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How To Pick Classic American Car Insurance

The right classic car insurance can be hard to find unless you know what you are looking for. There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for insurance for your classic car. First, make sure you can get insurance coverage for exactly the way you use your car. If you only drive your classic car to and from antique car shows, ask about an insurance policy which restricts you to just that criteria. Next, ask your insurance agent about the 'stated value' and the 'agreed value' for your classic car, the differences in definition of each, and which is better for the type of driving you do. The 'agreed value' basis lets the classic car owner and the insurance agent set a value for the car that isn't necessarily the market value. Generally your insurance agent will need photographs and will want to inspect the car both inside and outside.

There are several options online and in the phone book where you can find your classic american car insurance, as plenty of providers give coverage for only antique and classic cars. Generally, a classic car is defined as a vehicle that is 15 or more years old, is used as a second vehicle, maintains limited miles around 2,500 give or take, is in good condition, isn't used for business, and is kept in a garage or on private land. Some classic car insurers will only provide insurance for drivers who are over 21, while others only insure particular types of classic cars, such as Jaguar, Mercedes, Ferrari, or Aston Martin.

Some classic car insurers offer tailor-made policies for people who own classic cars that aren't driven on a daily basis, while other providers require the car to stay under a certain mileage per year. Others arrange policies based on the age of the vehicle. Certain policies require that your classic car be kept in a garage or enclosed and locked space, and as long as those requirements are met, insurance rates stay fairly low and don't have to be as expensive as one may think. Some online classic car insurance agents even give small discounts on insurance premiums if you're a member of an antique or classic car club.

As with normal automobile insurance, you can get a free quote for your classic car insurance online or with your local insurance agent. If you already have insurance for another car, ask your agent about what it would cost to insure the classic car, too. Finding the right antique or classic car insurance for your car can save the owner both money and heartache in the long run. Because your automobile is likely to be worth more than others on the road, you want to be sure you get the right insurance coverage to cover your car's value in case of an accident or mishap. The right insurance for your classic car is worth paying more money to protect yourself, and your beloved antique car, on the road.

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