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06 Scion tc wont hold power

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Question From james.garrett12 on 06 Scion tc wont hold power

2006 Scion TC
manual transmission
4 cyclinder 2.4 engine

So the car wont seem to hold power. Came out of the store one day and the car wouldnt start had to get a jump to get home. I put in a battery i had at the house, wasnt the exact battery for the car, but it got the car running. Went to work the next day and when i got off i bought the right battery put it in and the problem still exist. There is also some kind of drain on my radio like they are only running at half volume. My automatic power windows dont work quite the same way either. The passengers side window wont move at all and the drivers side is now a manual power window. I have to constantly balance the clutch and gas while driving down the road because the car idles really low and will somtimes die. My guess is the alternator but im not too sure.

Any help on this matter is most welcome.

Response From Discretesignals

Do you have a volt meter? If so, check the voltage at the battery terminals with the engine running. Charging voltage should be around 13.5-14 volts.

Response From james.garrett12

yes with the car running the battery is putting out about 13.3

Response From speed Top Rated Answer

Whats the voltage with the headlights and blower motor on high?