2
    • Counterweight Balance: Neutral, No Counterweight
    • Crank Bore:
      • 1.103
      • 28.00
    • Crank Trigger/Exciter Plate: No
    • Installation Instructions Included: No
    • Nose Outside Diameter:
      • 1.615
      • 41.00
    • Number of Integrated Pulleys: 1
    • Outer Ring Material: Cast Iron
    • Overall Outside Diameter:
      • 145.00
      • 5.709
    • Pulley 1 Number Of Grooves: 6
    • Pulley 1 Outside Diameter:
      • 145.00
      • 5.709
    • Pulley 1 Type: Serpentine
    • Pulley 2 Type: Serpentine
    • Ring Width:
      • 0.969
      • 24.60
    • Timing Marks: Yes
    • Woodruff Key Included: No
Brand: Dayco
Additional Fitment Information:
2011 - Suzuki Grand Vitara

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1991 ford dump truck harmonic balancer bolt breaking

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Question From on 1991 ford dump truck harmonic balancer bolt breaking

I am having a problem with the harmonic balancer bolt breaking on my 465 engine. I have my salt spreader and my dump box ram belts running around my harmonic balancer. Would this put too much strain on the harmonic balancer and break the bolt? It has happened three times.

Response From DanD Top Rated Answer

Are you using the proper strength bolt; I think it should be no less then a grade 8.
Here's a pic showing what the markings on a grade eight bolt are.



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Question From hammerdog on HARMONIC BALANCER BAD OR NOT?

i have a 99 nissan frontier xe truck, 2 wheel dr. 4 cyl, I was told by a repair shop that i need a harmonic balancer. They lifted the truck, and showed me where the harmonic balancer was shaved a little bit and pushing up against the oil pump. Also they said i needed a front seal in the harmonic balancer, cuz it was leaking. . HOW can i know for sure if i need this part? This shop was owned by a scam artist arab...i know i need a front seal, but do i really need a harmonic balancer? And what would happen if i kept driving it like this? My truck has no symptoms also...

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

This shop was owned by a scam artist arab..

Then why would you go there? Nobody forces you to go to a shop that you don't trust.

Response From nickwarner

They took you into the bay while it was on the rack and showed you what was happening so you could see it with your own eyes. For being a "scam artist arab" he seems to be running a more legit shop than you let on. If you don't trust him go to a different shop. I guess you only like ones owned by a white protestant, huh? Seems like they showed you what was happening and I bet they are right. Drive with a bad balancer and the crank can break in two. You will lose oil from the seal and lock up the motor. After that I suppose you can burn a cross to protest the obvious affront to your white supremacy from the brown people. Or maybe you can get it fixed instead of accusing those who take the time to show you in person what is happening to your truck of being a con just because they are the wrong color.

Response From re-tired

I was going to do the right (WHITE) thing and bury my head in the sand , but damit RICK , your right.

Response From Discretesignals

Get a second opinion. If you continue driving it like that, eventually the balancer will either fall off or shave a hole through the timing cover.

harmonic balancer

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Question From el jeepo on harmonic balancer

what is the easiest way to get the original bolt off a harmonic balancer in a 1997 jeep grand cherokee without breaking any bolts in the harmonic balancer housing

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

The best way is with a high power impact gun if you can fit one in there. If you can't here's another trick but you have to be very careful.

Get a real long breaker bar and a 6 point socket to fit the bolt. Insert the breaker bar so the handle is on the ground on the right side of the car, your left facing it. Position it so it will come up and hit the frame without damaging anything else. Now go bump the starter. This is going to move with great force so be really careful.

Response From re-tired

If you come across a balancer with no bolt then it is pressed on . Parts houses and Harbor Freight sell a kit that makes R&R a breeze. Dont try to hammer it back on . Chances are that you will damage it or not get it fully o.n

Harmonic Balancer

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Question From mshammah on Harmonic Balancer

Does anyone know something about the Harmonic Balancer? I have a '95 Olds 88. Is it worth fixing? Can I do it myself?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

It will take a puller to get it out and if it failed in some way replacement with another is the only way I know, T

Have a? About changing harmonic balancer

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Question From B22smoov on Have a? About changing harmonic balancer

If i replace the harmonic balancer on my suv will it throw my timing off.
i have a 99 infinity qx 4
thanks in advance.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

No, it won't effect your timing.