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Exhaust manifold

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Question From diannechevy on Exhaust manifold

Hello everyone we just bought a 1964 Oldsmobile Jetstar 88 with a 330 engine with 67000 miles. We need to replace the exhaust and was wanting to know if we can go from single exhaust to dual exhaust. But the exhaust manifolds I have in my car dont look like they will work to change to dual exhaust. Can any one help please.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Google out and join this club. It will be tons of fun and resources for you. You will need manifolds and can get pipes made up nice or universal bendable pipe (haven't tried it yet) that is something like brake line so it bends better and looks better.

Another great resource always has been

Hope that helps. You'll find what you want. Have fun! Former 1961 Olds F-85 w "Rockette" 215 and 1970 "98" with rarish "Rocket" 455/365HP?


Response From diannechevy Top Rated Answer

Thanks for your help we will ask the question there.

hot exhaust on Ford 460

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Question From a&a repair on hot exhaust on Ford 460

The exhaust pipe on pasenger side of a Ford 460 is getting red hot. What could be causing this?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Not sure what vintage. Does this use a choke plate type heat riser in the exhaust between pipe and manifold?


Response From a&a repair Top Rated Answer

It's not the exhaust manifold, it's the actuall exhaust pipe

Response From Tom Greenleaf

I understand. If the engine uses a heat riser it diverts most of the exhaust to the other side thru the intake manifold. Intake may cool that exhaust on the way a bit and the trickle amount remaining doesn't flow fast enough so may get red hot. Hard to say for sure. Heat risers frequently used a temp sensitive spring or maybe a rod to a diaphragm - I forget the assorted ways that might have been used on a 460,


exhaust system

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Question From seriousfreedom on exhaust system

do you gain anything if split the exhaust into duals behind the cat then compared to a true dual exhaust??

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Not in my opinion as how could it be any less resistance than the converter if only one? IMO - all that is for looks only,


Response From seriousfreedom

i have a 1985 dodge ram with an inline slant 6 and would like to have dual and the headers for that are pushing 1000 dollars unless i can have a set made cheaper

but thats just something im just kicking around

would like to put some flowmasters or something like that on it and see how it sounds

anybody have any experiance on what that might sound like???

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

You're talking about a six cylinder here, any exhaust mods will be cosmetic and sound only.

intake and exhaust install

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Question From rubie7109 on intake and exhaust install

I bought a new exhaust and intake for my car, the intake came in but the exhaust is on back order for another 2 weeks. Does it make a difference if i install the intake now and the exhaust in 2 weeks, or should i do it all at once?

Response From re-tired Top Rated Answer

As long as you have a working legal exhaust system on you eng . It does not matter . Just gonna be double the work if you reinstall the old stuff.


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Question From VDVega on Muffler/Exhaust????

Okay, so I know almost nothing about cars.
I'll just show you the pictures and maybe someone can help me out? Thanks.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Your exhaust pipe rotted away and broke in half. Just get it to an exhaust speciality shop and they will examine how much of the system can be re-used.