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renault megane 1.5dci intermittent power loss

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Question From andydobs1990 on renault megane 1.5dci intermittent power loss

Hi my 04 Renault megane 1.5 dci around 100,000 miles clocked is experiencing intermittent loss of power for a second or two until it runs fine again. this usually happens in lower revs around 1-2000 and gears normally 1-3. Bit risky when pulling out on roundabouts etc. Additionally, and whether this is connected I'm not sure, when going at higher speeds around 80mph and 5th gear the car will lose power for longer periods of time like the turbo has stopped maybe and the dashboard flashes up with check injection. Around a year ago I cleaned the EGR valve (perhaps not enough) and today I have done a spill off test and changed a fault injector but both problems still happen. Any ideas? Thanks

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Sorry, but that vehicle is not sold here in the states. We don't have access to service information for that vehicle. If the check engine light is on, you should find out what code(s) is being stored. Maybe that might help give you some direction in solving your issue.

EGR problem

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Question From 221220 on EGR problem

Hi, wondering if you can help pls. I bought a Renault Megane 05 in early august from a small local garage. In sept I stupidly put petrol in it and it's a diesel! I hadn't realized and it took the garage 7 days to workout what I had done - they cleaned the injectors etc and replaced the EGR valve costing £778 - an expensive mistake!! In November my service and transmission light came on. I thought I would check the oil and had to put 2.5 litres which I was concerned about as it had a mini service in July. The light stayed on so I took it back to the garage for a diagnostic test. The test showed a faulty EGR. I was told it was coked up . They put some fuel cleaner in and said if that didn't work then I would need a new EGR valve. I am female and yes I don't know a lot about cars but something tells me if I had a new one 2 months ago that I shouldn't need another?? Before I go back I just want to make sure they won't say it's because of my mistake with the fuel that did it as they love talking about that!! Any advice gratefully received - thx

Response From nickwarner Top Rated Answer

You put gasoline in a diesel engine? You've probably got a lot more problems headed your way than just this. Your injectors lubricate themselves with their fuel, and gasoline is a very poor lubricant. To some extent diesels also lube their upper cylinders with their fuel, once again diesel works and gas doesn't. Gas also would prematurely detonate under the high compression of a diesel engine. I'm surprised your motor isn't blown. You're either using or leaking oil, and that could indicate some piston ring damage if its not leaking. You need to be personally checking your fluids on a regular basis to be sure you are at a safe level to operate.

Unfortunately none of us here have any tech data on this or have even seen one of these cars. Its not sold in the US where this site is based out of.