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brake caliper

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Question From Guest on brake caliper

I have a 1995 Chevy S-10 pickup and want to install the front brake calipers. I have noticed the brake caliper bolts was rounded out and not able to loosen these with a 3/8" hex key. I have tried using the vice grips on the ends of bolt and does not loosen while it slips and slide off. Please help me how to get the caliper bolts off. Any suggestions? Thank You

Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

A pipe wrench on the end of the bolt head should loosen it. Once it grabs you'll be able to get enough torque on it to loosen it

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

I think those are 10mm hex.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

That would sure explain the difficulty!


Response From Tom Greenleaf

This stuff is tricky to describe but I'll try what I would do:

Make double sure that it's really 3/8th Allen hex - dig it out and look if needed. It could be a Torx headed caliper bolt - perhaps #45.

Sometimes you can hammer in a sacrificial Allen or Torx that will remove the bolts. Sometimes using a metric size one larger will jam in just right for good grab OR an assortment of extractor gadgets are available specifically the outside "stud" type extractors in this case.

Plain tapping inward on the bolt can help shock it free if close with a plain hammer.



Response From Guest

Thank You Tom! I will try what you have suggested. It is a 3/8inch hex key. Will try the next size up.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

In SAE sized next size won't even be close. Try a metric something or torx that's close.

You can also use hardened bolts if you have an assortment - have two nuts on the threads of the bolt and hammer it in - then with the double nuts tightened to each other the inside one will be stuck to work like an "make your own Allen wrench.

Some rounded/rusted crap like this take all kinds of imagination. I've gound down a tool that was too large to just the slightest too large for one time use too. Anything that works will do for a one time problem like this. Good luck,


new brake caliper seizing up

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Question From Guest on new brake caliper seizing up

Anybody know why a newly installed rear brake caliper would seize up?

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Probably the hose to it and not the caliper. Just open the bleeder a tad and if that wheel frees up that's a good diagnosis for that. Hope you did'nt burn up your new brake job,


Response From way2old

Tom has some good advixe on the hose. Also be sure the slides are well lubricated.

Brake caliper

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Question From Guest on Brake caliper

newly installed rear brake caliper seizes up when you drive in reverse.Any idea why? Ok when you drive forward.....bled brake line.....

Response From Tom Greenleaf Top Rated Answer

Pins and contact areas where caliper floats must be free and lubed and pads free in metal to metal contact areas as well,


'92 F150 brake caliper removal

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Question From Guest on '92 F150 brake caliper removal

I want to remove front brake calipers from '92 F150. No bolts. It is the "clip" kind. How do I do this? What about proper reattachment? Replacing the pads and resetting the piston are easy. I've just never worked with these clips and don't want to screw this up. Any and all tips, advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

Response From Double J Top Rated Answer


try this link to see if it here
images can be enlarged..just click on em...
has step by step...

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Great score on that JIM! Guest - to add - those pins are two sleeves of part circle metal with rubber vulcanized between them. The ends have barbs (kind of ) which hold them in. I never did buy special tools for those - just a flat screwdriver to just persuade each of the two barbs just starting and follow with an old beat up 6 inch 3/8th extention and tap it out. First one out the second just falls out (or by hand) and vs versa going back together.

Hope that didn't just confuse the job,


Response From Guest

Thanks guys. That helps a ton. Just didn't want to do something wrong.

Chevy Brake Caliper Mounting Bolt

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Question From kingjim9 on Chevy Brake Caliper Mounting Bolt

Hi I was hoping someone might know what size mounting bolt chevy uses on a '95 K1500 front brake caliper. I think it's one of those torx bits but I don't know the size. I haven't pulled the wheel yet.



Response From Sidom Top Rated Answer

If memory serves me correctly that is a T-50