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CarJunky AutoAdvice

coputer code p1441

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Question From wjshivers on coputer code p1441

p1441 2001 nissan altima 4 cylinders /how do i clear code and where can i locate vaccum cut valve bypass valve

Response From dmac0923 Top Rated Answer

Your evap charcoal canister or purge valve is probably bad. they are ususally located by the fuel tank/filler neck.

Fuel tank filler problem

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Question From komodo on Fuel tank filler problem

2005 Jeep liberty limited
Gas engine
V6, 3.7 L
Purchased in Canada
70.000 miles

I got an OBD2 trouble code P0456 (EVAP, very small leak) and P0457 (fuel cap loose/off).

I tried to change the fuel cap and the problem came back, so I took it to the dealer and he said the next step is to change the “gas fuel tank filler neck hose.” He said he tested it with smoke but won’t tell me were the leak is, just the hose needs to be replaced, $615.00.

Is there some kind of sealer I can use instead of replacing the whole unit and if not, can I do the job myself in a home garage. I’m not an auto mechanic, but I am handy with tools.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

If he has already smoked it and found the leak, then you have to assume he is right. The price does sound a bit steep for a filler hose. You can always get a second estimate from someone else for the same job.

My Subie

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Question From SongOfTheSeasons on My Subie

I have a...
Legacy GT Limited
2.5 L
Just under 144k miles

My car has seen better days, but it has been well maintained and has plenty of life left. I noticed one day that my check engine light was on. Took my car to the shop the next day and had my baby checked over. We cleaned up and replaced a few of the fluids in the car and got an oil change a week early as well. Still the light was on. No funny noises, no overheating, no unusual shaking. We were at a loss...

A week later when I stopped at the gas station and unscrewed the cap, I saw a label that said "Caution: A loose cap can cause check engine light to turn on". I also noticed a rust patch on the plate that holds the cap. For a moment there I felt like a real jackass. Screwed the cap back on nice and tight... but my light was still on and it stayed like that for another week.

I suspect that the structural defeciencies from the rust patch may have caused my gas cap to not mount properly. Perhaps this bad mounting may have allowed air to leak into my gas tank. Sometimes when I take off after idling (maybe at a stop light) my car sputters in a similar way like it is running out of gas. I am not sure, but perhaps the plate that holds in my gas cap may be leaking air into placers where there should be no air.

My question is... what is the name of the plate that holds the gas cap? Is this scenario common? Where can I go to find this replacement part at a decent price?


Response From Guest

I think that is the part. In addition to the opening to my gas tank, the filler neck has a plate that surrounds the opening which is mounted with screws. That plate is that part that is rusting. But I think I have my answer now. Thanks for the help!

Response From dave284 Top Rated Answer

Are you meaning the fuel tank filler neck?...or is this part of the body where the filler neck is supported by?

code P0441

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Question From junebabi06 on code P0441

2001 Toyota Echo 4 cyl 85123 miles. check engine lights on and had checked at auto zone and was given code P0441. Need help to diagnose exactly what to do and how to fix the problem. Is this something serious or minor?Yes i'm a woman trying to fix this myself, so as much details will help considerably.

Response From DanD Top Rated Answer

This code deals with the evaporative emissions system (EVAP); in other words gasoline fumes from the fuel tank and fuel tank ventilation system.
The system is designed to contain fuel tank & fuel system fumes; until it can drawn into the engine to be burnt.
Code P0441 will set if a leak in the system is detected or if there is a malfunction with the solenoid valves or the vapor pressure sensor, causing the computer to think there’s a leak.
On your own all you can do are visual inspections; after that you will need some specific test equipment.
As in a Bi-directional scan tool that is capable of commanding the computer to open or seal the system; along with monitoring the computer’s interpretation of the pressure sensor’s input.
A digital multi-meter for testing resistance values of the solenoids and wiring harness. Then there’s a machine called an EVAP/smoke machine that at times is the only way of finding the leak. It does just what its name says; it generates smoke that can be introduced into the system at a relatively low pressure.
A leak coming from as small of a hole as .020” of an inch (a pin hole) is enough to trigger a code and set the warning light. There is no way of seeing that small of a gasoline vapor leak (its clear) without the aid of a smoke machine.
Things you can check for are whether the gas cap is/was installed properly and that it wasn’t left loose.
Check the rubber seal of the gas cap, for any tears, cuts or if it has become deformed. If you are going to replace the cap, make sure it is the proper one for this vehicle; buy OE (original equipment).
Check the fuel tank filler neck and the area where the gas cap would seal against it for any foreran material, rust or cracks, that would prevent the cap from sealing.
Check under the hood, the carbon canister and then the fuel tank area; for any of the small hoses (vacuum lines) that may have come off or split; I know that this is pretty vague but how do I tell you (from here) which hoses are part of the EVAP system?

This code will not leave you broke down; but it could affect fuel mileage and possibly stop it from passing an emissions inspection.