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1996 Geo Tracker Drive Shaft - Front Cardone - Reman. A-1 CARDONE Driveshaft/ Prop Shaft

P311-1CD97A8    65-9471  Remanufactured

$27.00 $369.31
Cardone Drive Shaft  Front
  • Remanufactured Driveshaft/ Prop Shaft
  • Measurement is taken by measuring the Tube length only. Measure from the centerline of the weld on one end to the centerline of the weld on the opposite end of the collapsed Prop Shaft
  • Reman. A-1 CARDONE Driveshaft/ Prop Shaft
  • Product Attributes:
    • Features and Benefits:
      • 100% New Universal Joints Are Installed For A Proper Fit And Function
      • Built To Meet Or Exceed O.e.m. Performance
      • Units Are 100% Dynamically Balanced At 3200 Rpms For Vibration-free Operation And Increased Joint Life
      • Unlike Other Manufacturers, Cardone Prop Shafts Are Dynamically Balanced, Which Is Superior To Static Balancing, As The Unit Is Balanced At The Typical Speed It Will Experience On The Vehicle
    • Length (mm): 393.70
    • Measurement Method: Measurement Is Taken By Measuring The Tube Length Only. Measure From The Centerline Of The Weld On One End To The Centerline Of The Weld On The Opposite End Of The Collapsed Prop Shaft.
    • Product Condition: Remanufactured
    • Tubing Outer Diameter (in): 1.51
    • Tubing Outer Diameter (mm): 38.23
  • A1 CARDONE Remanufactured Prop Shafts/Driveshafts are engineered to meet or exceed the original fit, form and function. Original designs are scrutinized and improved to make longer lasting parts. All units are tested to ensure reliable performance every time.
Brand: Cardone
Position: Front
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Transmission Doors Position
1996 - Geo Tracker Automatic 4 Front

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help with '92 Geo

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Question From hlo56 on help with '92 Geo

My daughter has a '92 Geo and she was told she needs a half shaft in the front end. Is this a job a DIY person can do? I have some experience and am willing to tackle it. Do I need special tools? Thanks for any help available. Sears had told her she needed struts, and half shaft, total bill would have been $1023. Needless to say, she came to dad.

Response From grand_sea Top Rated Answer

the price will differ alittle depending on if its the left or right side. I would say go to your local parts or book store & get a shop manual (if its plastic rapped ask if you can open it read through the parts of interest and see if your comfortable doing it!)($17-$22for the manual) you can replace your struts while replacing the half-shaft(drive-shaft)so get them the same time you get the shafts!

you'll have to remove the front wheel assembly's as far as I know the closest thing to a specialty tool you'll need might be a very big socket for the nut that keeps the wheel assembly on.( I've only done this procdure twice and not on a geo so yours may differ slightly)

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Even if this car needs the struts that price is a tad high even for where I live??

Get another quote. I get that stuff done for me at a specialty shop that finishes with a proper alignment for perhaps $350 but don't quote that. That's a wholsale rate and the exact quality of parts could make a difference. I don't own the $50,000.00 alignment machine and the small markup I would ask also makes me responsible for the job done right. Your call on DIY or not, T