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1993 Geo Tracker Exhaust Pipe 4 Cyl 1.6L Walker - Walker Extension Pipe

P311-036F8B9    42957  New

  • !Parts for Split System; If welded assembly, replace all required parts.
  • Walker Extension Pipe
  • Product Attributes:
    • Max Year Covered: 1995
    • Min Year Covered: 1989
    • Most Popular Make / Model: Geo Tracker
    • Most Popular Year: 1995
    • Product Grade: Economy
    • Total Part VIO: 50600
Brand: Walker
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Doors Cylinder Head Type Block Engine CID CC
1993 - Geo Tracker 2 SOHC L 4 Cyl 1.6L 98 1588

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Broken exhaust pipe

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Question From abben on Broken exhaust pipe

Hey all. I am very car-illiterate, so forgive me if I make my ignorance too obvious. I have a 96 geo tracker, and my exhaust pipe is broken at a point before it gets to the muffler, and now the tracker is rambling like a race car whenever it is on.

I would like to provide myself a simple inexpensive fix-up for a trip from school in Vermont back to home in Maine, if at all possible. Then in Maine I can get it fixed once and for all.

Do you guys know of any safe and simple solution that could answer this problem?

The exhaust pipe doesn't have a crack or hole, one side of the pipe is cleanly dislodged from the other side and they would fit back together very evenly if there were a simple way of "patching" them or something for the ride home. But again I've never dealt with anything like this, so I wouldn't know.

I greatly appreciate any help you can offer!


Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Hi neighbor,

I think your best bet is to let a Midas or chain place weld it back up but it's likely for the parts to be replaced for the long run. They should be able to do that while you wait. T