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1932 Ford Coupe Modified

1932 Ford Coupe Modified

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This was one Great Looking 1932 Ford Coupe that was present at the 2006 Raceway Park Car Show. The finish was nice and polished showing a deep red paint, that seemed to mirror all objects around the car. Inside this car was also kept in awesome condition with its red and white interior upholstery finish that just seemed like the owner never drove this car anywhere.
1932 Ford Coupe
32 Ford engine
32 Ford engine close up
Just Looking at this 1932 Ford Engine you can clearly see it was totally chromed out and kept in near perfect driving condition. With an engine looking this shiny its hard to even imagination what the rebuild cost of this coupe was. In addition, looking at the exhaust manifold in near perfect condition I'm willing to bet that this car doesn't get pushed to the limits as much as we may think, besides I would want to take it easy on this old gal since we all would hate to see a rock bounce up at ruin this paint job just for a little "Show and Tell"
32 Ford engine side view
32 Ford engine top side
32 Ford coupe front picture
32 Ford coupe tire
ford coupe 1932
coupe ford 1932 side picture
1932 ford interior picture
32 Ford coupe rear pic
32 Ford rear side
1932 Ford Coupe

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