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2002 GMC p/u brake failure

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Question From sbarker on 2002 GMC p/u brake failure

2002 GMC p/u brake failure. When I turn and brake at the same time, I hear a strange noise from my pedal area and the brakes release. Brakes work fine going straight, only fail when I'm turning. I changed front pads and rotors but did not fix the problem

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Hmmm? Probably a problem with ABS but a light should be on. Quick test is pull the fuse if problem goes away then get codes read as I think the system is confused - guessing,


Response From sbarker

Yes ABS light is on. I'll try your suggestion . A friend suggested the power booster was going bad. What do you think about that?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

OK: Typical brake booster (probably) have a couple common issues. Most are storing engine vacuum which is highest when not accelerating and a check valve to give you reserve if you were.

No harm in checking that hose to it is all intact. A test that it holds would be to feel the boost even overnite with engine off for at least one pump of pedal. If you waste the reserve pedal should go HARD not soft on you and when engine started you can feel it normal again soon.

When ABS light is on normally you just have regular brakes but there's more going on with this,


Response From sbarker Top Rated Answer

I pulled brake fuse and I was amazed that it worked. Thanks for the help. What does that fuse control. My cruise control doesn't work with that fuse out? What do I do now? Do I have the codes reset?

Response From Hammer Time

You were getting a false activation of the ABS system because one of the speed sensors is inaccurate at low speeds and the computer reads that as a brake lockup. It is quite common on these trucks and the problem is usually one of the from hub bearing which houses the speed sensors. The ABS system will store a code to tell you which wheel but you may have erased them by pulling the fuse. Put the fuse back in and after the light comes back on, have the ABS codes read to find out which wheel is the problem.

Response From sbarker

OK, thanks for the help.

No Brake Lights 2005 GMC

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Question From spartacus on No Brake Lights 2005 GMC

2005 Gmc Sierra No brake lights on the bed,but the cab light works. Changed the switch on the brake pedal didn't fix, checked all fuses and bulbs OK. What could it be?


Response From spartacus Top Rated Answer

Problem Fixed

Hey Guys
Thanks for your help.
Let me explain what i did to fix.I replaced the brake switch at the pedal it started making a crunching sound when i pressed the pedal, then soon after no brake lights. So tonight i realized that i was checking the wrong bulbs.

I believe that the brake switch was bad and caused the bulbs to blow.Funny thing is that she just turned 100,000 miles.

Thank you all,

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

Good to hear you got it! Thanks for the reply. Have a great week.

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

Did you actually try NEW bulbs? I've run into bulbs where the filliments 'looked' okay, but.. Also, have had to replace a few of the lens assys on GM pickups. (they are like a circuit board on the inside, but the odds of having two of them bad.....)

Response From Tom Greenleaf

With a test light - is power at the switch and going thru it when pedal is pushed? Fuses test ok with test light?


2003 gmc parking brake doesnt engage in cab

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Question From YZ250RM250 on 2003 gmc parking brake doesnt engage in cab

I have a 2003 GMC k series dually 6.0 liter. The parking brake pedal quit engaging today. something popped down at the pedal. i see what look like part of a big spring sticking out and dont know where it goes. does anyone know or know where i can get a scematic of this.

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

The parking brake mechanism is sold as a complete unit and it not serviceable internally.

Response From YZ250RM250

I think the spring has spring has come out of wherever it connects to the pedal.

Response From Hammer Time

Yeah, yeah,.... the dohicky came out of the thingamabob but you still need a parking brake assembly.

04 GMC Yukon Steering & Braking problem

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Question From arokz89 on 04 GMC Yukon Steering & Braking problem

jumped started vehicle and now steering and braking is hard? any ideas? all fuses are ok.

Response From HT

Why did you have to jump start the vehicle?

Response From arokz89

they left the ignition on, that's what the customer told me

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Is the belt still on it? Does this have hydroboost?