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2013 Audi TT RS Quattro Fuel Pump Module Assembly VDO

P311-3EA6482    W0133-2021991  New

In Stock & Ready to Ship
VDO Fuel Pump Module Assembly
  • This Original Equipment Manufacturer part is the same part that was made & installed by the car manufacturer at the factory where the car was produced.
  • Includes Fuel Tank Sending Unit
Brand: VDO
Additional Fitment Information:
2013 - Audi TT RS Quattro
Fuel Pump Module Assembly Delphi

P311-1AC5F71    FG1483  New

3924710C1 , EFG1483

In Stock & Ready to Ship
Delphi Fuel Pump Module Assembly
  • Fuel Pump Module Assembly
  • Product Attributes:
    • Average Current Draw: 10
    • Average Flow Rating: 46
    • Fuel Level Sender Assembly Included: Yes
    • Fuel Type: Gas
    • Internal Or External Strainer: Internal
    • Lock Ring Included: No
    • Maximum Pressure: 80.0
    • Notes: Used On 2012 F64 Navistar
    • Outlet Outside Diameter: 0.375
    • Outlet Quantity: 2
    • Pump Type: Electric
    • Regulator Included: Yes
    • Resistance Ohms Empty: 180.0
    • Resistance Ohms Full: 10.0
    • Strainer Included: Yes
    • System Pressure: 54 Psi
    • Terminal Gender: Male
    • Terminal Quantity: 4
    • Terminal Type: Blade
    • Vapor Pressure Sensor: Yes
    • Voltage: 13.0
  • 100 years of OE experience, supplier to the world's top automakers, OE Heritage and knowledge built into every aftermarket part, comprehensive portfolio for a wide range of vehicles and model years.

  • This is a Universal/Non Application Specific Product. To install this part, you made need to cut, weld, or make other modifications to your vehicle.
Brand: Delphi
Additional Fitment Information:

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2002 Dodge intrepid code PO172, PO175

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Question From lhanddh on 2002 Dodge intrepid code PO172, PO175

2002 Dodge intrepid, 2.7 V6, has code PO172, PO175 left and right bank 2 rich. Where would be best place to start ?

Response From way2old

Check the fuel pressure. High fuel pressure will cause those codes.

Response From lhanddh

thank you, I will try this and post back and let you know if this works, thanks again.

Response From way2old Top Rated Answer

IF is the regulator, the regulator is located in the fuel pump module. You will need to remove the fuel pump for replacement. The module is located in the gas tank.

Help Dakota

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Question From Rlk6 on Help Dakota

I bought a 98 Dodge Dakota 3.9 v6 sport with 70k miles one it a few weeks ago. Drove it about 50 miles from where I bought it. Drove fine no weird noises or anything to suspect. Went home parked it drove it around town for a few days. Then one day I go to the store and come out and it doesn't start. Only after cranking it and pumping the pedel to the floor repeatedly would it start... Barely and as soon as I let off the gas it died. Finally got it started by pumping the pedal again and managed to get it I to gear with my foot still on the gas. After driving around the parking lot till it warmed up a lite could I let off the gas without it stalling. Drove it back and parked it and shut it off and tried to start it again and still wouldn't unless I pumped the pedal. Let it sit for a day or two and came out and it started just fine. Drove it down the road and went in a store and back to the same problem. Let it sit again after managing to get it home. Finally a couple days later my mechanic comes to pick it up a d it start just fine and he drove it maybe half a mile and it died. He said it wouldn't go over 30mph even with pedal all the way down and it died and would not start at all. Got it to the garage by towing it. Replaced the plugs wires and cap and ignition coil. Truck still will not start even with starting fluid. No codes come up after scanning it and no check engine light either. Fuel pump does hum when key turned and if turn the key multiple times and try to start it there seems to be a lite improvement but no start. Has apart and fuel. Tested pressure from injectors at 45psi. And somewhere during all the cranking and stuff the brake light came on and it never was before. Battery tests fine. After i discovered turning the key multiple times to engage fuel pump more and spraying with starting fluid it seemed to finally fire while i smashed the pedal for a second then dead. White smoke poured from the exhause and it smelled weird... No clue how to even describe it. Nothing ive ever smelled from a vehicle. Any help would be very appreciated

Response From Discretesignals

The white smoke could be all the raw fuel and stuff you were spraying into it. Shouldn't your mechanic be able to figure this out without you finding out how to troubleshoot this for him/her?

Response From Rlk6

Radiator was full. Didn't overheat. I will test all that hopefully today and reply with results

Also the truck had maybe 1.5 gallons of gas in it when I purchased it and I filled it up on the way home. Idk if it could be bad gas or something related to that

Response From Discretesignals

Was this sold as is?

You should follow HT's advice above first. Write down your results and post them up.

Response From kev2

"Tested pressure from injectors at 45psi." 45 would be a tough start when cold and a older "worn" eng...
I show 50psi + or - 5 ... Can someone double check this spec-

PS - SCAN for codes!!! yes even if light is OFF especially if light is off as poster just acquired vehicle -

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Here's what I found ............................... Engine at curb idle 339 ±34 kPa (49.2 ±5 psi)

Here's the test procedure

All fuel systems are equipped with a fuel tank module mounted, combination fuel filter/fuel pressure regulator.

  • The fuel pressure regulator is not controlled by engine vacuum.

  • Procedure
    1. Remove protective cap at fuel rail test port. Connect the 0-414 kPa (0-60 psi) fuel pressure gauge (from gauge set 5069) to test port pressure fitting on fuel rail.
    2. Start and warm engine and note pressure gauge reading. Fuel pressure should be 339 kPa +/- 34 kPa (49.2 psi +/- 5 psi) at idle.
    3. If engine runs but pressure is below 44.2 psi , check for a kinked fuel supply line somewhere between fuel rail and fuel pump module. If line is not kinked, replace fuel pump module assembly. Refer to Fuel Pump Module Removal/Installation.
    4. If operating pressure is above 54.2 psi , electric fuel pump is OK, but fuel pressure regulator is defective.
  • Replace fuel filter/fuel pressure regulator.
  • Certain filter/regulators may be serviced separately and some require the replacement of the fuel pump module assembly Refer to fuel filter/Fuel Pressure Regulator Removal/Installation for more information.

  • Response From Rlk6

    I bought it from a private owner so yes as is.

    And mechanic said he scanned it with his MODIS scanner and no codes showed up

    Response From Discretesignals

    You should still follow the procedure listed above. That way we have some data to help point you and your mechanic in the right direction.

    If you and your mechanic feels that the fuel is contaminated, you could always disable the pump and see if the engine runs off an alternate fuel source. Those pressurized fuel injector cleaners tools are great for eliminating a fuel quality issue or delivery problem. I would try that after making sure that it has everything above that HT posted.

    Disable pump, block off pressure and return, install tool and fill with known good fuel, set pressure, and see if the engine runs off that.

    Response From Hammer Time

    The first thing to understand is that pumping the throttle on a fuel injected car does nothing but exercise your foot.

    That white smoke could be telling. Have you checked your coolant level in the radiator? Were there any overheating issues?

    All "crank, no start" conditions are approached in the same way. Every engine requires certain functions to be able to run. Some of these functions rely on specific components to work and some components are part of more than one function so it is important to see the whole picture to be able to conclude anything about what may have failed. Also, these functions can ONLY be tested during the failure. Any other time and they will simply test good because the problem isn't present at the moment.
    If you approach this in any other way, you are merely guessing and that only serves to replace unnecessary parts and wastes money.

    Every engine requires spark, fuel and compression to run. That's what we have to look for.

    These are the basics that need to be tested and will give us the info required to isolate a cause.

    1) Test for spark at the plug end of the wire using a spark tester. If none found, check for power supply on the + terminal of the coil with the key on.

    2) Test for injector pulse using a small bulb called a noid light. If none found, check for power supply at one side of the injector with the key on.

    3) Use a fuel pressure gauge to test for correct fuel pressure, also noticing if the pressure holds when key is shut off.

    4) If all of these things check good, then you would need to do a complete compression test.

    Once you have determined which of these functions has dropped out,
    you will know which system is having the problem.

    97 Ranger fuelpump died after fillup

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    Question From woodsmoke19 on 97 Ranger fuelpump died after fillup

    My 97 Ranger four cylinder wouldn't restart after a late night gas fillup,stranding me on my way to the family Christmas event.The receptionist at the repair shop where it eventually ended up said that fuel pumps often go out after a fillup-anyone have any info on this phenomenon and why this occurs(if if does)?The repair shop said that the fuel pump module was replaced,fuel tank was dropped,etc-anyone know what this should cost on average for parts and labor?Thanks

    Response From Guest

    FYI...I had a friend do mine in my 97 blazer. Parts were $270.

    Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

    I haven't priced out the part but sounds in the right area. More labor to empty the tank if it was full.

    Just a note: These and most electric fuel pumps don't like running low as they stay cooler with more fuel in the tank and should last longer, T

    New Fuel Pump With No Pressure to Throttle Body

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    Question From janny011 on New Fuel Pump With No Pressure to Throttle Body

    My husband installed a new fuel pump on his 1999 Chevy Silverado 1500 LS 5.3 8 cylinder truck. The installation went well, and after filling the gas tank he attempted to start the truck and nothing. He can hear the hum, but there is no pressure to the throttle body. He made sure the fuel filter was good and then unplugged the line from the fuel filter to see if there was any pressure and nothing. No pressure no nothing. So we are wondering what could be the problem. Is he supposed to somehow prime it?

    Response From Hammer Time

    If you hear the pump running, then ou can only have either an empty tank, bad fuel pump or installation error.

    Response From ROBBERT

    check pump relay its under the hood

    Response From Hammer Time

    check pump relay its under the hood

    And why would he be checking a relay if the pump is running normally?

    Response From ROBBERT

    My bad thought it was not running sorry

    Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

    Did your hubby install a fuel pump module or go the cheap route and install the fuel pump kit into the old sender assembly?

    Response From liltruckjr

    Had fuel problem once.. bought fuel pump from an auto perts store.. went thru 5 before finally gettin a good one..

    Response From re-tired

    Seldom does what happpens to one person relate to another. In your case you could have saved 4 install/removals by buying OEM parts.You saved little for the trouble of shopping around .. But thats another post if you wish to continue.

    Response From janny011

    Thank you! I think my husband is going to take out the new fuel pump and replace the hose. From what I gather a pin hole in the hose can keep it from working.

    2000 chevy blazer cranks but sometimes start

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    Question From Luisbigpoppy on 2000 chevy blazer cranks but sometimes start

    good spark, good fuel pressure sometimes it starts others it wont. when it wont start i spray carb clean or gas in throttle will run as long as i continue to spray if spray stops engine will cut off. when it does start it will run at good speed unless i punch the gas. i really have to ease the throttle. no engine codes given. im lost. need experianced advice. thank you. Luis former ASE. former long time.

    Response From Guest

    checked connecters all looked good. readings at connecters within specs.fuel pressure specs were supposed to be within 70-90. replaced fuel pump, runs great. thanks again.

    Response From Luisbigpoppy

    my statement above forgot to log-in

    Response From Double J Top Rated Answer

    Check the connector back at the fuel pump module itself.These are known for corrosion/connection problems and the replacement pumps come with a new wiring connector to repair it with.
    Sound to me like a faulty pump and wiring connector.
    Thats where i'd start looking


    Response From Guest

    what is the fuel pressure supposed to be ?

    Response From Jeff Norfolk

    You are welcome. Us here at CarJunky aim to please!

    Response From Double J

    Hey Jeff,

    They told you when you joined that We "Aim to please" here at Carjunky?

    Way2Old told me he was " Pleased to take aim" when i joined!

    Response From way2old

    Be careful Jim. I am practicing. My apologies to the original poster. This may be a slight hi-jacking.

    Click here Jim or anyone else.

    Response From Tom Greenleaf

    Kitty is watching as usual........


    Response From Luisbigpoppy

    thanks for advice fuel pressure is at 35-40

    Response From Jeff Norfolk

    50 - 62 psi. It will run on much less, 35 or so , but not very well. I agree with Jim the fuel pump sounds suspect. Very common on these trucks. So common I know the fuel pressure requirments without looking it up