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CarJunky AutoAdvice

plz help! im female n dont have a clue!

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Question From moored35 on plz help! im female n dont have a clue!

ive got a fiat punto 1997.
it started juddering as i was go along the road and then it just cut out and now wont start at all! i been told its not the battery as thats ticking over and its got plenty of fuel.
im thinking it could be the oil, as the oil light has been coming on a few time in last couple of weeks and i have never put any in the car since ive had it which was july 2008 (i am female!)
could be the oil?
or any other suggestions tat i could be would be helpful please?

Response From mike_sch

if u can find someome or do it ur self check the fule filter/ or check to see if u have fire which means ur sparkplugs. u can take a sparkplug wirer off put screwdriver in the end of the sparkplug wirer lay it on the engine have someone turn the key look at screwdriver to see a spark. If u see one u have fire. let me know if my tips help u.!!

Response From Tom Greenleaf

mike_sch - Let's find out if there's any oil in this engine first - ok?


Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Let's not genderize problems with automotives.

You state you got this car in July so should be going on a third oil change service and have stared at a warning light that suggests oil and need to ask!

First thing - check the engine oil level and get this car in for routine maintenance before (if not too late now) it costs you an engine or repair that exceeds the value of the whole car.

READ THE OWNER'S/OPERATORS MANUAL if you don't understand what warning lights mean what AND for maintenance intervals,


Response From Loren Champlain Sr

I've been working on cars nearly 40 yrs. I may be 'anal', but every new car I buy, I read the owner's manual cover to cover.