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1980 Buick LeSabre Cornering Light - Front ACDelco - GM Original Equipment

P311-085FB6A    L1156  New

ACDelco Cornering Light  Front
  • GM Original Equipment
Brand: ACDelco
Position: Front
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Position
1980 - Buick LeSabre Front

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1992 Mercedes 400E Replacing Corner Light

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Question From Clueless96 on 1992 Mercedes 400E Replacing Corner Light

I have a 1992 Mercedes-Benz 400E. I recently shattered the amber lens over the corner light. We bought a replacement corner light for the passenger side of the car. However, we need some help in how to replace it without breaking anything. If anyone could provide any information on how to remove and install the corner light on the passenger side of my car, I would be very grateful. Someone please respond ASAP. I REALLY need to replace this light. P.S. if it makes any difference, the bulb is fine. Please and thank you!

Response From nickwarner Top Rated Answer

Your best bet is to go to and spend the $27 or so for a year subscription to this car. With a Benz this old, you are guaranteed to need it later.

Rebuild body

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Question From zmasterflex on Rebuild body

Honda Odyssey/Isuzu Oasis 1996 2.2L 196k miles

I hit a deer with my dads car. I need help fixing the body work.
I found a hood, side panel and cornering light real cheap but I don't what the "grab bar" is called.
(The bar the holds the clip that the hood slams down on top of) Any help in this area would be much appreciated.

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

zmaster; I believe that you are referring to the 'core support', but not certain?

Response From dragtime92

idk if your referring to the hood latch ??? kinda seems confusing if you ask me....

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

>>kinda seems confusing if you ask me....<<
That doesn't surprise me at all.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

?? Are we talking about a radiator support? That's another name for what I think this is about??


Response From zmasterflex

Thanks to all of you for your replies. The deer pushed the hood back into the radiator. The bar that runs along the top of the radiator has the clip which latches the hood shut.This bar is bent in (along with the hood). I'm looking around for parts so I need to know what this bar is called. Thanks!!

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Again - it might be local lingo but I'd call that the radiator support and is no doubt spot welded in. Might be able to push it back with some help from a body shop and fix the bolted on items yourself - hard to say what this looks like and I'm NOT in the body repair field,


turn signal light problem

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Question From john miller on turn signal light problem

i have 1995 jeep cherokee when i turn my left blinkers on both sides blink including plate light if it is muti task switch how hard is it to change is the air bag a problem or could it be something else help ?

Response From steve01832

Before you replace that switch carefully check the lamps for crossed filaments, power, and ground to each light socket. Sounds to me like you have a ground problem. Instead of the voltage from the turn signals going to ground, it is going through the other lamps causing them all to flash.


Response From john miller Top Rated Answer

hi steve my left cornering light woud not blink when i regrounded light the blinkers worked on both sides ok then when i put the heatlights on the fuse blew any ideas ?

Response From steve01832

John, which light did you supply a ground to? If you grounded the side marker lamp (has only 2 wires) you will blow the park lamps fuse. If you are adding a ground to the park and turn signal lamp (3 wires) you should connect the ground to the black wire. This wire is a common ground for the front marker lights as well as the head lights. Your best bet would be to remove one bulb at a time while the directionals are operating. If no change, put bulb back in and move on to the next one. The one that is pulled out that corrects the problem is the problem area. Inspect the bulb carefully for crossed filaments. If okay, the problem is in the wiring or socket itself. The best way to check this is with an automotive test light. Remember, this could also be caused from the rear lights. This is why we need to inspect all of the bulbs first, including the brake lamps.


Response From john miller

hi steve i took out one bulb at a time it did not make a differance if it is the wiper turn signal switch do you have to deal with air bag or can it be done without air bag being a problem ?

Response From steve01832

John, if the steering column is a two piece design you should be able to remove the screws from underneath and drop the lower panel to access the multi-function switch. If it is one piece, the steering wheel must be removed. That should be left to the pros for safety's sake.


Response From john miller

hi steve it does have tilt wheel so i guess its two part ?does that make it a two part , where the air bag system is not a problem? do you think its in multi switch with all the problems thanks again for all your help.

Response From john miller

hi steve i did ground 2 wire marker light left side ; also when i put headlights on both ambere lights in back come on they shoud only light as a blinker i will try removing bulbs one at time the only one that does not blink is front upper maker does that get grounded by lower directional light ?

Response From john miller

hi i did have front connering light on left that did not blink when i regrounded it the left side blinkers worked ok then when i put headlights on fuse blew; thanks for any advice.

Head Light / DRL Issues

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Question From hiwaymirage on Head Light / DRL Issues


I found out today that my new employer requires me to have a car that does not have DRL (daytime running lights), or a car that has it disabled. I got online and saw one possible solution: to take out the DRL relay from the fuse box, or if that didn't work, bend over pin 87 and try that. (Someone said it worked on a 2005 Impala.) When I tried taking out the relay, the DRL did not come on, but one of the high beam lights would not come on, and I had a "service engine light." I tried out the method where you bend over pin 87. This time, the normal lights (low beam and corner lights) came on instead of DRL. (The DRL lights on my car use the high beam bulbs only.) I bent back pin 87 into place and put it back in the fuse box. I wasn't sure if it would work now that one of the pins were bent and bent back, but it appeared to be back to normal now.

An hour or so later, I was reading on the internet that with some cars, you can start them with the emergency brake pressed in and this will disable the DLR until you start it again. I decided that it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. Now, the car was back to the problem of having on the low beam lights and corner lights all the time. Also, the dash lights would not come on unless I turned the dial over like I have to do at night (I can't remember if this was an issue after I bent over pin 87 or not). What surprised me was that even after I turned off the car and turned it back on again, it was still doing the same thing.

I thought that perhaps that relay was no good. Maybe when I bent the prong back, I thought, it worked for a little bit and then stopped. I thought that certainly starting your car with a parking brake applied would not cause a permanent problem. I went to O'Reilley's and picked up another relay. Same problem.

What is going on? Right now, I just want to get the car back to the way it initially was. If I can do that, I'll ask a local mechanic if he can work on the wiring to turn DRL off later. For my job, I could just unscrew the high beam light bulbs for the time being. But with the way the car is now, I'm screwed.

Response From Hammer Time

Your employer requires you to disable DRL? What do you do with your vehicle?

Is he aware that it is against the law to disable safety features?

Response From hiwaymirage

I was under the impression that DRL lights were only a feature on some cars, and that DRL was not required by law to be on cars here in the US (but I believe is in Canada). I don't imagine it would be against the law to disable something that is optional and not even a feature on every car.

Anyways, yes, for employment with this company (I actually haven't technically been hired yet), you are required to have a vehicle that meets certain specifications. Having DRL lights is a big issue.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Well, it's not optional on GM cars and it's all incorporated into the Body Control Module so I doubt it's going to work right.

Response From hiwaymirage

Do you think there is anything a mechanic could do with the wiring to make it right? I finally found the job I wanted 5 years after graduating from college. If I can't get this job I may never have another opportunity like this. So understand I'm pretty upset right now, and desperate. Are you sure that nothing can be done? I'm feeling pretty bad right now. I just really didn't think starting the car with the parking brake on would cause a permanent problem like that.


Response From Hammer Time

The parking brake didn't cause any problem. I can't be so sure about the messing you did with the relay though.

You may be able to have the BCM reprogrammed by the dealer. I would give them a call and ask.

Response From hiwaymirage

One more thing, if you're still there. Or for anyone else.

Someone suggested to me that maybe I could reset the BCM by unplugging my battery for about 5 minutes? Is there any way this would work?

Response From Hammer Time

That may erase any stored codes. I don't have high expectations for that helping, but i guess it couldn't hurt. You also want to test all your fuses with a test light too.

Response From hiwaymirage


I drove to a gas station this morning, and when I got there and turned off the dash lights, I noticed that they were now staying on. I put it in neutral and the DRL lights were properly working. I turned off the motor and when I got back in my car and started it up, the problem came back (had to turn on dash lights manually and normal lights instead of DRL). After I drove around for a few minutes it started working again. I use my car during my job, turning it off and on often. It worked fine for most of the day, so I thought the problem was over. It seemed like something just needed to get charged or re-energized or something. However, near the end of my work shift when my car was off for around an hour, it did it again, though it started working again about 15 second after the motor ran.

So is this a fuse issue or something similar? If so, I feel relieved it's not a BCM issue.

Response From Hammer Time

Nope, looking more like a BCM issue than a fuse. Fuses don't come back after burning out.

Response From hiwaymirage

The problem started right after the parking break thing though. After I replaced the relay, it was back to normal. And even after I put a new relay in, it was still doing it. I believe you, but I did want to point that out in case I didn't make it clear. But you're probably right, I thought it being the parking brake seemed strange. It was probably just a coincidence. What ever caused in just took a little while to happen. Like I said, I did the parking brake thing and noticed the problem about an hour after I messed with the relay.

Thanks for the advice about going to a dealership. Hopefully they can do that.