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2001 Mazda Tribute Fog Light TYC

P311-2BD28F8    W0133-1756019  New

TYC Fog Light
  • Front
Brand: TYC
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2001 - Mazda Tribute

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CarJunky AutoAdvice

weird electrical problem

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Question From kapazo on weird electrical problem

i own a mazda 3. the problem is that with everything turned off my parkinkg lights still light up but with low brightness. also noticed that when i switch on the fog light (even when everything is off) the problem is solved.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

OE or aftermarket fog lights? Who would know unless you did it how aftermarket was wired?


Response From kapazo

aftermarket hids. but problem didnt occur the time i installed them , i had them for a long time. also tried to disconnect them but same results.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

I'll never know what wiring was tapped into to power them and when but would go back and not just unplug them but remove them back to OE wiring and perhaps still something took a hit however long they did work that is the real culprit now,


Response From kapazo

i unplag the main power from the hids didnts just unplug the bulb. so you say that i have to focus at fog lights? and that when i turn on fog switch problem is solved, is not a random fact?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Plenty of IDKs where problem is. Parking lights can stay on dim and would be enabled normally with car off not even keys for most. Whatever you tapped into for power may go thru a relay that has gone bad.

Perhaps look for what powers plain headlights and request for running lights - may be in owner's manual? Then if no location listed try to find out anyway how that's done and one of us may be able to find out.

Any wiring you cut or tapped into is highly unlikely to be as good as original wiring so any and all of those in question.

Mazda 3 - now tell us what year so we have more of a chance too.......


Response From kev2

HIDs and LEDs can be problematic as their power demands can confuse (FU) the modules -

Mazda uses a relay for parking lamps might look there - knowing exactly what year model etc and a wiring diagram would be a help.

PS- keep it STOCK - less problems AND repair is always easier

Response From kapazo

you are right abaut keeping stock i am not planning on doing anything else. its a mazda 3 2004 model. i donk think that there is a relay at parking lights. but can you tell me where you think it might be? i dont hear any clicking noise when turning them on like i hear when i turn on low beams.

Response From kev2

check owners manual - relay in PJB (passenger junction box...)

Dashboard Lights Out

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Question From Wingzero on Dashboard Lights Out

Okay, I have a 1986 Mazda 626, approx. 170k miles. My problem is that the dashboard backlights for the gauges don't work, although the component lights (showing the brights are on, or my signals are on, etc.) do work. It's not the bulbs (I've checked those) and my dad says is probably not fuses. My brother insists it's a wiring problem, and I think I agree with him on that. He's messed with the wiring of it for a radio he put in and fog lights he added to it, so I'm sure somewhere along the way he messed up the wiring.

It's also not the dimmer switch, because it's right next to the dashboard and turning it makes no difference whatsoever.

My question is, how can I find out where is the wiring messed up, and how to fix it?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Get brother to go back and put wires back where they were! If you add something use the appropriate available power sources and fuse them from the fuse box. Just tapping into whatever wire might have power at random which is probably what happened is going to cause problems. Match up any cut wires and splice back then power the radio on it's own,