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2005 Acura TSX Clutch Fork Genuine

P311-5C9B532    W0133-1710335  New

Genuine Clutch Fork
  • This Original Equipment Manufacturer part is the same part that was made & installed by the car manufacturer at the factory where the car was produced.
Brand: Genuine
Additional Fitment Information:
2005 - Acura TSX

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Replace clutch fork 1988 Beretta

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Question From dlynch on Replace clutch fork 1988 Beretta

The car is a 1988 Chevy Beretta GT 2.8 V6 with 90,000 + miles on it. I am going through the clutch/transaxle. I can't find info on changing the clutch fork. Do I need to punch the bushing into the case or out, and do I need a special tool?

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Not there to look at it, but can you take a picture of the location of the bushing and post the link in here?

98 neon clutch fork slop

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Question From DAVE KI on 98 neon clutch fork slop

I have a 98 Neon 2.0 5sp. For sometime(4-5 months) it's had a little bit of creep with the clutch in but here lately it's gotten worse especially in reverse. Went to the store and by the time I got home it was grinding into gear so I avoided all the stop and go go I could.I decided to change the clutch cable,ok easy enough. When I went to reattach the new one to the fork, the fork just flopped back and forth and a little side to side. Once the cable was hooked to the fork it absolutely would not pull back so I could at least attempt to seat the end of the cable in the bell-housing. Confused yet?

Response From gsferraro

Before you changed the cable and the trans was grinding, how did the pedal feel? Gary
Yes alittle confused(lol)

Response From DAVE KI Top Rated Answer

Confuses the heck out of me to,lol. OK though ,the clutch pedal would have to be all the way to the floor. As in mashed into the carpet and it looks like it flattened a piece of 1" or so tube steel that's a stop. Factory? Also very touchy as in no play or free travel(easy to kill it). This morning I had my son bump the ignition while I watched the fork(cable insertion end) and it just flopped. Yes neutral and E brake.
When I WAS driving the car I didn't hear or feel anything at all, except obviously the trans grind into gear.

Response From DAVE KI

Sorry. In the OP I forgot to mention the Neon has 200,05 K.

Response From gsferraro

If this has no free play in the pedal, you may have a worn clutch disc. Gary

Response From DAVE KI

Thanks for the reply. Worn clutch or broke(how I don't know) I basically know jack about front wheel drive.It bothers me the the cable end of the fork or spoon flops back and forth with no resistance at all. Clutch or spoon or pivot ball I guess it comes out huh?

Response From gsferraro

Yes, your disc may be worn as well. Gary

5 speed hard to shift

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Question From chevrolet1995 on 5 speed hard to shift

I just bought a 95 chevy 3500 crew cab, 6.5 diesel with a five speed manual trans. The clutch will engage as soon as the pedal barely moves off the floor. It is very difficult to shift useing the clutch. I have replaced the master and slave cylinders. I replaced the clutch fork pivot ball and the release bearing. A new clutch was put in 6 months before I bought it. The pedal doesnt seem to have very much resistance to it even after changing the before mentioned parts.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Air in system would do that. Some are fussy to bleed out and you need to rule that out. Both before and after this work with same symptoms is interesting?
Engine off can you see the slave move with a helper applying clutch? Bet not much and air can do that. For now I'd bleed it all out again.

Rare but does flex hose blow up like a balloon while observed? If so that's got to go too and back to bleeding again,


Response From chevrolet1995 Top Rated Answer

The flex hose is good. And I watched the movement of the clutch fork and it moves about two inches when the pedal is pushed. I had a guy tell me it could be a bad or warped pressure plate on the clutch. I dont know how this truck was treated before I got it. So anything is possible I guess. I did have the motor out to put a new crankshaft in it but I didnt notice what the clutch was like prier to pulling the motor.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Yes a warped disc could drag. If not all corroded (not so common) that could be from allowing a trans to hang by its shaft on the splines of the disc. I has to be supported till you get a couple bolts snugged up.

You know they layout of it if this shows.......
Not much luck with pics showing but like this with splined center,

You mentioned YOU replaced the "release" bearing which means you had trans out. Was it doing this when you go it or just after working on it?

More common is air with your complaint or any reason clutch isn't releasing fully. Unlikely a bad pressure plate at just 6 months old so IMO the disc got bent or wasn't good from the get go.

I the job was faked you would still shift fine but might shake taking off and not last as long. If driven hard it normally would wear out the disc not what you are describing,


Response From chevrolet1995

When I got it the motor had a spun bearing in the bottom end so I wasnt able to drive it. So I dont know if this is a problem I caused or was already there. But u mentioned a bent disk from the trans hanging by the splines. That might be the problem. The trans did slip off the jack when I was putting it back in after fixing the motor. It never crossed my mind about it. I will take it back out and see. Thank you for your help and input. I really do appretiate it.

Response From nickwarner

I did the same thing once on a Mack truck. Was a $900 clutch. When I went to try to spline it up I needed to lower it and going into the second disc I hit the release too fast. Bent a disc so little you couldn't see it with the naked eye but did the same thing. A bent disc will do exactly like you have described. When I replaced that clutch (under a very frowning eye from my service manager) the truck was good to go.

Next time you really need to be taking your time on install with this. It takes very little to bend a disc in the clutch as you now see. Be smooth like Keith Stone and it will all go in nicely.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Yikes Nick, that was a costly boo, boo. Chevrolet1995 - been a long time but the weight of a trans on that little splined hole of the clutch disc is no match.

Cross fingers it's never happened to me. My guess is if you laid it out flat you see it and probably wouldn't have to be wildly warped as there's only so much room for the pressure plate to back off with a bent disc in there to fully release.

Before you go back bet if you are on level paved surface and start it in 1st or reverse the truck would about nudge that direction with clutch to the floor. Notice with engine off it will shift nice and smooth too.

As said and know we know what is likely a couple trans bolts must be tight before you release support of trans. So, whatever you have for tools even floor jacks, blocks of wood and a couple real strong people have to be in place for that critical step. A trans jack would hold it to do alone otherwise some risk. Tools all ready and within fast reach for just that time.

What to do? You might get away with just a new disc? If put to a bet I'd say yes if new enough with these parts it essentially was only exposed to like a clutch being "ridden" on too much but it's got to be hard on the trans to do nothing unless you are a very clever driver who can feel RPMs and understand double clutching as if you weren't using a clutch at all which absolutely can be done as the driver if the only one in open space with no obstacles which is unrealistic.

You decide and make the gamble. Been forever for me but thing you might be able to send a pressure plate out for inspection but most weren't costly enough to bother some could be.

I think the key is don't do this alone and have well instructed help that you are at a critical point. Do your best to rule out the clutch and air so you don't waste time but this seems like a warped disc now pretty clearly. Chalk it up to a "whoops" and don't let that happen again,


Ask for Experts' Judgment

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Question From hejazi17 on Ask for Experts' Judgment

I am an automotive propulsion system student in sahand university of
tabriz, IRAN.
I need your help for completing my thesis. I was wondering if you
could fill a short form about clutch failures and repair?!
I'll be so appreciated hearing from you.
Please contact me by this email : Personal info deleted
and I'll reply you the table which has to be completed.

Response From Hammer Time

I deleted your e-mail address. If someone needs to contact you here they can do it via private message.

Response From Discretesignals

Does that table include a list of computer viruses that you sent to my computer?

Response From hejazi17

The attached file does not contains any viruses. Could you please help me find an Clutch experienced repairman? I'm really Looking for Some reliable information. If you know someone, Please Ask him to complete the Table.

Response From Hammer Time

If you're in Iran, why is your IP address coming back as Kansas City Missouri?

Response From hejazi17

Coz we have to to use Socks Anti filter software in order to unblock Filtered sites like Facebook and... :) Why are you all suspicious this much to me?
I'm an engineer not a hacker! Believe me.

Response From Discretesignals

You could just type your questions in here. I'd be more than happy to answer the questions in this forum than through email.

Response From hejazi17

Here are the table.

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Clutch pedal, return springs, and input splines usually don't go bad unless the driver is abusive. So far I haven't replaced any.

Most of the clutch system problems we see at our shop are clutch discs, clutch release bearings, and hydraulics.

If the release bearing goes bad, concentric slave leaks, or clutch is worn out, the vehicle usually gets a clutch kit( clutch disc, pressure plate, pilot bearing, concentric slave cylinder (if equipped), clutch fork pivot ball (if equipped), clutch fork (if worn), the flywheel machined or replaced, and a rear main bearing seal. This all depends on how things are when the transmission is removed.

It just depends on the vehicle and the driver. Not all clutch systems fail the same way.

The cost of clutch replacement or clutch related parts servicing depends on the vehicle. A full blown clutch service is usually around 500-800 US dollars.

Response From hejazi17

Thanks alot
Could you please estimate and list the repair time and costs for a Peugeot 206? The separated information will be very useful.

Response From Discretesignals

What kind of repair?

The only problem with your question is that we don't have that vehicle here in the states. Don't have labor time or cost of part information for whatever repair needs to be performed.

Response From hejazi17

Thanks for your help. I need some data in order to run the reliability and availability simulation. Could you please fill the repair time and costs columns for a specific vehicle which the repair information are available in the US? Let me know what is the max power of the engine.

Response From Discretesignals

Ok...this is starting to not make any sense. First you write up a table that warrants general responses assumingly from many vehicle platforms.

Now you want to narrow down your chart to a specific vehicle? Shouldn't you have done your research and knew which vehicles to ask about?

Sometimes we don't do enough clutch jobs on a specific vehicle to understand the pattern and failures rates of specific clutch components for that vehicle.

Labor and part prices are going to vary by area, so prices are going to be different.

Response From hejazi17

Actually I'm looking for failure rates, time between failures and repair time and costs for a friction dry clutch just to run my reliability and availability simulation model. The input data are not that much sensitive. I just want some reliable data in these field on a specific type of vehicle uses hydraulic dry friction clutch. It doesn't matter which type of car we are going to study, but also the important thing is the availability of such information. Do you have these sorts of information?!

Response From MarineGrunt

I know I'm a little late on this post but Hey DS...any chance this could be some round about way to try and score some info so Ahmadinejad can finish his reactor?

Response From hejazi17


Response From MarineGrunt

LOL....I do hope you know I am only kidding. Then again, you didn't seem to deny it either!

Response From Double J


LOL....Jay Leno refers to him as AHMANUTJOB

Response From hejazi17

I'm not in politics so much. but soooooooo happy about ahmadinejad leaving us as a president and let the people just breath a little!
:) how do you americans think about us? iranian people i mean. :D

Response From Hammer Time

You mean the ones trying to build a nuclear arsenal to attack us with?

You mean the ones (Hezbollah) supplying arms to the terrorists so they can attack us and out allies?

Oh, we just love you guys.

Response From hejazi17

they are not persian people. they are current persian-arabian politicians. They are extermist muslims governing iran by the force of the armies. I belive that the therorism initiates from Islam not iran! you misunderstand my question i think. we also like americans but not who banned the medicines export to iran!!!

Response From Hammer Time

Blame your Islamic extremists............

Response From MarineGrunt

Exactly HT.....

I'm sure most Iranians are good people but when your government supplies terrorists with weapons and also harbors terrorists then why should we support people that try to coordinate attacks on us? It's really a bad deal that this effects the decent Iranians but that's the way it goes. If your government would help try crush these Islamic Extremists instead of supporting them then the US would send aid and help out.

As for your question I'm sure there are some really good Iranians and most of us understand it's your government, military, and some civilians that are the problem. With the tactics that these terrorists use it's hard to know who we can trust. I personally have nothing against any honest Iranian.

Response From Discretesignals

Here is a clutch thread in progress...check it out.


1989 kawasaki kx125 clutch not releasing

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Question From MDA on 1989 kawasaki kx125 clutch not releasing

1989 Kawasaki KX 125 clutch not releasing. I purchased this bike and thought overhauling the clutch and a new clutch cable would fix this problem.. I replaced the cable,, fricrion plates,, and the steel clutch plates and carefully reassebled using a Clymers manual. The cluth will still not release. Does anyone know why this might be happening??? Thanks..

Response From Archi Joshi


Which is the type of clutch brand?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Joshi - look at the posted dates. OP (original poster) never responded and if after six months never found what why or fixed somehow we'll never know. Best to just leave the old threads alone. Probably has the same post on many sites or sent it out and we won't know


Response From Mr.scotty Top Rated Answer

Is the clutch fork working right?
Is the cable adjusted properly?