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2013 Lexus IS250 Door Hinge - Front Left Upper Dorman

P311-3D34808    924-990  New


In Stock & Ready to Ship
Dorman Door Hinge  Front Left Upper
  • ; Packaging Type: Box
Brand: Dorman
Position: Front Left Upper
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Body Position
2013 - Lexus IS250 Sedan Front Left Upper
2011 Lexus IS250 Door Hinge - Front Right Upper Dorman

P311-1CA0A4D    924-991  New


In Stock & Ready to Ship
Dorman Door Hinge  Front Right Upper
  • ; Packaging Type: Box
Brand: Dorman
Position: Front Right Upper
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Body Position
2011 - Lexus IS250 Sedan Front Right Upper

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Help with 1987 Chevy S10 Blazer Door Hinge Replacement

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Question From BigBadOsker on Help with 1987 Chevy S10 Blazer Door Hinge Replacement

S10 Blazer 4WD 2.8L

Hi, Im somewhat mechanically inclined but I need some help removing this door hinge and replacing it. This is a picture of the passenger side, the driver's side is what needs replaced but I do not want to open the door because the pin has been ripped from the hinge and it's a pain to shut the damn door.

Does this need to be heated up with a torch and then removed or something? I think it's welded on, which will probably be a pain. I'd really like to get this done; It's a pain in the butt getting in and out of the vehicle. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

You can get just the pin and bushings for those which should be most of what is worn. Too late of course but these need greasing every oil change or go bad and are WELDED IN as you think. Horrible job to undo and line up drilling out unseen studs.

For the age if with new pin(s) available anywhere cheap with the bushings and it doesn't line up at striker well still it's bent or wore out the welded part.
At the age I think I'd go for bending the entire door hinge which can and will distort door or body to get real close but may flop UP not DOWN which you won't notice then. Body shops should know or do this AYOR for the perfection of the fit or damage to the door or body. Ask but do the hinge pins first (cheap) and see it that enough to keep you happy,


Response From BigBadOsker Top Rated Answer

Hi, Tom Greenleaf

Thank you for the quick reply. The major problem is that the whole hinge needs replaced. I believe the whole door was bent back the wrong way or something, because where the pins slide through is completely busted. The door will not open without falling off. I have no choice but to replace the hinge. Any suggestions? Will I need a plasma cutter to get the thing off?

I appreciate the replies.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

These hinges suk need I say more? IDK what you want to do if door falls off because of the hinge just where is the problem? Whole hinge with pin is available and yes it's cut out old up to drilling and such to get out for new that should bolt in I think?

Body work is not my trade but deal with this crap as needed alone or with body shops up to hacking this with creative welding as needed for assorted stupid designs.

Don't know what you are capable of. If just the pins have worn existing welding on parts you should be able to create something acceptable without going wild.

No joke, pro done and pretty these are nasty expensive! Own one as GM does this on several models.

Hard part if you can work with this is holding the dang door while doing something unless you totally take it off. Helper for on and off or you'll chip the crap out of painted edges so AYOR with what you do.

Back to pins. They are similar to common home doors. Pin like a nail and bushings that are a bronze knurled to stick hard in hole of steel permanent hinge parts should be all that wore out or was neglected so long it harmed the welded on stuff.

Pics were excellent of this. I still suggest idea from a body shop near you as to the best approach for $$ and making it right and whether pretty matters much or not at this point?

If keeping this or all other vehicles you may own oil this stuff all the time and it never causes a problem except for damage and that takes bending tools sometimes you are unlikely to own or want to,


1936 Buick Series 40

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Question From Guest on 1936 Buick Series 40

Have numerous parts for sale and would like to know where to view or purchase parts catalogue. Only ones I can find are small parts would like one with motor transmission, etc.

(on edit - added a pic of the 36 Buick Series 40....... TomG 11-2008)

Response From ThePirate

I am looking for a 36 buick steering you have one?

Response From Guest


Just found your posting, do you happen to still have any parts for the 36, looking for body parts such as emblems, trim pieces, front bumper. Please get back to me.

Response From Guest

Hi, I'm looking for a transmission for a 36 40 series

Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

I need the hood hinge,and a door hinge for front door passenger side lower hinge.Hope you can help.
Thank You

Response From Guest

what parts do you have left to sell? thanks Dino.

Response From Guest

Looking for tail lights for a 36 buick and running board spears.
Let me know if you have them.

Response From Guest

Need hood ornament and front bumper for a model 90 1936 Buick. Doors for 1936 special or century and center pillars.

Response From Guest

Do you still have the parts from the 36?

Response From Guest

Please send a list of the parts for the 36 buick that you have.

Door hinge repair or replacement

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Question From Guest on Door hinge repair or replacement

The driveside front door on a 2001 S-10 Blazer has the bushings worn out to the point where when you try to close the door you can see that its about a 1/4 of an inch out of alinement. How big of a job is it to repair or replace the bushings or the hinge?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Take a hard look to see if it's just the bushings - probably is as they are just a bronze that is pressed in. The aftermarket ones are better than OE in my opionion and dirt cheap. In full size GM trucks, hinges are welded (not a smart move GM) so you can't adjust the door so easy! Replacement takes some funky tools to pound out old one and the hard part is having to support the whole door for removal and re-installation making sure not to chip the hell out of it.

The tools and a good helper they are doable,



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Question From Guest on help

Need info on replacing door pins 99 Sunfire 2 door

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

If you mean the door hinge pins they are a pill. Body repair shops have the best knowlege and tools for that. I need one myself and can't do it alone, T

Replacing Celica trunk hinges

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Question From Mike Faulds on Replacing Celica trunk hinges

I have a '91 Celica with bad trunk hinges. All cars in salvage yard have bad hinges. Surely someone has come up with a substitute that works. If you've found something to work let me know.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Have you checked if an aftermarket kit has been made for this at parts stores? If you found them all bad used then they should be popular. I know they make door hinge replacements for other cars.

My own 97 Chev truck needs a door hinge pin which they sell with brass things to make up for where they wear.

This one I can't really do working alone because it takes careful support of the door when old one is out and it's a mint truck so I don't want to damage the door.

For mine I will pay a body shop which will only deal with new OEM complete hinge and that's cool because I want it painted to match perfectly and I am not concerned in this case about the added expense.

Check with body shops as to whether they have a source for aftermarket replacements, T