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BMW Exhaust

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Question From Guest on BMW Exhaust

i dismantled the muffler leaving the exhaust cut off after the cats. i drove the car for a few minutes and the car started idling at lower Rpms and the throttle response was dead slow. i was thinking it might be a problem with the valves being out of place due to the change of exhaust pressure. car sounds completely different and the whole car shakes at idle. ??
its a 1995 BMW 2.5L 325i with 167000 on the clock

Response From Sidom

Why would you do that??? Were you trying to solve a drivability problem??

Response From Guest

out of curiosity i guess. any guesses on how to diagnose/fix it

Response From Sidom Top Rated Answer

1st you should probably put the exhaust back to the way it was. Also if your check engine light is on pull the codes to see what systems are being affected.......

BMW temp is sky high

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Question From Basem1975 on BMW temp is sky high

Hi. I have BMW 316i 1.9 petrol (W reg 2000). Today the temp went on red. I took it to the garage, they changed the thermostat and the water pump. The temperature is still going up to red few minutes after start and the blow heater brings cold air. There is no water leak, radiator fan is working, the new water pump and thermostat are working properly and the mechanic doesn’t know what to do anymore. Please help! Any ideas?? Thank you.

Response From Sidom Top Rated Answer

I would check the radiator for a restiction as well as checking the cooling system for exhaust gases due to a bad head gasket...

1991 bmw 325i engine has no power?

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Question From dmyankeeme on 1991 bmw 325i engine has no power?

i have no power car starts on first turn of the key. it is a 6 cylender.
idel is at 1000rpm seems a little high, but this is my first bmw. it has no power, you have to floor it to get up to speed. i did a compression check all cylenders have 100 doesent smoke, does not leak anything, no water in oil and no oil in water. took cat converter. off to see if their was a restriction but car runs the power please help.

Response From dave284

To start a tune-up thats with fuel filter, next when you say no power thats means the motor weak or that the engine revs high and it take time to build up speed cause it sounds like trans slipping some what

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

To add a thought: If this has nice even compression of just 100psi and exhaust restriction is ruled out it suggests valve timing is off. Bet you'd also find low manifold vacuum at idle also which further suggests the valve timing??


BMW performance upgrades (inexpensive options)

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Question From Guest on BMW performance upgrades (inexpensive options)

Best value performances options (after 23HP increase)?

I bought my 1989 325i cabrio just last November and have been enjoying it immensely as an everyday driver. I’m a student and don’t have too much money to throw at it, but I have increased the performance with a chip (off ebay), K&N filter and Signature Motoring heat shield. All in all this stuff was less than $200.00 and gave me a whopping 23 HP/19ft/lb torque increase on the dyno. (The Signature Motoring performance intake was actually in first and gave 8.3HP increase and the chip did the rest; except the chip w/stock intake only have +11 HP instead of the 18-20 advertised). Either way I’m happy and the car feels a lot lighter and responsive.

My next step is a performance exhaust. I’ve got maybe $450 to spend. Can I get something decent for this? Does anyone have tried/true recommendation? If anyone has something for sale, I'm interested. I would need something street legal and bolt on that doesn’t require any custom welding jobs. Thanks!

Response From dmac0923 Top Rated Answer

i would start by searching for a cat-back exhaust system. they bolt up no welding required. if you cant find anything right off the bat i would try to find a BMW specific forum. BMWs have a loyal following and im sure someone there would be able to help you from experience

Winter Car Storage

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Question From mkretsinger on Winter Car Storage

I have a 2007 bmw 335i convertible. I don't plan to drive it during the winter months (late Nov through Mid to Late March). How do I prevent engine issues during this time period? I've heard people say the gas can go bad and cause problems. I've also heard that the battery can have problems? With all this misinformation, I'm hoping for some clarity.

I'm currently leaning toward running the car in the garage periodically ... I found the following hose to put on my exhaust so we don't get exhaust in the house (site for a hose not allowed). Is this hose going to keep my family safe? If I run at an idle will it keep me from going to the shop in the spring? How often should I run it and for how long?

Thank you for any help! As you can see I have a lot of questions :)

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Took out you link - not allowed.

For storing car run it OUTDOORS - IMO not safe to run indoors with almost no exceptions.

Decide - run and drive now and then is my choice for some and others sit for ages. Gas will go bad, can treat it but much better to use it up for new treat that anyway, use brakes, moves tires to use it.

Do use a "Battery Maintainter" which automatically keeps the battery at full charge and shuts off when not needed without tending to it at all. These are low power chargers usually with assorted ways to hook up some even thru a power port but only if port is enabled with car totally off and keys out - many are not.

Just seasonally - use it. Longer term say so it would take more than this book!


Response From kev2 Top Rated Answer

why not OPEN The garage door, maybe even back it out - conditions permitting*- run it for a while get heat, then put back in garage...
A fuel stabilizer would be all that's needed then.

* there are likely sunny dry days every several weeks at worst.

Response From mkretsinger

Sounds like I'll be trying to find a few nice days to take it for a drive.

Thanks for your help!

Response From Tom Greenleaf

OP - I've done this my whole life it seems. Now 2 street legal vehicles for over 10 years and 1 gets put away for salted roads for Winter but will use until salt is gone.
Cold and even wild snow/ice really doesn't harm much alone. Lack of use does. This a convertible wouldn't touch to top or leave out to elements as much as possible year round.

Hey - folks store things all the time off seasons. Lawn/yard equipment for Winter equipment, boats and so on. Fuel all suks. The ethanol separates from the fuel when not used and additives in the fuel varies but separate as well. I see this by eye and smell of it.
Running and driving it when a decent even if cold day really helps tires, brakes, shaft seals everywhere and more. This is only for the few months of Winter not really that long but battery is draining as said use or get the device for it.

Trick: Run till fully warmed up just a few times should do. Use A/C after a short time when engine shut off it will be warm under the hood and run for a few seconds or more and lubes it too. Not maybe but it will fail from lack of use if way too long.
Just being in a garage on a concrete floor is 90% of it IMO. You'll be fine with this,