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brakes completely locked. 05 audi a4

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Question From jarredwv on brakes completely locked. 05 audi a4

so my brakes have been going bad for awhile now, but i haven't had the time or money to get them replaced. this morning while parallel parking, backing up, my car felt like it hit something and stopped moving. when i tried to pull forward the same thing happened. i got out of my car i think the brakes are completely locked against the rotors. is this a safety feature when the brakes go too bad? is this going to be as simple as getting the brakes replaced or is it going to be a more expensive, and extensive fix. anyone with any info that could help me, please respond. i have no car knowledge whatsoever. thank you in advance

Response From jarredwv

i just went down to meet the tow truck driver and while i was waiting i turned my car on and now, it will back up, but will not go forward. meaning this possibly isnt a problem with my brakes?

any other ideas on what could be wrong with the car?

Response From Sidom

Sounds like a bolt fell out of the caliper bracket. When that happens the bracket will rotate foward on the remaining bolt, hit the rim and lock up the wheel in one direction. Going the other direction usually pulls the bracket back over the rotor and allows the wheel to turn..........

Response From Hammer Time


so my brakes have been going bad for awhile now, but i haven't had the time or money to get them replaced.

Response From Hammer Time

Well, you managed on turning a basic brake job into some real money now. It sounds like the pad worn down so much that it came out of the holder and jammed between the rotor and the pad holder. This usually causes the caliper piston to over extend so it will likely need caliper now too.

I really don't care if you feel you can afford it or not. You are taking everyone else's life into your hands when you drive a car around like that and you really don't have the right to endanger everyone else on the highway. If you can't afford to fix the brakes, then park the car until you can!

Response From jarredwv

i realize i shouldn't have been driving the car. i've been out of a job for a few months now and i am getting my first paycheck from my new job this week and planned to get the brakes fixed with that, now this happened.

how do i get the brakes unseized so that i can fix the problem?

Response From Hammer Time

It's not drivable. Your just going to have to get it towed to the shop now.

Response From jarredwv

i don't plan on driving the car anywhere as i dont want it to happen in traffic. but in order to have it towed i need for the wheels to move. my stepdad is going to pull it with his truck, but the wheels are stuck in one position. how to i get the brakes off of the rotor?

Response From Hammer Time Top Rated Answer

I'm afraid your not likely going to do that. The wheel is jammed up and until it's taken apart it's not going to rotate without jamming. Flat towing is not an option. You just need to use a tow truck so they can lift the jammed wheel off the ground.

Response From jarredwv

would it be possible to have him fix it where it stands without having to tow it?

Audi A4 SE 2.4L or BMW 318i SE 1.9L

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Question From xiao on Audi A4 SE 2.4L or BMW 318i SE 1.9L

Audi A4 SE 2.4L or BMW 318i SE 1.9L

Hi I have 2 choices,
2003 Audi A4 SE 2.6L (55,000 Miles Used)
2002 BMW 318i SE 1.9L (42,000 Miles Used)
Irrespective of Price and Colour

Which one is a better drive?
Which one is a cheaper drive (mpg wise)?
Which one is cheaper to maintain/repair?

Response From Peter Blake

I think both of the cars shares luxury brand. First you need to test drive the both cars and then make decision on their performance because both of them are used cars. Which one is in better condition not giving too much excuses you need pick that up. On statistics both cars are somewhere near to each other.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

LUXURY! What's so luxurious about being a pedestrian and broke at the same time from cost of repairs?


Response From Hammer Time

What's so luxurious about being a pedestrian and broke at the same time from cost of repairs?

Hey, leave him alone. How else will I afford to get a Lexus.............................LOL

Response From Sidom Top Rated Answer

If cost of maintenance is a factor in purchasing a car then neither of these would be a good choice.....

Call a few shops for estimates on some basic services, brake work, etc to get an idea of what you are in for.....

You can always tell a 1st time customer to that class of vehicle at the service counter by the fit they throw....Their logic of "It's just a car like any other car!!!!!!" is totally flawed ........ Seriously price check parts & service 1st........

Response From re-tired

I have not driven or worked on either car . In my opinion they are both well built but way overpriced image cars . If you want a more unbiased opinion. (Most mechanics dont like gimicky cars) I would do a little research on sites such as Edmunds Auto Reports or Consumer Reports . You can also get owners feedback by going to the website of the manufactuer , or a Audi/Bmw owner club site and scan thru the forums.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Gas mileage? Who cares?

Either car I wouldn't take for free!

Your call,


Response From nickwarner

Both of them are fun to drive. They both get decent mileage, which saves some money you are going to need the moment anything goes wrong with it. I'm with Tom on this one. If you don't like your money and want to spend it all at the shop, get either car. The result will be the same and the fun of driving it becomes the dread of repairing it.

My Brakes

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Question From weirdobeff on My Brakes

So, I have this 1980 Audi 4000. The brakes recently started acting up. Like, when I was stopped at a light I would have to push down so far to stop but then it would get farther and farther as I was stopped. Then they stopped stopping. Its like...I have to push REALLY hard to make the car stop. All the way to the floor. All the pressure seems to be gone.
We drained the brakes and my brake pads are fine, as is my brake fluid.

Has this happened to anybody else? and any suggestions on what else to check?

Response From Double J


Has the entire system been checked for any leaks?
Definitely sounds like a hydraulic problem.
Why were the brakes "drained"?...I assume you mean bled.....was it for this problem?
CAn you pump up the pedal ?
What I mean is,if there is no leaks at all and the linings are ok,try pumping up the brake pedal and see if it firms up,if so,let off and reapply,it will probably start to go lower again...
Sounds like the master cylinder is faulty...has the symptoms of that....from what you describe..


Response From weirdobeff

Yeah, I totally meant bled! :)
I don't know about the leak..i'll have to get that all checked out.
But if I pump the brakes they firm up for a few seconds. However, they go right
back down. Thanks for the caution. I was kind of hoping for more of a "Oh! All you gotta do is kick the car and it'll work!" but, thank you! I'll get all that checked out. :)

Response From dave284

Sorry for the lazy way of info........tough day

Response From weirdobeff

Hey No prob, Bob! Any info is good info. Lazy or not. :D

Response From Double J


Sounds like a bad master cylinder. But get it checked to verify no other leaks...

"So all you have to do is replace the master cylinder, bleed the system and THEN KICK THE CAR...LOL "

Let us know...


Response From dave284 Top Rated Answer Try some of these test in this link as concern about the booster