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1967 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

1967 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

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This Bright Blue Metallic painted 1967 Chevrolet Camaro named "Bad Boy" was present at the 2006 Raceway Park car show and was available for a quick photo session.
67 Camaro
This is a great looking car up close and features a powerful 350 cu inch engine that puts out 350 HP. The transmission features a Turbo 350 with B&M Shift Kit and the rear of this 67 Camaro contained a 3.70 12 Bolt Posi with Limited Slip Differential. The chassis held a front and rear suspension system. As posted above, the paint color for this car is GM Bright Blue Metallic paint.
1967 Camaro 350 HP Engine
67 Camaro Interior
1967 Chevy Camaro Convertiable
Piecing together the 1967 Camaro VIN number

The 67 Camaro has a 13 symbol VIN also known as a vehicle identification number. The VIN is located on the upper left surface of the instrument panel which is also visible through the windshield on the driver’s side of the car. The VIN tells a lot of general manufacturing information about the car, such as what type of car it is, where it was built as well as body type and model year. The first symbol identifies the make: 1=Chevrolet Motor Division. The second symbol indicates the car line or car series: 2=Camaro. The third symbol indicates the type of engine: an odd number would equal an inline six-cylinder and an even number would equal a powerful (V-8). The fourth and fifth symbols indicate the Camaros body type: 37 = two-door hardtop coupe and 67 = convertible. The sixth symbol indicates the cars model year which in this case 7 equals 1967. The seventh symbol indicates the assembly plant at which the Camaro was built: N = Norwood, Ohio and L = Van Nuys (Los Angeles) California. The final six digits are the sequential serial number starting with 500001 at each plant regardless of series.

An Example of what a 1967 Camaro VIN or Serial Number would look like 126377N500001

Putting Together the Camaro Fisher Body Styles VIN

The Fisher Body Style Number plate on the Camaro was located on the firewall below the rear of the hood where it was popular to place VIN's for a while. The code in the left upper position was ST 67 12337 NOR, ST 67 12367, ST 67 12437 NOR or ST 67 12467. The first two symbols ST stand for “Style.” The third and fourth symbols indicate model year: 67=1967 model. The fifth symbol indicates the division: 1=Chevrolet. The sixth and seventh symbols indicate series: 23=Camaro six-cylinder or 24=Camaro V-8. The eighth and ninth symbols indicate the body style: 37=two-door coupe, 67=two-door convertible. The last three symbols indicate the assembly plant which was either NOR for Norwood, Ohio, or LOS=Van Nuys, California. This plate also carries codes indicating the body production sequence at the specific plant, interior trim (TR), exterior paint type (PNT), the month and week of production (1A=January, first week, etc.) and other special codes so next time you are at a car show and see a Fisher Style Camaro, be sure to check out the VIN plate under the hood…. This way you will look like a true CarJunky ;-).
1967 Camaro Paint Codes

A=Tuxedo Black
CC=Ermine White
DD=Nantucket Blue
EE=Deepwater Blue
FF=Marina Blue
GG=Granada Gold
HH=Mountain Green
KK=Emerald Turquoise
LL=Tahoe Turquoise
MM=Royal Plum
NN-Madeira Maroon
RR=Bolero Red
SS=Sierra Fawn
TT=Capri Cream
YY=Butternut Yellow

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