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Magneti Marelli
2016 Mini Cooper Paceman Fog Light Magneti Marelli

P311-210E25F    W0133-1925373  New

In Stock & Ready to Ship
Magneti Marelli Fog Light
  • This Original Equipment Manufacturer part is the same part that was made & installed by the car manufacturer at the factory where the car was produced.
  • OE Replacement
  • Front
Brand: Magneti Marelli
Additional Fitment Information:
2016 - Mini Cooper Paceman

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Audi TT - Fog Lights Stay On

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Question From audiengine on Audi TT - Fog Lights Stay On

I own a 2000 Audi TT

Every time I turn the regular lights on, the option to turn the fog lights on automatically turns on.... I can't get it to just have the regular lights on and I get flashed every time I'm driving at night... and suggestions?

Response From DanD Top Rated Answer

There are a few variables that could be causing this; believe it or not there are at least four different headlight & fog light configurations for this year of TT.
It could be anything from the headlight switch, fog light switch, headlight dimmer switch to the fog light relay sticking on. All of these different components are inter wired; so that the system when working properly will not allow you to have high beam headlights and fog lights on at the same time.
If you just want the fog lights off and don’t care if they work or not; try unplugging the fog light relay. This relay is supposedly in the “Micro central electrical panel” under the left side of the dash? No doubt there’s more then just this one relay in there; all I can suggest at this time, is to turn on the headlights and start unplugging relays until the fog lights go out?
If you want it fixed to work as intended: I suggest taking the car in; so that a tech can see what system this thing has and then follow the appropriate wiring diagram to find the root cause of the problem.


fog light indicator stays on

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Question From mhalpainy on fog light indicator stays on

2007 kia spectra ex 19000 miles i was in accident 1 month ago and they had to remove headlights to do repairs. tonight i noticed my fog light indicator is on inside car (i don't have fog lights) it stays on after i turn car off turn lights off and take key out. What's wrong? and will the indicator light on kill my battery? I hope when I get out of work in AM car is not dead. please help

Response From Hammer Time

Are you sure about not having fog lights. They appear to be standard equipment on that car.

Check your relay center and see if you have a fog lamp relay there. If so, remove it. If you don't have a relay there, then you have a problem in the dash cluster.

Response From mhalpainy Top Rated Answer

Thanks for your help. I brought the car back to the body shop and they found a blown fog lamp relay. They replaced it and the light went out. What they could not figure out is that the car does not have fog lights but has a relay. They are stumped. Thanks for your help.

Fog Light Went Out on 2003 GMC Envoy SLE

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Question From Guest on Fog Light Went Out on 2003 GMC Envoy SLE

The fog light went out on the passenger side of our 2003 Envoy SLE. Not sure if it is a burned out bulb or loose wiring. Can someone please advise how to find what may be the culprit and how to tighten the wiring or replace the bulb.
Thank you
Mary P.

Response From DrElectrics

Fog lights are pain in the but. if it was a wiring problem, it could take out both your lights. you may just have a blown globe. To change you must go in from underneathe your car and back towards lights. there should be a weatherproof rubber on the back of light, remove that, and analyse your prob from there. if wiring looks weird, get your manual and track where they go. if globe is black, she's done. I think fog lights are either H1 or H3 globes. Once you get to this stage let me know, and tell me what globe looks like. I will advise from there.

Response From Guest

Just wanted to thank you for you advise; however, did want to share our experience in buying the fog light bulb. We first went to Checker Auto Parts and were given a bulb manufactured by Sylvania which did fit properly. We could not turn the bulb to seat it. Since Checker ... did not have any bulbs manufactured by other companies to fit our GMC Envoy (2003), we went to the dealership who gave us an AC Delco bulb, actually made by GE. Apparently, the Sylvania part did not have the correct tolerances to properly seat in the housing. GE is the original equipment bulb; therefore we would recommend the GE to be used as a replacement bulb. This bulb went in with no problem and has been working ever since. Thanks again for your help!

Response From Guest

Can you tell me how you changed the fog light bulbs?

It does not show in the manual and I need to replace in my 03 Envoy SLT as well.


Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

Thank you. I will have my hubby check this out this weekend.

2006 Lacrosse Foglights addition

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Question From chromelacrosse on 2006 Lacrosse Foglights addition

I have changed out the dash headlight switch and added the fog lights to the front fascia. I need to know where or if the wiring harness is located on the chassis to power the fog lights.

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

You may have to look at another Lacrosse with fog lights to find out how the harness is ran.

2004 pontiac grand am dash,radio, fog lights dont work

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Question From mizzoufan2011 on 2004 pontiac grand am dash,radio, fog lights dont work

Messing around with the radio and they worked. Put the radio back into the slot and now none of the interior dash lights or fog lights will turn on! HELP!

Response From Hammer Time

You shorted something out and probably blew a fuse.

Response From Discretesignals

Is this an aftermarket radio installation? If so, you better check your wiring job. Hopefully you didn't twist wires or use wire nuts.

Check the R/H BEC BATT Fuse 2 30amp in the fuse block under the hood.

Response From mizzoufan2011 Top Rated Answer

It was suppose to be then we removed the aftermarket and put back in the original and it didnt work then. I dont want to take it to the dealer but that looks like my only option

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Sport - the second you say "Aftermarket" - one my blood boils then two we are lost and going to be on what CHAINSAW work was done with important wiring never mind the radio!

You probably need some serious help to get out of this,


(spell corrected even your subject line!)

Response From mizzoufan2011

I tried just about every fuse i could think of and that didnt do it. What fuse could it be?