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Latest Lincoln Repair and Brakes Installation Advice

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2004 Lincoln LS Rear brake light replacement

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Question From stvlndn on 2004 Lincoln LS Rear brake light replacement

The right rear brake light bulb on my 2004 Lincoln LS needs to be replaced. Would like to know the procedure on how to replace it...

Response From way2old

  1. View 1 of 2. Remove the components in the order indicated in the illustration and table.
  2. View 2 of 2. Remove the components in the order indicated in the illustration and table
  3. To install, reverse the removal procedure

Hope this is what you are asking for. Good luck.

Response From DrElectrics

Nice diagram!

Response From Tom Greenleaf

http://www.tedmontgomery.com/tutorial/anmtnsFR/pncldanc.gifIt's not fair! Headquarter's gave way2old the Crystal ball. All I got is a silly pencil and eraser - just look, it's erasing half the time!


Response From Double J Top Rated Answer

It's a pleasure working with a PRO.

where did you find the pencil???

Response From way2old

Think I would rather have the pencil.

1991 Lincoln LSC intermittant brakes

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Question From Karenscar on 1991 Lincoln LSC intermittant brakes

1991 Lincoln LSC 5.0 230,000 miles Was losing brake fluid for several months before brakes went out.But started to lose brakes even when fluid was full. Replaced one of the two relays, which fixed the problem temporarily but now have intermittant loss of brakes. It is not losing brake fluid now, but have not driven it much due to the brake issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

What "relays" are you talking about? Best guess is you still have a leak that somehow quit and if your brake pedal just went to floor before you fixed that not just adding fluid that can wreck a master cylinder and those can be intermittent as in goes to the floor then works again later maybe or not.

Sport - why the heck did you ignore losing brake fluid for a day when noticed never mind longer? Any chance non brake fluid was ever added like oil or transmission fluid? If so you won't like how much has to be done to correct that,


Response From Karenscar

The power brake relay located on the firewall was replaced, the anti-lock relay has not been replaced. Could the electronic controller which monitors the system be the cause of the intermittant brakes?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Where was the fluid going? What is the point in anything else if you don't know or haven't fixed that? Generally leaks in brake fluid don't heal but a maybe if a caliper is now on a new spot from pad wear it's possible I guess.

One problem with brake fluid is the wetness will wash away with just driving in rain water but you would look for evidence. Most likely for a 1991 is a rusted brake line, flex hose or if this version is vacuum booted sometimes (rare) the master cylinder could leak into it and go unseen but would mess up the boost action if it filled it up.

There's a maybe if anyone still has one that an ABS code exists but you have to discount any of that until you know where it was leaking - that's first or don't drive this thing,


Lincoln LS electrical issues

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Question From meganandtim on Lincoln LS electrical issues

74,000 miles, v8,
my 2006 lincoln LS keep having a warning that says service parking brake (just had a brake job done 6 months ago, 6,000 miles) and everything still looks new. now the heater is stuck on 90 degrees, the A/c wont work, the seat heater stopped working, once in a while the power steering stops working, could this be a computer issue that is slowly screwing things up, or maybe a loose connector ? Thanks, Tim

Response From re-tired Top Rated Answer

Theres nothing in common with the problems except for being in the same car . THe parking brake warning could be that the engagement pedal is not fully released, try putting parking brake on and release several times. the seat heater is controlled by a seat heater control module I believe its under the seat. The car heater and a/c could be related, possible pressure sw , poss control head , poss blend door problem . gonna take a shop with ac experiance...P/S could be leaking hose allowing pump to suck air . Check fluid level . REMEMBER ,,LINCOLN is slang for "Expensive Parts" . BTW I have a continental , I feel your pain.

'04 Lincoln LS V8 brake problem????

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Question From jmemoli on '04 Lincoln LS V8 brake problem????

2004 Lincoln LS V8 When driving the steering wheel is pulled all the way to the right, and the car wont drive properly. There is a loud squeeking noise from the front left tire. It is driving like the parking break is stuck,or their is a flat tire, however the parking light is not on and there is no flat tire. When you go over bumps the car completly looses control, not save to drive at high speeds. When I pull over I play with the parking break, which is electric, and after a few tries, the car goes back to normal driving??? This happens intermediatly and seems more common when making turns. I thought it could be a stuck caliper, but am not sure? Any suggestions?

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

You need to get your brakes thoroughly inspected