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2008 Volvo VNL EGR Valve Dorman

P311-08ABCA2    904-5057  New

3683537 , 4955969NX , 4955969RX

In Stock & Ready to Ship
Dorman EGR Valve
  • ; 2007 EPA Standard
Brand: Dorman
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Engine Designation
2008 - Volvo VNL ISX 15.0

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volvo failed NOx

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Question From kelk44 on volvo failed NOx

My volvo failed NOx reading.Allowed 848 and read 1107-50/15 test allowed 937 and read 1188.Do I need to replace EGR valve? They said getting to much heat..... Please help!!!!!!!

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

New EGR may fix it but hard to be sure. Spray some carb cleaner at it at idle and see if it changes the idle speed. Go easy with that test as the cleaner can flash on hot parts.

General tune-up stuff helps too. Go in with a cooler engine and don't run your A/C on the way as heat is a major cause of high NOx. It's odd but the EGR puts a small amount of exhaust gas into incoming air/fuel and that cools the combustion temp.

Is the car running well in general? Little problems can really set off emissions. How old is the car? Does it have any codes stored or CEL on or on momentarily lately?