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1968 Corvette Stingray Coupe

1968 Corvette Stingray Coupe

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Pictures of a 1968 red corvette that were taken at the 2006 Raceway Park car show in Englishtown, NJ. This was one of the many cars featured at the car show. Although we were not able to capture the car with the hood down, we did get the opportunity to view the inner workings of this 68 beast.
1968 Corvette Stingray Photo
You can see that this chevrolet corvette's engine was kept in great shape and so was the inside engine compartment. You can also see that the engine was stamped with M/T which stands for Manual Transmission. The interior of this car was in great shape and it seemed as if this corvette just rolled out of the show room this morning.
427ci, 1968 Corvette Stingray Engine
inside of a 1968 corvette c3 stingray
This is one of only 28,566 Corvettes produced of which 9,936 models were Coupes (sold for a price of $4,663). There were 18,630 Convertibles also produced for a price of $4,347. You would never think that a coupe would cost more then a convertible, but I guess that T-tops were more popular. This 1968 chevrolet corvette did come with a selection of engines depending on what you were looking for. The 327c1, a 350hp Engine was the most common for this corvette and 427ci, a 430hp Engine was limited to only 80 produced (That's the one you would want to rebuild $$$).
1968 Red Corvette back side
Chevrolet Corvette Notes: The new 68 Corvette introduced hidden windshield wipers and removable T-tops on the Coupe models. A new three speed automatic transmission replaced the older two-speed unit. The Corvette gained several interesting engine options under the hood, including the 327 CID V8 L79 rated at 350 bhp, and the L89 aluminum head option for the L71. The rare L88 engine option was still available for a bargain price of $1,032 (1968 Dollars), and at this price only 115 were sold. Still rated at the same 430 bhp as the regular 427 engine, the wise buyers that checked off the L88 option were treated to a host of goodies such as a bubble top hood, aluminum heads with a 850 CFM dual feed Holley carb and the powerful 427 engine with an aluminum intake. Mandatory options included an aluminum radiator, Muncie M-22 transmission, and heavy duty brakes. With the Addition of this new 68 vette and the 28,566 units that were sold, Corvette set a new record.
This Corvettes Chassis Features
Wheelbase: 98"
Track: 58.3"
Front / 59"
Rear Height: 47.8" Coupe
Length: 182.5"
Width: 69"
Curb Weight: 3,210 lbs.
Tire Size: F70x15"
Plant: St. Louis

1968 Corvette Sting Ray Serial Numbers are numbered as:
Convertibles 194678S100001 to 194678S128566
Coupes 194378S100001 to 194378S428566

First Number 1=(Chevrolet)
second and third are the body series 94=(Corvette)
fourth and fifth are the body style 67=(convertible, 37=Coupe)
sixth is the model year 8=1968
seventh number is the assemble plant S=St. Louis
and the last 6 digits are for the sequential production number.
For Convertibles, the fourth digit is "6"


HE: 327ci, 300hp MT IO: 427ci, 400hp AT
HO: 327ci, 300hp AT IQ: 427ci, 390hp AT
HP: 327ci, 350hp MT, PS, AC IR: 427ci, 435hp MT
HT: 327ci, 350hp MT IT: 427ci, 430hp (L88), MT
IL: 427ci, 390hp MT IU: 427ci, 435hp MT, AH
IM: 427ci, 400hp MT

MT=Manual Trans,
AT=Automatic Trans,
PS=Power Steering,
AC=Air Conditioning,
AH=Aluminum Head

Base Engine: 327ci V8 300hp
1968 Corvette Production Total: 28,566
Convertible: 18,630
Coupe: 9,936

Corvette Stingray Engines:
327 V8 300 bhp @ 4800 rpm, 360 lb-ft @ 3400 rpm.
L79 327 V8 350 bhp.
L36 427 V8 390 bhp @ 5400 rpm, 460 lb-ft @ 3600 rpm.
L68 427 V8 400 bhp @ 5400 rpm, 460 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm.
L71 427 V8 435 bhp @ 5800 rpm, 460 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm.
L88 427 V8 430 bhp @ 5200 rpm, 460 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm.

The 1968 Stingray's 1/4 mile Performance:
427/430 (L88): 1/4 mile in 13.56 seconds.

1968 Corvette Paint Color Codes
(900) Tuxedo Black
(972) Polar White
(974) Rally Red
(976) Le Mans Blue
(978) International Blue
(983) British Green
(984) Safari Yellow
(986) Silver stone Silver
(988) Cordovan Maroon
(992) Corvette Bronze.

1968 Corvette Stingray Vinyl Upholstery Codes:
(STD) Black
(407) Red
(411) Blue
(414) Bright Blue
(425) Orange
(435) Tobacco
(442) Gunmetal

1968 Chevrolet Upholstery Codes:
(402) Black
(408) Red
(415) Blue
(426) orange
(436) Tobacco

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