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Vibration in Geo prizm

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Question From chadjordan93 on Vibration in Geo prizm

Year of vehicle-1994
Make of vehicle (Chevrolet/Geo)
Model of vehicle (Prizm )
Engine size (2.0)

Need help trying to figure out a problem. I did some research and they all say tires or broken engine mount but neither is the cause for the vibration at idle and high speeds. My car vibrates when im idling or going over 65, just put new tires on and Ive had the engine mount checked, the oil has always been changed when time and there is no exhaust or body damage that is known. So if any one has solved or had this problem and could lend a word that would be great

Response From Mr.scotty

So it shakes when the vehicle is in park or in gear sitting still?
If it only did it while moving or just sitting still it probably would be easier to figure out.
Did it do it before the new tires?

Response From chadjordan93

it shakes when its in park, neutral, and at any speeds really, but the higher in speed you get the worst it gets.
its done it since ive had it, before and after new tires.
no wrecks before and im only the 4th owner

Response From Mr.scotty

And all the mounts are good?
Transmission,engine, and suspension?
Are you sure the car just doesn't have a miss fire?
No check engine light rite?

Response From chadjordan93

And all the mounts are good? yes
Transmission,engine, and suspension? yes, yes and im sure since they didnt say they were bad when i got new tires, i asked them to check out that stuff
Are you sure the car just doesn't have a miss fire? pretty sure it doesn't, because if it did the vibration wouldn't be this consistent( from what i know, which isnt alot)
No check engine light rite?no lights on at all, this is the best running car for its age ive seen just the vibration

Response From Mr.scotty

only other thing I can think of off of my head rite now is the harmonic balancer pulley.
If this is bent or something it could cause the car to shake when moving or not moving.
If that is whats wrong with it, it can make alot of big problems. have it checked out rite away.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

That's a lot of miles on this pup. I'm with Mr. Scotty to check the harmonic balancer and other belt driven items. If no check engine light and might not maybe a cylinder balance and compression check is in order now if other things check out.

In that it can do this sitting still wheels and suspension item really can't be the cause. There are more than one mount to engine/trans to verify good. Sometimes exhaust may cause issues too with a big word - a resonance frequency from bad parts/hanger making the system whip around. My own car has balancers (counter weights) on exhaust to control that! Gotta check all of it IMO,


Response From Mr.scotty Top Rated Answer

Yeah.., At this point it would be anything that rotate when the engine is running or a mount.
Like you said theres no way it's a suspension bushing or mount.

The exhaust hangers are a good point.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Mr. Scotty - anyone: Ever see that brand new bridge (forget where) that just went nuts (pics of it with cars on it then total collapse) as there was no control of vibrations which any engine takes into consideration too. If exhaust can wobble around just so it's possible it gets to shaking. It's not the highest thing on the list but something to rule out IMO,


(edit) Found the YouTube of that bridge and what can happen with resonance if not controlled - was 1940 - the Tacoma bridge.

Should show (short version) from this..............

Response From Mr.scotty

I know hard to believe it huh..

Response From speed

in my opinion id take it to an actual shop, not a tire place to get the mounts checked out. i work in the express lube, we do "visual" check on components but its not an actual check, i would not expect a person changing the tires to catch a faulty motor mount.

Response From zmame

could be a number of things
tune up
vacume leak
motor mounts
or a combination of these things