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2006 Infiniti QX56 Exhaust Pipe 8 Cyl 5.6L Bosal - Bosal Replacement Exhaust Pipe

P311-11A2A12    750-095  New

Bosal Exhaust Pipe
  • Exhaust Pipe
  • Bosal Replacement Exhaust Pipe
Brand: Bosal
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block Engine CID CC
2006 - Infiniti QX56 V 8 Cyl 5.6L - 5552
2008 Infiniti QX56 Exhaust Pipe 8 Cyl 5.6L Bosal - Bosal Replacement Exhaust Pipe

P311-3056766    750-569  New

Bosal Exhaust Pipe
  • Exhaust Pipe
  • Bosal Replacement Exhaust Pipe
Brand: Bosal
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block Engine CID CC
2008 - Infiniti QX56 V 8 Cyl 5.6L - 5552

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Please help. Exhaust Pipe system broken or rusted?

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Question From Abernathy_21 on Please help. Exhaust Pipe system broken or rusted?

Hi all. I woke up this morning, went to start my car (2001 Chevy Cavalier) and there was a VERY loud rumbling noise. It was so aggressive the car shook. I cut off the engine and looked around the car and under to discover that the whole pipe system underneath was hanging down onto the ground.

this has never happened before

the pipe is disconnected and hanging in the center but still connected to the muffler part in the back.

idk what to do! does anyone know what this is? how much it will cost to fix? i don't have very much money. do i need a tow truck?

i took pics:

(towards front of car)

(towards rear of car)

thank you!

Response From Discretesignals

Do you live in a bad neighborhood? Looks like someone stole your catalytic converter.

If the converter is gone, you might want to call the cops and then contact your insurance company if you want to file a claim.

Response From Abernathy_21

but isn't the catalytic converter in the rear of the car? the first pic is towards the front and the seconds one is towards the back wheels.

Response From Discretesignals

Response From Abernathy_21

damn. now i'm mad. omg, i can't believe someone stole it! this is unbelievable! they must've been really fast b/c i drove the car at 6am and woke up at 12pm. could they really have done it in the daytime?


Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

It can be taken off in 2 mins with a battery operated sawzall and the right blade.

Response From Abernathy_21

wow, well that destroys my peace of mind. how can i stop it from happening again?

Response From nickwarner

wow, well that destroys my peace of mind. how can i stop it from happening again?

This does the trick for me


Response From Abernathy_21

that's assuming I can hear the sneaky little bastards. i think i'd rather let the police handle them. our police don't tolerate that nonsense!

Response From nickwarner

Start parking on top of red ant hills. Nobody wants a new cat bad enough to lay on that. You need a new cat now, and hopefully it won't be too expensive. I doubt you'll be hit twice by the same people. Once they come through and hit your car and maybe a few other easy ones they'll bug out of the area. They know well enough that if they keep working in the same area too long people will get wise to what they're doing. If your car was far enough from your house that would be something they look for. A passerby would think they were just working on their own car, and with a fresh sawzall blade I can get a cat out within a minute. Doing it in daylight makes sense because they can appear legit. If they were running that saw in the middle of the night when everyone was at home it would be noticed. While people are at work in the morning nobody would pay attention. Its hiding in plain sight. Lot of burglars have taken to daylight work for the same reason. Just use a panel van or something that looks like a service truck. Neighbors think some contractor is just fixing a pipe. Homeowner gets robbed blind while they're at work or on vacation.

I'd notify the cops since they are getting more calls like this and they might be looking into a pattern of these things. At the least, if they can catch this guy on a different case they might be able to link him back to this if they know about it. Then instead of getting charged on one little case that gets him a slap on the wrist he gets pinned up on multiple charges and the judge can see the pattern. He doesn't weasel down the charges to next to nothing that way.

While he's in court, get a sawzall and chop the cat out of his car.

Response From Sidom

That's a tough one.....The best solution would be to garage the car but if you don't have one then that's not possible.

The next solution would be to get a motion activated alarms but that might not work because people don't really do anything when they hear one....

I'll have to google something but I remember seeing a "cat cage" or something like that, that the shop would weld on around the cat......Strong metal & would require a lot more time to remove so most theives would move on to a different car

Something like this

Response From Abernathy_21

i like the cat clamp idea. i definitely have to do something b/c parking my car a block away in my aunt's garage will get tiresome. i hate thieves.

thanks everyone for you help! i took it to Bell Tire and I totally looked like I knew what I was talking about. :)

Response From Discretesignals

This works good too...LMAO

Response From Fezer 690

Hey what about combining the two previous posts?

You know the saying:Monkey see, monkey do!

Response From Sidom

You definitely need to report this.....

I can't say for your state but in CA they passed legislation where recyclers now have to document the people & cats that they are recycling in an effort to stop this kind of stuff.

It got pretty bad here for a while......We had a Caddy in our shop parking lot that lost a cat......

Response From Discretesignals

That does suck. Really the only thing you can do is park your vehicle in your garage, if you have one, or a place that doesn't make the car visible to people driving by.

Thieves are desperate and want that quick cash.

Park over a bunch of cacti or some type of thorny bush..LOL

Response From Hammer Time

They are carrying battery operated saws-allls and although they will make a little noise, they can have it off in under 2 minutes.

Response From Hammer Time

Yep, you don't have to be in a bad neighborhood either. They are stealing them left and right and selling them for big money.

Response From Discretesignals

Well, at least they were nice enough to leave you the O2 sensor.

Response From re-tired

NOt a lot of money and a 12 yr old car.Even if you did have coverage ,the deductable would put you back to square one .If you live ina non emmission state you may be able to get a repair pipe to buy some time . but you eventually need the CAT replaced,,,,,, its federal law.

If an exhaust pipe comes off, can it do any damage to the motor or in any other way to a vehicle?

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Question From needsomeadvice on If an exhaust pipe comes off, can it do any damage to the motor or in any other way to a vehicle?

I have a 1990 Chevrolet Cheyenne truck. Recently, the exhaust pipe came off. If I don't have it replaced, can it do damage to the motor or in any other way to the vehicle if I keep driving it that way? It's kind of loud, but it's not that bad. I've been driving it without the exhaust pipe for awhile and have had no problems so I'm wondering if it's crucial to have it replaced or not.

Response From Hammer Time

That's not a real good idea, depending on where it's broken. The further forward, the worse it is. If it's broken before the oxygen sensor, it will mess up all kinds of things. Anywhere in the forward area will cause exhaust fumes to get into the cabin and that is dangerous. The reduction in backpressure can damage the valves also.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Quick reply - heat in the wrong places can be not just dangerous but deadly!


Response From Discretesignals

I don't know. I hear conflicting stories behind the cracked valve cold air theory. I see boats run open headers all day long and don't burn up or crack valves.

I think on some of these when you uncork the exhaust you reduce the back pressure which can cause a lean condition if you don't compensate for it. A lean condition can cause burnt valves.


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Year of vehicle: 2002
Make of vehicle (Ford/ Chevrolet) TOYOTA
Model of vehicle ( Taurus/ Cavalier) SOLARA
Engine size (2.0/ 5.7) ?
Mileage/Kilometers 132,000

What is the approximate cost (parts and labor) to replace an exhaust pipe for a 2002 Toyota Solara?


Response From Tom Greenleaf

Engine size? Which actual pipe do you need and are others any good?


Response From CHAPMAN Top Rated Answer

The engine size is 3.0L 6 cylinder. Per the dealer, on the exhaust pipe, the flex pipe is broken.

Response From Hammer Time

As I already stated.... You need to have an exhaust specialty shop look at it to see what they can do with it. I've seen flex pipes replaced for as cheap as $50 but I can't speak for your vehicle. It needs to be inspected and they will give you an estimate.

Response From Hammer Time

Take it to an exhaust specialist and they will give you an estimate. They first need to determine the condition of any pipes this attaches to and the availability.

my exhaust pipe is at an angle so i cant properly attach my manifold to it how do i fix it

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Question From Guest on my exhaust pipe is at an angle so i cant properly attach my manifold to it how do i fix it

its a ford mustang 2001 and im replacing the exhaust manifold on the passenger side but the exhaust pipe is at an angle so i cant get the top bolt secured how do i fix this

Response From Hammer Time

I'm not sure I understand what's going on. Is the part your installing different from the one your taking off?

Response From Guest

no its exactly the same but my pipe was at a different angle then it was supposed to be

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

If it was on there already and you didn't move anything, it has to be in the same position it was when you took it apart, right?