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2006 trailblzer ss headlamp replacement

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Question From Guest on 2006 trailblzer ss headlamp replacement

does the whole assy have to be removed in order to replace halogen bulbs low beam only ?

Response From DrElectrics Top Rated Answer

Not the entire assembly. Just the globe. Follow the instructions provided, you'll be rollin in no time.

Response From Double J

Here's what ya do....



CAUTION: Halogen bulbs contain gas under pressure. Handling a bulb improperly could cause it to shatter into flying glass fragments. To help avoid personal injury:

  • Turn off the lamp switch and allow the bulb to cool before changing the bulb.
  • Leave the lamp switch OFF until the bulb change is complete.
  • Always wear eye protection when changing a halogen bulb.
  • Handle the bulb only by its base. Avoid touching the glass.
  • Keep dirt and moisture off the bulb.
  • Properly dispose of the used bulb.
  • Keep halogen bulbs out of the reach of children.

  • NOTICE: Avoid touching the bulb or letting the bulb come in contact with anything damp. Oil from your skin or moisture on the bulb can cause the bulb to explode when the bulb is turned on. If either comes in contact with the bulb, clean the bulb with alcohol or a suitable de-greaser and wipe the bulb dry.

    1. Open the hood.

    1. Remove the access cover from the rear of the headlamp.
    2. Rotate the bulb and socket counterclockwise in order to remove the bulb and socket from the housing.
    3. Disconnect the electrical connector from the socket.


  • Replace a high beam bulb with another high beam bulb. The high beam bulb has a black socket.
  • Replace a low beam bulb with another low beam bulb. The low beam bulb has a gray tip and a gray socket.

    1. Connect the electrical connector to the socket.
    2. Position the bulb and socket to the headlamp.
    3. Install the bulb and socket to the housing by rotating the bulb and socket clockwise, locking the retaining tabs to the housing.
    4. Install the access cover to the rear of the headlamp assembly

    2001 Jimmy - Replacing headlight bulbs

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    Question From Guest on 2001 Jimmy - Replacing headlight bulbs

    Could someone please explain to me how I am suppose to get into the headlight to replace the bulbs. Thank you!

    Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

    If halogen bulbs, they come out from behind and you may have to move an item to get at them. They just turn CC to come out, and CW back in. DO NOT touch the bulb, if needed use clean paper but no greasy fingers. Good luck, Tom

    fitting headlamp

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    Question From Guest on fitting headlamp

    I need to fit a new headlamp to my car, VW Golf 99 model. can i do it myself, don't have much car experience

    Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

    Are you doing a bulb or a lense? Some are hard to get to from the back but should be doable with a reasonable set of common tools. Bulbs generally twist CC and pull out - and back in CW -- don't touch a halogen bulb with your fingers. If for some reason you must use clean paper or something similar,


    Blowing head lights

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    Question From Dusty54701 on Blowing head lights

    I am working on a 2002 Chevy trail blazer. The problem I am having is it keeps blowing out the head lamps every thing is stock I did replace one head lamp socket that I broke getting it out cuz it was cold and made of plastic you all know how that goes . Replaced the bulbs 4 times now cuz they keep blowing. If anyone has any ideas of what to do next it will be greatly appreciated

    Response From Tom Greenleaf

    Hmmm. Check the voltage at the battery with engine at a raised idle. If over 14.8 bulbs will start to blow and other more serious harm! Voltage regulator should be inside alternator on this - can be done if you pay attention or whole alternator,


    Response From chickenhouse

    Do you know not to touch the new lights when you install them? Just a guess but the oils on your skin will kill new bulbs poste-haste. Use gloves when installing new bulbs- or something other - no skin contact.

    Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

    Good point CH. Use dry, clean paper or better - avoid touching the glass of any halogen bulb,


    water inside headlight lenses

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    Question From Guest on water inside headlight lenses

    My 1994 Taurus has water inside the headlight lenses. Some people have advised me to drill holes in the lenses for evaporation and drainage. Also, I want to take the lenses off so I can dry them out. I don't know how to work the clips and I don't want to break them Can you help?

    I've blow about three bulbs and I know it's got to be the water/moisture in there.

    Response From Jeff Norfolk

    Drilling a hole is decent advise but any moisture in the headlight assembly will blow that halogen bulb. I don't think the headlight comes appart. It is all one unit. Best bet is to replace the whole thing. If that is not possible than drill the hole at the bottom of the light.

    Response From Jeff Norfolk

    Great. Glad things are working for you. I agree that things need to evaporate but the problem with the hole in the top is when it rains, there goes another bulb. I would go ahead and fill the hole with silicone as the other poster recommended.

    Response From andygrits Top Rated Answer

    Hey Jeff,
    Thanks for the reply. I went ahead and drilled the holes and waited a while before replacing the bulb. Since I was in Alabama at the time, the humidity was about 100% as usual, so I had doubts about it drying out.

    I replaced the halogen bulb and drove 750 miles back home. The light still works. I guess it just needed venting like the theory said. I drilled holes in the top and bottom since one car parts guy said it needs to evaporate as well as drain.
    Small miracles!

    Response From flatnround

    After the hole is drilled you could always seal it with silicone.