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truck off headlights on???

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Question From milesperhour on truck off headlights on???

2000 F150 ext cab 4x4 4.6L 301 000 kms ses light has been on since last repair,2 plugs 2 coils.One day iturned the truck off and my headlights stayed on.I temporarily pulled the fuse to save battery.did this for a while.Now the dash lights dont work.Daylight running lights work,fog lights work.Could it be the DRLmodule or headlight switch?tried to test the HL switch but the Haynes manual HL terminal configuration was different than the actual switch.The headlight switch has off,on and pull out position for fog lights.Any suggestions?

Response From zmame Top Rated Answer

i'm about %95 sure its Day time running light module (DRL mod).. common problem fords

what am i missing on my 95 mustang

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Question From kscarborough on what am i missing on my 95 mustang

i have a 95 ford mustang convertible , and reasonly i notice that i have factory wiring for fog lights so i got some & put in
saw that i needed a switch so bought it check the fuse ( witch is good ) but i have no power to the switch and lights dont work
so what have i for got ??

Response From zmame Top Rated Answer

exterior lights

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Question From wespaul on exterior lights

I have a ford explorer EB 2003 model.I have no exterior lights.The brake lights work fine.The turn signals work fine.I checked fuses ,it is good.I checked headlight switch with a new one, same problem remains.
the pass. side fog light is broken out,does that have any effect on the other lights?The emergency flashers work too.What have I missed checking?

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Well, you do have some exterior lamps working. Which ones aren't working?

Both low-beam lights out Ford Explorer 98

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Question From smpace15 on Both low-beam lights out Ford Explorer 98

Two days ago, both headlights worked fine. Today, nothing. High-beams/fog/hazard/turn all work fine.

Things I have checked:
1)Both bulbs have been checked, and swapped out with new bulbs. Both high and low-beam filaments of old bulbs appear intact.
2)All interior fuses have been checked by multimeter and by swapping between them. All look fine.

I'm not too knowledgable on cars, but I am pretty handy. My only other idea thus far would be the headlight switch next to the instrument panel. But that does operate the fog lights. So wouldn't that indicate a working switch? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Response From Hammer Time

Does it have DRLs and/or Autolamps.

Response From smpace15

No. Each light is connected to a manual turn switch beneath the instrument panel. So I wouldn't imagine that it is run through any sort of computer... could be wrong, but I don't suspect so.

Response From Hammer Time

I'm not asking you to guess how it's wired. I want to know which features it's equipped with.

Does it have daytime running lights?

Can the headlights be set to come on automatically when it gets dark?

Response From smpace15

Oh ok. No, it does not have that feature.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

If you lost both at the same time, it is most likely a bad dimmer switch, although they do have individual fuses for each headlight.

Response From smpace15

Ok. I will check into the dimmer switch.

I just pulled the rotary headlight switch (switches between OFF/Fog/Headlight) off of the instrument panel (it sits right next to my dimmer switch).

Used my multimeter to check continuity between the probes of the headlight switch and found that there was no change between the Fog setting and the Headlight setting. I was expecting them to be different between the two settings if operating properly.

Back to the dimmer switch, it currently does work in controlling the interior lights and instrument panel. Could there still be an issue with the dimmer switch affecting the headlights?

Thanks for all the help.

Response From Hammer Time

If you have working high beams, the switch is good. I'm not referring the the panel dimmer. I'm referring the the headlight dimmer in the steering column.

Response From smpace15

Ok. I'll go looking for the dimmer in the steering column.

Response From Hammer Time

You need to test for power on the red/black wire coming out of the column when switched to low beam.

Response From smpace15

Ok (just clarifying). So with the rotary Headlight switch turned to the headlight position (the one I referenced earlier as OFF/Fog/Headlight settings), I should check for power on the red/black wire coming out of the column?

Response From Hammer Time

Yes, with the dimmer set to low beam.

Response From smpace15

Alright. I am not getting any power through that red/black wire connection.

Response From Hammer Time

Of course you won't have power if you unplugged it before testing. You can't have power out if you disconnect the power coming in.

Response From smpace15

Thanks for the help. I obviously didn't understand what I was doing right there, and I suspected that. I got someone to help me test the dimmer switch correctly. And I got power going in and out. Then I moved over and tested the main light switch, and I was getting power in, but not power out when the switch was in the headlight position. So I changed it out for a new switch and now the headlights work great. So thank you for your help.

Response From Hammer Time

I don't know what you possibly could have done there because what you say makes no sense at all. The headlamp switch is what feeds the dimmer so you can't have power at the dimmer with a working switch.

Response From Discretesignals

Just to let the OP know, daytime running lights will turn the high beams on, but at a lower intensity when you turn the ignition on. The headlamp switch doesn't have to be turned on to operate the DRLs.

Autolamps will have a seperate control to operate the delay of the lamps when you turn the ignition off. The lamps can stay on up to 3 mins.