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2006 RaceWay Park Car Show
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2006 RaceWay Park Car Show

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A collection of pictures taken at the 2006 Raceway Park car show in Englishtown NJ. It was a great day for a car show, and the racetrack was heated up. Their where all types of cars and trucks present for the show. You could find anything from a Modified 32 Ford Coupe to hydraulic loaded Low riders, there was even a pair of matching Coke Cola Cars that came out for the event.
Race Way Park Starting Line
Lowrider Car Pictures
Lowrider Car and Bike
1930 Ford Convertible
Ford GTO
Little Rocket Car
Classic Cars
Pair of Camaros
Matching Pair of Coke Cola cars
Here you see some of the older modified cars that where present. Do you see the bright yellow car with no head lights? Well the headlights are actually covered by the front of the car and the owner said that they try to drive it only during the day since it does take some time to expose the front headlights.
Modified Ford Coupe
Antique Fords
Ford Mustang
Classic Cars
Above you can see one of the many lines of classic cars that came out for the fun filled day at RaceWay Park.

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