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1955 Chevy Bel Air

1955 Chevy Bel Air

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This 1955 Modified Chevy Bel Air 2 Door Coupe was sitting all alone on the left side of the raceway so we took a few pics of this baby. As you will see this Car was loaded upfront, and unfortunately we didn't get the chance to ask really how much horsepower this car has, but I'm betting its a decent amount with this engine sitting on this 55 Chevy Bel air.
1955 Chevy Engine Side
1955 Chevy
1955 Chevy Close Up
What a great looking car with its powerful and bold engine. I’m not sure what type of horsepower this modified 55 Chevy engine can produce, but if the size of that air intake is any sign, just Look out… This car will be screaming down the straight-away. Even though we didn’t take a close up picture of this Chevy’s rear tires, you can tell by just looking at the profile shot below that the rear tires are wide and fat. This shows a clear sign that this car gets timed in the ¼ mile.

We didn't see any rear supports so either the owner removed them for normal driving to this car show or the car is long enough that the torque from the engine doesn't lift the front end that much off the ground on takeoff. Even though I know when you're behind the wheel of this car it probably doesn’t feel that way and it does feel like your riding on the back two tires for some time.

Just look at the powerful Chevy Air Intake System
1955 Chevy Engine
Got HorsePower
1955 Chevy
Chrome Rim

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