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99 1/2 ton Dodge pickup brakes

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Question From ErvinR on 99 1/2 ton Dodge pickup brakes

I've been trying to help my friend with his brakes problem on his Dodge. The FL brakes won't engage or disengage. All others are great. We changed both calipers, the pads, and bled the piss out of them. Still having the same issues with FL brakes. Anyone got any ideas?

Response From kev2

Am I correct FL is Front Left?
If so might be an issue with FLEX brake line - they sometimes get an internal restriction.
If something else other than Front Left let us know.....

Response From ErvinR

Yes, left front. If there were a blockage or kink in the brake line, would it not have shown during the bleeding process?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Shouldn't have bled out if totally blocked - might stay applied rather than not work? Is the flex hose twisted up like a pig's tail?
That would do it,


Response From ErvinR

OK, we're going to be changing the flex line. Is there a chance, also, that it could be the master cylinder?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Master? Not yet. Try this - Put pressure on it and if bleeder still puts out fluid and piston doesn't apply brake in you hands stopping rotor or wont let go the hose is fairly common reason. Twisted up I mean the hose isn't in proper position as you can put most calipers back on and twist it around once and still get them on but it's like kinking a garden hose. If so toss that flex hose as it's been stressed out too much IMO.
Is this only happening with the new calipers or the same with old ones?
IDK - try watching the caliper with helper pushing brakes. It should move a little in front of you. Rotor should be free turning by lug nut studs then lock tight by hand with brakes applied and it bled out properly. If not I can't see how it bled out fluid unless the piston in that caliper has come out too far for some whacked reason and gone cock-eyed but if so you probably couldn't put it back over rotor with pads.
Flex hose appears like just a rubber hose but strong inside for very high pressures. That can fail and lock fluid usually in such that brake is stuck on not both ways unless really wrecked or twisted up badly now and might not survive if it was. Still think it would blow out, show a bubble in hose or not bleed if hose failed.
IDK - you tell me. How could fluid make it to bleeder and not do anything with the brakes? Is the left caliper on left side and right on the right side? You can put most on the wrong side, they would leak fluid and never bleed out or work and end up with a totally soft brake pedal but BOTH wheels would be the same - not working not just one,


Response From ErvinR Top Rated Answer

It is the same, new or old. We'll try some of the things you suggested and get back to you. Thank you for the help.

05 Dodge Magnum Park Brake Handle pulled out

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Question From comnavguy on 05 Dodge Magnum Park Brake Handle pulled out

The parking brake handle pulled out with the brakes locked ON.

Is there any emergency release for this problem, or do I have to fish the release cable out ?

Response From Hammer Time

If you remove the covers to access the parking brake assembly under the dash, the cable will ultimately be connected to a release lever that you should be able to just pull on the release it.


Response From comnavguy

The brake mechanism is mostly hidden by a brace, AND I can not find any cable.

If you or ANYONE has a picture or drawing of the brake mechanism I would be ever thankful.


Response From Hammer Time

You might want to drop the lower cover because it may have just come disconnected from the handle and you can grab the cable from there.

Response From thechosinfew

can you reupload the picture im haveing the same problem with my 2006 dodge magnum srt and i got work tomarow

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

No, but you can read the posting instructions and stop posting on old threads. Start a new thread of your own..

Response From comnavguy

A picture is worth a 1000 words, and over 900 of those are THANK YOU !

I had been fishing/feeling for the cable forever. Two minutes after looking at the pic, I had the brakes released.

Thanks and then some.

Response From Hammer Time

Glad I could help

cyclop brake light wont work 2000 dodge van

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Question From dgunnon on cyclop brake light wont work 2000 dodge van

I HAVE A 2000 DODGE VAN THE Middle or cyclops brake light Doesn't WORK The two lower brake lights work fine but the top middle one doesn't the bulb is good I was told this worked off a different switch inside the steering column and was on the same circuit as the flashers I was looking for a wiring diagram it has a 318

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Response From dgunnon

Thank you Ill look at this at first light thanks again it looks like a standerd switch I was told the part was 400.00 dollars I dont see that in your diagram I'm helping my nieghber he's a vet and lost a leg in nam thanks again

03 Dodge Ram Van-no brake lights

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Question From larrya235 on 03 Dodge Ram Van-no brake lights

I have no power to the brake switch and the brake lights. Turn signals and lights in rear of vehicle work, but no brake lights.Can you help? Cannot find a fuse

Response From Hammer Time

You should have power at the pink with Dk blue wire at the switch.

If you don't have power there, then use a testlight to test every fuse both under the dash and in the engine compartment.

Response From larrya235

Thanks to Hammer Time, I was able to trace the correct wire back to the fuse box and even though the fuse looked good, it did not have continuity. I replaced the fuse and the problem was fixed. So thanks again. Larry

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

Glad to hear you found it. Thanks for reporting back with the results.

Response From DanD

The fuse you’re looking for is in the under hood power distribution centre, near the battery.
The brake light fuse is in passion #4, a 20 amp fuse.
Like what Hammer time said check it with a test light; making sure the light will light on both sides of the fuse.
Also check the fuse for power with the brakes applied. I have had connection problems inside these distribution centers; that the circuit will go open (no connection) when there’s a load applied.


Response From Tom Greenleaf

On the money as usual Hammer!

I'm not so good at Mopars but there was a whole bunch of Fords where they didn't use enough wire to the swtich and the wires would pull out if and when pedal went low for any reason - even normal range brake wear?? Worth a check,


Dodge neon brakes

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Question From RedGoldman on Dodge neon brakes

2005 Dodge Neon SXT. My daughter rear-ended someone. The front end damage to the body and radiator/AC condenser has been an easy fix. However, the brakes don't work. They worked great pre-accident. Car has to be stopped by using the emergency brake. The power steering is also jacked. Is this a fluids issue? I'm no mechanic, but I have skills. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

Response From Discretesignals

Your driving the vehicle with no brakes? That isn't too smart.

Did you inspect the brake lines, power steering lines, and fluid levels for those systems? How does the brake pedal feel? You really shouldn't be learning how to do things on your daughter's vehicle that are major safety items. You should really have that vehicle inspected by your local mechanic. They might see something that you don't.

Response From RedGoldman

I'm not driving the vehicle. I moved it from the street into my driveway.

Response From kev2 Top Rated Answer

simple first -
did you check fluid levels PS and brakes?
does thus model have ABS?
Are there any brake warning lights amber or red colored?
did air bags deploy?
have you scanned for codes?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

! You've had an accident! So what's the real question? You fix what was physically damaged. Take you at your word brakes worked before and now don't so apparently since it runs it has broken a brake line and whatever you mean with power steering that too.

Don't drive this car till fixed please! You might find it's damaged a lot worse than you think?