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Premium Guard
1995 Volvo 940 Cabin Air Filter 4 Cyl 2.3L Premium Guard - Particulate Media

P311-5283DC1    PC5483  New

F4821 , CAF1716DL , PC-28 , CAF1716 , CF1050 , AF1010 , C25483 , 1343232 , PC5483 , MC5483 , 94761 , CU 2650 , CU2650 , 89819 , 3650 , 4819 , CF-42 , XC25483 , E1AC1018 , 24821 , C25483P , AQ1028 , CAF5483 , CCF7716 , 5005-228239 , PHB5483

Premium Guard Cabin Air Filter
  • Particulate Media
Brand: Premium Guard
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block Engine CID CC
1995 - Volvo 940 L 4 Cyl 2.3L - 2316
1995 Volvo 940 Cabin Air Filter 4 Cyl 2.3L ACDelco - Gold; Particulate

P311-4B70DF4    CF3155  New

ACDelco Cabin Air Filter
  • Gold; Particulate
Brand: ACDelco
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Engine
1995 - Volvo 940 4 Cyl 2.3L

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A/C only works on high after replacing cabin air filter

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Question From jobie on A/C only works on high after replacing cabin air filter

2004 Subaru Outback Legacy 4 cylinders 101,000 miles

Scratching my head hoping this might be a quick fix before taking my car in again for the 3rd a/c repair in 2 months.

I was trying to be a responsible mother and replace both my (engine) air filter and cabin air filter after camping in some very dusty conditions. I bought the car used and never even thought to replace the cabin air filter until after my dusty trip. Accessed my cabin air filter through the glove box and lo and behold, there never was one put in (although there are slots for one). I don't have the ability to put a filter in without the frame to pop into the casing. I returned the purchased filter to O'Reilly and replaced the glove box. Now the fan only works on high. Checked the connection where the housing for the filter goes and it seems fine. Can't be any sort of fuse or it wouldn't work at all, right? Tried to find info online and hoping this forum can give me some ideas. Thanks in advance for any advice. I'm new to DIY car repairs and basic maintenance but enjoy learning how to fix things. Even put in 4 new speakers and a stereo earlier this summer.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

By description this would be likely the blower resistor and because you have been in there AND messed with speakers plus recent A/C work can't say much for sure but it happened right when you went in there so first guess is a problem happened by going in there.

Watch out for DIY to save a buck. Mixed info on this cabin air filter so accuracy is a guess. The resistor in the area should look like this.......


Procedures listed could be wrong but seem involved. Best I could find is that it is in that area and no info on wire colors to test that it is working. So far I can only suggest go back and check your work that all is back exactly,


Response From jobie Top Rated Answer

Thanks for your response. I will look into it. I replaced the speakers months ago (and studied audio engineering so I wasn't going into the process completely blind) so it isn't related to that but yes, messing with the filter is what I suspect. It is supposed to be an easy maintenance procedure to replace the cabin air filter. I don't try and tackle things I can't handle. I will check out the information you posted.

Response From Hammer Time

I don't try and tackle things I can't handle.

And yet the blower worked before and not after.

Can't locate cabin air filter & disconnected hose (photos included)

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Question From sancho on Can't locate cabin air filter & disconnected hose (photos included)

Hi, I'm just trying to replace the cabin air filter on my 02 Hyundai Accent but my car seems to be a bit unusual in that nothing seems to be set up in the way 02 Accents are supposed to be. The cabin air filter is supposed to be sat just behind the glove box but not so in my case. I had a look under the dash and found the most likely looking thing but I just wanted to make sure before I start taking out screws (there are no clips from what I can see, just screws). I've attached a few photos.

This is where the air filter is supposed to be, behind the glovebox, but it doesn't appear to be here.

This is what seems to me to be the most likely candidate for the air filter, but it seems tricky to get behind behind the screws.

Lastly, while I was under the dash, I noticed that this hose was disconnected (I haven't been under here before and I didn't touch anything this time, so I'm assuming it's been disconnected for a while). Is this some kind of drain? The a/c has been running just fine with it disconnected. Do I reconnect it?

I apologise, I know this is a pretty basic question but I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing here. Thanks in advance.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

You seem to be right that your pics and what I found don't match exactly and one place doesn't list a filter at all?

OK - This much of questions is that hose that's off belongs back on with or without a clamp. It's so blower motor doesn't suck in junk mostly to cool it.

Filter instructions appear different and you should be certain before messing it up AND that is really has one. Yes it would be behind glove box and more to take off than your first pic. A YouTube of it was there to sell the filter was some help but wasn't exactly yours?
Links generally not allowed but was just selling their own filter you don't have to buy from them..........

I think it's between where actuator cable goes over to the pivot and righter case where you see foam under like a one inch cover? At bottom of that might be a clip and filter slides out?

Can't say much for sure on this one, sorry to leave you to hunt more or another here may know or have better info for this exact car. Seems the exact one ended that model year? Might have to take old one if where I think it is to match up best bet a NAPA or a dealer will be thrilled of course.

Back to that hose left off: Other types of similar don't use a clamp or design hold rubber into hole. That one appears like a pinch type clamp should be on it? Also appears from foam on cable someone has been there before either for filter or something as it's torn which doesn't matter but indicative that's the spot as that cable does seem to have to move to do a filter.

Hope that's of some help. I'd rather you found more exact instructions and NOT break anything in doing this,


Response From sancho

Thanks Tom. Yeah I'd actually seen that video in my quest to find my air filter, that's what led me here.

Is it possible for a car not to have one? Wouldn't that cause damage to the a/c (not to mention lungs)?

If it helps, I'm in Australia, is it possible the setup is different for over here?

There's a few things about this car that have thrown me and I never thought something as simple as cabin air filter would be on that list.

After spending a while looking at it, I've come to the conclusion there really isn't anything that can actually be accessed other than those two clips on the first photo (but I'm sure there's a lot more to do to get into that) or the 5 screws on what I suspected might be the air filter. I really don't see where else it could go. Is there any harm in undoing those 5 screws or am I potentially opening up a whole new can of worms?

And thanks, the hose has been reconnected. I have no idea why it's off but it must have been that way for a while.

Response From Hammer Time

Actually, I be very surprised if it DID have one. They are pretty rare in those smaller cars.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Yes - We've suggested earlier that is might not have one at all.
Damage to lungs!? Not unless you put some harsh chemical something intentionally in the thing.

Other consideration: Now you said AU as a location and if car is likely "right hand drive" the heater box is totally different than cars made left hand drive but not necessarily a 100% mirror image of the other.

Another thought is I think you said air flows thru this system just fine now - right? If so even it does have a filter it still should be working enough. I think the first issue would be lousy air flow or possibly too much odd behavior from A/C vent temps and flow.

IDK - perhaps a dealer with the VIN# ready could prove it does or doesn't have one. Again, it can't be altering the air content of gasses just removing/catching particulates such as dust and pollens.

Country of original destination of a vehicle really matters with what it will be equipped with or mandatory to have to be sold there and varies wildly depending on where. Car makers aren't stupid either and won't offer things that cost a fortune if not in high demand and or expensive to include by regulations,


Response From sancho

Yeah it's right hand drive, and the air flow is completely normal. The only reason I'm pretty keen to get to the air filter (if there is one) is that the car has had a musty smell since the day I bought it. After a while I realised it was coming from the vents. The smell can range from a just a general and mild stale air kind of smell, to a full on "this smells like cat pee" kind of deal, usually when I first start the car. I've run two different types of a/c bomb through it and all that seems to do is buy me a couple of weeks before the smell is back. It just get the feeling it isn't healthy to be breathing this air continually.

So in my mind, I feel like I need to check the air filter for mould or something. I don't really know what else to look for to track the down the source of this smell. I really don't know much about car a/c systems so I'm trying to figure it out as I go along.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Odor thru air ducts is a problem. Products sold for it with assorted help. Some you spray in panel vents some everywhere.

I suggest a product similar or exactly Lysol with setting to "fresh" air, non recirculated first down thru vent by wiper blades where they turn on hood and let that run thru then spray everywhere inside.

This can also be wet from under carpet that may have to come out to fully dry out and also treated.

Real problem. If it's being a mold issue and getting wet all the time you may not win till that is sealed. Air ductwork cleaning could be extensive work.

If humid enough also check when A/C is needed that water drips if A/C is blowing cool air normally that it drips to the ground not wet the carpet. That could be cleared out.

Cabin filter could only help if wet and moldy now then question and fix is why and what to fix so it doesn't do that.

Last ditch you may need to seek pro help. There is some luck with ozone generating machines left in car.

If food something and or constantly being wet and not dried out you might not win this battle well or for any long time.

A living mold you will have to disinfect or it will come right back. Good luck. Rare but some folks get rid of cars over this if bad enough,


Response From sancho Top Rated Answer

Ah I see, you've definitely cleared some things up for me there. I'll give the Lysol thing a go and start hunting for damp spots.

I was afraid this wasn't a quick fix, even when I was just going with swapping over an air filter.

Summer is just around the corner here and the a/c is going to be seeing a lot of action so I've been trying to get on top of this ASAP.

Thanks very much for your help Tom, I greatly appreciate it, and you too HT.

Response From Hammer Time

The smell is coming from mold that has grown on the evaporator core itself so spraying stuff in vent isn't going to do much of anything. They make some kits for this type of stuff. One of them is a foam that is shop up the drain tube. It expands, covers the evap and then drains out. What I have done sometimes is fill a bug sprayer with Lysol and drill a small hole in the evap case so I can insert the wand and spray down the evap directly.

Response From sancho

Just thought I'd come back to update on the situation and maybe help anyone else who's in the same predicament.

Basically it turns out the cabin filter housing is the thing I suspected (even a dealer didn't realise it so my car must be a little quirky). You basically remove the 5 screws holding the cover in place and it's a much larger panel that comes off than the standard cover behind the glove box.

There was no filter in there, just a mass of old leaves and dead bees etc. So I cleaned all of that out and ordered a filter for an 02 Accent not knowing if it would even remotely resemble the filter my car needs but it fit perfectly thankfully.

I took out the filter again, put the cover back and sprayed some disinfectant into the air intakes like you recommended. We don't have Lysol in Australia, we have something that looks pretty similar. I ended up buying this Valvoline a/c spray from my local auto store.

So I did that and replaced the new filter and so far so good, haven't had that smell come back as of yet. So fingers crossed the job is done.

Thanks again for all your help, and hopefully this will help someone else in the future.

Response From Hammer Time

If it didn't have an easy access door to the filter then it wasn't designed to have one. The basic shape is there because some models did have it but yours did not.

The problem seems to be resolved so I will close this now as solved to keep the spammers out.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Note on Lysol: If hard to find brand try to find exact ingredients in another. I just know that by brand works and do use a "store brand" that's just as good. Idea is you MUST kill mold bacteria not just cover up an odor,


Response From Hammer Time

IF the car has one, it will be vertical, on the right side.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Nice find HT. I see that now as what I first thought is the vertical cover behind cable and would pull tab at bottom, top would pull down to reveal filter? Then the issue would be to match it up to the correct new one, T