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2012 Nissan Pathfinder Fuel Level Sensor Dorman

P311-335A979    911-056  New

25060ZS00A , 25060ZZ00A , 5S13188 , K07037

In Stock & Ready to Ship
Dorman Fuel Level Sensor
Brand: Dorman
Additional Fitment Information:
2012 - Nissan Pathfinder

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gas light

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Question From estellacarr on gas light

2005 chevy trailblazer. gas light stays on. tank is full but light says empty.

Response From Loren Champlain Sr Top Rated Answer

Fuel level sensor is most likely. Fuel tank must be removed to replace. Sensor available through Chevrolet.

Response From Hammer Time

We first need to know what the dash gauge is reading because if it is reading normal but the light is on, then the problem would be in the dash gauge but if it's reading empty, then the tank unit would be likely.

Response From Hammer Time

What does the gauge indicate?

2004 chrysler pacifica misfire

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Question From matt08a on 2004 chrysler pacifica misfire

I have a 2004 chrysler pacifica with a 24 valve 3.5 liter. It developed a misfire and is throwing the following DTC's:

P0202-injector circuit open / cylinder 2
P0201-injector circuit open / cylinder 1
P0461-fuel level sensor A circuit range/performance
P2066-fuel level sensor B performance
P0700-Transmission control system (mil request)
P0562-system voltage low

The dealership said the problem is the PCM (powertrain control module) and it needs to be replaced but I'm not sure this is the problem.
I dont see the PCM causing an engine misfire, especially with no transmission problems. I'd hate to spend hundreds of dollars to accomplish nothing.

Any insight is appreciated.

Thank you.

Response From kev2

TALK with your service provider, find out what their policy is if this repair does not does not correct issue-
nothing wrong with asking how they arrived at conclusion- you already paid for diagnostics...

Response From Hammer Time

Yeah, I've got the same problem. Damn doctor says my leg is broken but I don't think that can make my toes point backwards and i don't want to waste the money on a cast. Maybe I just need to take some vitamins.

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Why don't you think that is the problem? Have you done testing to dispute their claim?

P0202 and P0201 that set current will cause misfiring in those cylinders. Yes, a faulty PCM can cause misfires. If there is a problem with the injector drivers, which are inside the PCM, that will cause misfires. There are diagnostic steps and procedures to determine what is going on.

If you don't agree with their diagnosis, you could have it checked out at another shop.

gas gauge does not work on my 95 dodge ram

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Question From mik05 on gas gauge does not work on my 95 dodge ram

Bought a 95 dodge ram 1500 and the fuel gauge does not work. Man I bought truck from told me that it was working before the fuel pump was replaced and not afterward. What could be the problem

Response From Sidom

If I had to guess I would say the replacement pump didn't come with a sending unit. That point was missed & the old unit didn't get pulled off the old pump & installed on the new one......

But check out all the basics 1st such as fuses, wire connections, etc.....

Response From mik05

If the sending unit is not on the fuel pump would it even be working at all? Only asking because it works its just the gauge that does not work

Response From nickwarner Top Rated Answer

the fuel level sensor and the fuel pump are two different parts that mount to one main attachment point that is on the tank. The fuel pump doesn't need the sensor to work and vice versa. The part that makes the gauge work is a small rheostat that is connected to the float arm. As it moves up and down dependant on the level in the tank it changes the amount of resistance in the fuel gauge circuit, which is what makes the needle in the dash move.

Response From mik05

So is it called a fuel level sensor or a sending unit ? I'm confused

Response From Hammer Time

Sounds like the obvious, something went wrong with the fuel pump replacement.

03suburban fuel pump wiring

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Question From andyrevious on 03suburban fuel pump wiring

i have an 03 suburban that someone installed a 03 silverado fuel pump into and when they did that they had to change the wiring harness to work with the pump. i need to know which way the wires go to work the oem 2003 chevrolet suburban fuel pump can anyone help me please

Response From Hammer Time

The pumps are the same. The plug is changed on every new pump because there was a design change. Just match the wire colors.

Response From andyrevious Top Rated Answer

the colors are big black, big gray, small black, small purple the large gray and black would be the voltage and the ground right and the fuel level sensor is purple and small black is low reference

Response From Sidom

Low reference is GMs way of saying "ground".......

Response From Hammer Time

Gray ... fuel pump feed
Lg Black .... fuel pump ground
Purple .... fuel gauge
sm black ... fuel gauge ground.

Response From andyrevious

thank you there is just one more problem i have the oval plug but my wire colors are like the square plug. can i use the square plug colors but put them in the oval plugs order

gas gauge shows full

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Question From newcarsucguy on gas gauge shows full

gas gauge shows full when its empty.this is a06 pontiac,grand prix,i had this replaced.and the guy at the shop says its a ground wire somewhere,but if i full it up it goes to empty,then it says that im low on fuel thats annoing,can u help me thanks

Response From cobra

its poss the wire that comes from the gauge to the tank could be shorted to ground?

Response From zmame Top Rated Answer

Good chance it's fuel level sensor.. only problem is you have to drop the tank and pull the pump to change it. Most level sensors can be changed w/o changing the whole pump.