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2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue Fuel Level Sensor Dorman

P311-43F22A6    911-008  New

89060199 , K07003 , 5S12763 , 89060200 , SK1051 , 89060197 , SU14176

Dorman Fuel Level Sensor
  • Product Attributes:
    • California Proposition 65: Warning: Cancer And Reproductive Harm ?Çô Www.p65warnings.ca.gov
    • Connector Color: Black And White
    • Connector/Terminal Type: Male Connector, Female Terminal
    • Package Contents: Fuel Level Sensor, Float And Arm, Delivery Module Gasket
Brand: Dorman
Additional Fitment Information:
2002 - Oldsmobile Intrigue
Standard Ignition
2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue Fuel Level Sensor Standard Ignition

P311-21E074C    K07003  New

89060198 , 89060197 , 600-3563 , 25317742 , SK1051 , 911-008 , 89060199 , 89060200 , 6003563 , SU14176

Standard Ignition Fuel Level Sensor
  • Fuel Level Sensor
  • Product Attributes:
    • Connector Gender: Female
    • Connector Quantity: 2
    • Connector Type: Plug In
    • Contents: Sensor
    • Terminal Gender: Female; Female
    • Terminal Quantity: 4 + 2
    • Terminal Type: Pin Plug
  • Direct OE-match replacement provides proper fit, form, and function. Quality-engineered replacement part effectively corrects improper fuel level readings with high accuracy and reliability in harsh environments. Includes rubber gasket, where applicable, for easy installation. All TechSmart® parts meet or exceed OE performance, providing today's technician with the quality parts needed to get the job done right, the first time.
Brand: Standard Ignition
Additional Fitment Information:
2002 - Oldsmobile Intrigue

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CarJunky AutoAdvice

gas and temperature gauges

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Question From andie402 on gas and temperature gauges

99 Chevy lumina 3.1 liter engine. Daughters car, temperature gauge pegs out almost instantly but car does not get hot. Never needed coolant. Replaced thermastat, temperature sender. Still pegs out. Water pump then went out replaced that along with front cover gasket and intake gasket, and bled the air pockets. I don't think that has anything to do with the gauge though because this was all going on before waterpump went out. Never had to add coolant till pump went out. believe probably just a coincidence because all is fixed, no leaks and still pegs out. Just found out today though that her gas gauge does not work either. Are they connected in some way that neither one is working?
Thanks for taking the time to help me. Andie

Response From Sidom

Andie, you need to stay with one thread for the same problem...You're having mods cover ground already covered, thus the reason for 1 thread....


Response From Discretesignals

Response From andie402

Sorry, I'm only trying to help my daughter who is a single mom with 4 kids and can't aford to take her car to a shop. i don't think I deserve to be slapped
for that. Sorry if I wasted your time. And Thank you to all who tried to help, i appreciate it. Thanks again.

Response From Sidom

He was just kidding with you Andie.....

Actually there is more info in this thread right now than the other one so I'll lock the other one to avoid any more confusion... so stick to this one

Response From Hammer Time

It is very likely that it is low on coolant and has air pockets. That engine is notorious for that and very difficult to to get full and all the air out. you need to pressure test the system to look for leaks paying close attention to the in take manifold gasket.

Response From Discretesignals

Water pump then went out replaced that along with front cover gasket and intake gasket, and bled the air pockets

Looks like they may have already done the intake gaskets.

I do know if you trap air pockets in this motor, it will overheat and the cooling fans will stay on high. Done this a few times before I purchased a coolant lift tool.

You should check the wiring and connector for the engine coolant temperature sensor. Wiggle the wiring and connector and see if the gauge wigs out. There are three wires on that one because half the sensor is used for the gauge and the other half for the computer. If you have a pocket scanner with live data information, you can look at the coolant temperature the computer is seeing and see if it jives with what the gauge is reading.

What is your gas gauge doing? There is a TSB on the fuel gauge fluctuating.

Response From andie402

She said that the gas gauge will go up and down.

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Bulletin No.: 99-06-03-007C

Date: April, 2001


Fuel Gauge Inaccurate/Fluctuates, Premature Low Fuel Chime (Exchange Instrument Panel Cluster, Replace Fuel Level Sensor, Reprogram EEPROM)

1997-99 Buick Century, Regal
1997-99 Chevrolet Lumina, Monte Carlo
1998-99 Oldsmobile Intrigue
1997-99 Pontiac Grand Prix

This bulletin is being revised due to part number changes and deletion of the parts table. Refer to the parts information catalog for the correct part number. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 99-06-03-007B (Section 06 - Engine).


Some customers may comment on the following conditions:

^ The fuel gauge reads incorrectly.

^ The low fuel chime sounds prematurely. For example the chime may sound when 19-22 L (5-6 gallons) of fuel remains in the tank.

^ The fuel gauge may fluctuate from full to empty and then back to full after a fill up and a hot soak.


These conditions may be caused by several factors which are vehicle specific:

^ Fuel contamination to the resistor board (sender card) of the fuel level sensor in the fuel tank.

^ Calibration changes within the EEPROM of the PCM.

^ Software revisions to the I/P cluster.

Each of these factors affect the accuracy of the fuel gauge and/or the low fuel warning system.


1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue vehicles built prior to May 7, 1998.

Request an exchange I/P cluster from the A-C Delco(R) Service Center. This cluster must contain the software modifications in Delco Electronics Bulletin # 98 IDPD07ISA.

Installing this new cluster will result in the elimination of the low fuel chime.

Important: You must advise the customer about the elimination of the low fuel chime, as this is a change to the Owner's Manual information.

All 1997, 1998 and 1999 vehicles built prior to December 1, 1998.

In order to improve the accuracy of the fuel gauge, replace the fuel level sensor in the fuel tank. Refer to the procedure in the Engine Controls sub-section of the Service Manual.

1998-99 Oldsmobile and Pontiac vehicles built prior to October 1, 1998.

Reprogram the EEPROM using any Techline CD numbered higher than CD # 21 for 1998 or the TIS 2000 # 12 CD or higher.

Parts Information

For the correct part number for the fuel sender card, refer to the appropriate Parts Information Catalog.