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1997 Subaru SVX Suspension Control Arm Bushing Genuine

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Genuine Suspension Control Arm Bushing
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Brand: Genuine
Additional Fitment Information:
1997 - Subaru SVX

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01 sonoma control arm bushing replace

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Question From lilbert on 01 sonoma control arm bushing replace

how do i replace the upper control arm bushing on an 01 gmc sonoma pickup?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

bushing to provide additional caster/camber Store: Online: Duralast / Control Arm Bushing - Front
Warranty - LLT FB411 $10.99 Note: Upper

May be different if 4WD then one in pic. These can be pressed out and new one in or with hammer and some proper sized like sockets. That's done with the arm off the vehicle. Watch out as the control arm itself could be unable to take a new one!


Response From lilbert Top Rated Answer

thank you very much for the info

control arm bushings

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Question From kody070 on control arm bushings

how hard is it to change the control arm bushing on both sides. i have a 97 ranger 2WD. there is only lower bushings and i can feel them move around alot. do you have to take the whole front end apart to change them?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

I think you may only find the whole control arm with bushings and the ball joint. If like ones I'm thinking of with barbs in center hole you need to remember to tighten those when vehicle is at normal ride height.......


Response From kody070

i figured out i have to change the raidus control arm bushings. are they very difficult to replace? it has a twin I-beam front suspension.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Try that for instructions and parts available as I just did and didn't show twin I beam for this or I'm going nuts which is more likely

There are "Radius Arm", control arms and bushings but I'm not honing in on (or finding a diagram) just what is needed for this - sorry. Sometimes bushings are available and you must decide based on condition of the arm if it's a good candidate for just a bushing or the arm will be needed.

The bushings I'm thinking of are pressed in. It can be done and on assorted vehicles "control" arms I've done them. As I recall they aren't too expensive and one time the arm wasn't good enough to replace just bushings as replacement wouldn't hold in place snugly when pressed - a no go on that if so.

Try that link or somewhere else. I'll try Googling another way to see what you are looking at to do here as now I'm lost.....

Anyhow - these pressed in bushings are not very DIY friendly. A whole part could be depending on your tools and skills.

Help guys!

Response From way2old

If it is the radius arm bushings, here you go.

Raise and support front of vehicle. Support axle.
Disconnect lower end of shock absorber from shock lower bracket and remove front spring.
Remove the nut from rear of arm.
It is easier to replace the bushing if the arm is off the truck, so remove the front mounting bolts. If the rear mounr had bolts in it, remove the radius arm mount and replace the bushings there. You may need a jack to help manuver the arm.
Remove the arm and remove inside bushings.
Fig. 9 Radius Arm Replacement. 4x2 Models

Fig. 10 Radius Arm Replacement. 4x4 Models

  1. Loosen axle pivot bolt. Remove spring lower seat from radius arm. Remove nut and bolt from radius arm to axle and front bracket.
  2. Remove nut, rear washer and insulator from rear side of radius arm rear bracket and remove radius arm. Remove inner insulator and retainer from radius arm stud.
  3. Reverse procedure to install.

'87 S10 2wd lower control arm bushings

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Question From Guest on '87 S10 2wd lower control arm bushings

I just finished replacing totality shot upper control arm bushings. Is there any way to see or test if lower control arm bushings need to be replaced? Wheel off ground does not move when shaken like it did before upper replacement. Vehicle has 290K miles on it.

Response From DanD Top Rated Answer

Lower control arm bushings are a little tougher to check because they will always have some tension (load) from the spring applied.
The best way I’ve found is with the wheels and control arms hanging free in the air (vehicle lifted by the frame);try with a pry bar to move the control arm.
If there is any movement, other then the stretch of the rubber bushing; replace it.
Also look very close to where the through bolt(s) goes through the bushing; it should look centered in the rubber; along with no cracks or splits in the rubber of the bushing.


Toyota front control arm bushing repalcement

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Question From captjackny on Toyota front control arm bushing repalcement

2006 Toyota Camry 4cyl, 77k miles. took in for oil chg and shop told me front control arm bushing is going bad. said had to drop subframe to replace and since this was expensive both bushings should be replaced. using OEM/aftermarket bushings (not the arm, just the bushings) would cost $750 to replace. I took a look on the internet and the bsuhisgs are about $50 each, so labor is the big part of this job. is this reasonable labor to repalce these bushings? Thanks

Response From Loren Champlain Sr Top Rated Answer

Capt. Jack; I'd get a second opinion, first. Control arm bushings on that new of a vehicle? I'd be very surprised.

Cause of control arm bushings failing

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Question From Miniowner on Cause of control arm bushings failing

I have a 2006 MinicooperS. I have been told I need the strut mounts and lower control arm bushings replaced, plus wheel alignment afterwards. I want to know if I have only the bushings replaced will they be damaged if I don't have the strut mounts fixed as well? I can only afford one repair at this time. Seems the dealer said that both had to be done. Thank you in advance for your help.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Everything in the front end has to be repaired before a wheel alignment can be done and once you start replacing anything up there, the alignment becomes mandatory so it's an "all at once" type repair.