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2002 dodge ram light problems

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Question From shawno69 on 2002 dodge ram light problems

I have a 2002 dodge ram quad cab 1500 that is having weird light problems. The passenger side head light works, but not the driver side, the driver side high beam works but not the passenger side. All fog lights work, none of the tail lights work, the passenger side break light and turn signal work, but not the driver side, and all reverse lights work.
The truck was parked for about 6 months due to a trans problem, I got the trans fixed finally, but noticed the light problems when driving to the shop to get the trans fixed, so I know it had nothing to do with the trans rebuild.
I have replaced the battery, changed the bulbs, replaced the fuses, and cleaned the grounds with no results. I am at a total loss, please if anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it!!!

Response From Double J

Sounds like the multifunction switch may be faulty.

This is the headlamp dimmer switch,turn signal switch,hazard switch and wiper switch.

Just a thought!


Response From shawno69

How do i check the multi function switch?

Response From Midknight70 Top Rated Answer

Hello and I hope someone can help me out as i have the same exact problem with my 02 Dodge 1500 quad cab sport 4x4 it just started 2 days ago and i have done all the ground checks, light bulb checks, etc and I am at a loss. did you guys ever figure out what was wrong with shawno's truck? any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Ken

Response From tsjr13

did you ever figure out the problem mine are out to thanks tim

Response From Hammer Time

This thread is 2 years old. If you have a question you can just start a new thread.

Response From dave284

http://www.autozone.com/shopping/repairGuide.htm?pageId=0900c152800b9eab sounds like a bad body control module...check some of these diagrams out...it might help.