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97 Mazda Protege LX: Tip of CV Axle Shaft broken off inside transaxle

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Question From dhuber37 on 97 Mazda Protege LX: Tip of CV Axle Shaft broken off inside transaxle

I have a 1997 Mazda Protege LX, 1.5 engine, 187,000 miles, with manual transmission. A few weeks after replacing the driver's side cv axle, my car broke down on the road. The tip of the inner shaft of the new cv axle sheared off into the transaxle. This piece of metal is about 1/4" thick and is sitting at the bottom of the transaxle casing right next to the drain plug. It's right where I can see it! The only problem is that the piece of metal is too big to fit through the drain.

I'm looking for an option that lets me remove the piece through the drain. Anyone have experience with this? I would like to find a tool or some other way of breaking or snipping the piece in half so it can be pulled out without removing the whole transmission and taking it apart.

My step-father recommended drilling out the drain hole to make it wider and tapping it with new threads and a wider plug. I don't know what this could do to the casing (maybe crack it?) considering the drain is alongside a seam in the casing. His other option was replacing the entire transmission with a used one he found for $250.

Response From Sidom

Why not just get a flexable magnet or a pair of mechaniclal fingers & just take the piece out the output shaft hole?

You don't want to drillout the hole, that's not even an option

Response From Discretesignals

Yes, you need to get that out of there. Even if that means you would have to dismantle the transmission to get at it. If that piece gets into the final drive while your driving, you'll be in big trouble.

Response From chickenhouse

I wonder if it would hurt anything if left in there? Let's hear from some trans guys!

Response From dhuber37 Top Rated Answer

I was wondering about that as well. I replaced the old drain plug with one of those magnetic plugs with the hope that the metal piece would stay put. What I noticed though, was that the gears inside seem fairly close to the drain. There may not be enough clearance between the gears and the inner walls of the transaxle so that the metal doesn't get pulled into the gears. The transmission fluid may make it worse causing the piece to slide around.

knocking sound when releasing gas pedal

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Question From rexpac on knocking sound when releasing gas pedal

Hi there,

I noticed today that my car mades a knocking sound only when i release the gas pedal. The knocking sound is following by a slight jerk and then moves a little to the right side. The sound comes around the front right side of the car, maybe around the tire area. I drove the whole day and car was fine, but it suddenly started to happen after i parked for 20 mins. The car seems works fine with no issues driving, but it has got me worried what the issue could be.

If you have any suggession, please let me know. I guess i will have to take it to the mechanic, but wondering if others have experienced such problem or could give me some insight as to what the issue could be.

Thanks for you help.

Worried Driver

Response From Discretesignals

I got a suggestion. How about you tell us what the year, make, model, and engine size of your cars is. That might help a little.

Response From rexpac

oppss.. i guess i forgot the main information. its a 2001 Nissan Sentra GXE, 1.8

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Probably the first thing that should be done is a visual inspection with the car in the air. Inspect the steering and suspension components. Pulling front wheels and checking out the brakes and CV axle shafts would be a good idea too. A lot times things going wrong can be seen visually.

Response From rexpac

Thanks for your help. I took it to the mechanic, and he said the control arm was broken (which controls the stearing and the wheels), and he mentioned that i was insane to drive it since the wheels could have come out at any time. He replaced the right (which was completely broken), and also the left (which was loose and could be damaged sooner or later). Ended up paying $560 bucks to get the car running.

Response From Discretesignals

Good thing you had it checked out. Thanks for the follow up information.