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1957 Buick Special Riviera Series

1957 Buick Special Riviera Series

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This Antique 1957 Buick Special / Riviera Series is a car in original condition except for a new paint job. This Buick has almost all original working parts including the fuel filter, blower and engine. Come take a look at the many pictures of this antique.
Looking at these car pictures you can really see that this 57 Buick is in very good shape for being a Classic Car. The chrome on this car still shines like the day it was originally driven off of the car lot back in 1957.
The Tires show a little wear, but after 50 years nothing is perfect. For about $2,500 you could have bought this car in the 50's. Now with less than 220 registered in the USA today, some book values for these cars are between $20,000 and $45,000 in good shape. For a car like this one in almost all original condition, I'd bet it could get a bit more than that in asking price. Hey who knows, maybe you could buy this 1957 Buick Special and get that good old "Boat" feeling turning around the corner...
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You can see the engine of this old Classic 57 Buick is in pretty good shape for being an original. The owner runs Amsoil motor oil, as well as Amsoil ATF, for the long lasting protection. In this Antique Car the 25,000 mile oil change comes in handy when you're only driving 2,000 or less miles a year.

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