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rear brake light 86 mercury grand marquis LS

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Question From magnician on rear brake light 86 mercury grand marquis LS

Hi, i have a 1986 Mercury Grand Marquis LS with a 5.0 Liter engine... my rear brake lights wont go off. I've made sure the brake fluid resevior is full, the brake light fuse is good, i've disconnected and reconnected the negative battery terminal, and, i've check the e-brake to ensure it is disengaged, can you help?

Response From Hammer Time

That's just a bad brake light switch. You will findd it down at the brake pedal.

Response From ratrace2

My friend has a 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis GS:

Has brought it by the house today complaining that the brake lights don't work. They worked fine while I was looking at them.
But he said the cops told him that they didn't work. And, a couple of friends have been driving behind him and told him that his brake lights aren't working.

Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't work.....huh????

Response From Hammer Time

This thread is 2 years old. If you have a question, then start a new thread.

Response From magnician

Great! thanks for your answer, now i just have to find the darned thing.. i've looked at the brake pedal, but i haven't located the switch yet, it is really hard to get down under the dash:).. is there a picture of it in relation to the pedal i can find online? or a schematic anywhere online?

Response From Hammer Time

You don't have to tell me how hard it is to get under the dash......especially after 50.......LOL

Here's what it looks like

Response From magnician Top Rated Answer

Thanks so much for the info and the schematic!! It is really helpful! I have called my local parts place and they say it will cost around $7 for the switch, so i will go and buy one and see if i can't get it installed... once again, thank you very much!!

Response From Tom Greenleaf

To add: There is likely still a felt like panel to gain acces with plastic funky screw. If doing this yourself make dang sure it's back on exactly the way you found it. Been while but brake pedal will go lose complety while you replace it. Ford has used that same switch since forever BTW.

Laugh Hammer - the standing on your head at our age is getting tough!


2002 mercury front brake groans

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Question From jenroy on 2002 mercury front brake groans

my 2002 mercury grand marqis front right brake groans. this problem started when i went to a car wash. as soon as i stepped on the brakes the right pasenger wheel made a groaning noise. i thought it might be because the brake got wet but it still does it. i drove it home and haven't driven it since because i don't want to do any more damage. some one told me the brake locked up. what do you think. thanks in advance

Response From Hammer Time

If your hearing this noise even when the brakes are not applied, I would try to determine which wheel the noise is coming from and have it inspected from underneath. The rail that guides your tire may have hit the backing place for the brakes and pushed it just enough to touch the back of the rotor when it turns.
If it's due to something getting on the rotor itself, it should correct itself eventually.

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Especially if brakes were low if suddenly wet they could fail from that. Inspect bearing and brakes,


I need to install the turn signal/brake light for the rear of my 02 Mercury Mountaineer

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Question From Guest on I need to install the turn signal/brake light for the rear of my 02 Mercury Mountaineer

I need help removing the housing of the brake lights so I can replace the bulbs for the brake/turn signal on my 02 Mercury Mountaineer.

Response From way2old Top Rated Answer

Open the rear hatch. There are 2 phillips head screws beside the light housing. Remove these. Then pull the light assembly away from the body. It may be a little hard to get it out, but it will come out. Then twist the light socket out of the assembly and remove bulb.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Many vehicles use fasteners from the inside of the vehicle. To access the back of the lense you probably have to remove trim parts and you shouldn't have to remove the lense to replace the bulb. Try not to touch the glass of bulbs. Use paper handling the new ones as the oils from your hand can cause early failure.

That's mandatory with halogen headlight bulbs. If a bulb has blown and you believe they are the same age it's best to do both sides as they generally go close to the same time, T

Mercury Sable Brake Light Question

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Question From frankmai on Mercury Sable Brake Light Question

Year of vehicle - 2005
Make of vehicle - Mercury
Model of vehicle - Sable
Engine size 3.0L V6
About 35,000 miles

My tail brake lights won't work while driving. The rear window brake light functions normally, but the tail brake lights themselves do not work while driving. When I unlock my car from my keyless remote, all brake lights are working and functioning normally.

I have not replaced any fuses yet, because I'm a little confused which one I should be looking to replace. Thanks for your help in advance.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

On your vehicle the turn signals do not share the circuit with the brake lights so the brake lights have a straight shot right from the switch to the rear lights. What you have would have to be a bad splice or connecter going to the rear lights.

1996 Mercury Cougar xr7 coupe - turn signal/brake light

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Question From RoyMustang on 1996 Mercury Cougar xr7 coupe - turn signal/brake light

1996 mercury cougar xr7 coupe

Hi there, last night I was hit in the rearrend at a red light, pretty hard but only my bumper was scratched. Recently after I discovered my turn signals weren't working, nor my brake lights. My dad checked the fuse and it's fine, and I put new bulbs and they still aren't working.. could anyone have any suggestions please?

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Is the 3rd (high mount) brake light working?

Response From RoyMustang

Is the 3rd (high mount) brake light working?

Response From Tsewell


Response From Hammer Time



Response From Hammer Time


Response From RoyMustang

uh i posted no, guess it didnt copy.. sorry, no it's not working either.

Response From Hammer Time

Your going to have to check your wiring harness going to the rear of the car. That 3rd brake light is on a different circuit than the other lights so if they are all out, it has to be in the harness, assuming it worked before.