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2003 Ram 1500 Blower Motor Not Working

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Question From mrbilliard on 2003 Ram 1500 Blower Motor Not Working

I have a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 quad 2wd and the blower motor quit working. I checked the fuses, pulled the blower motor and hooked it directly to the battery and everything was fine. I also purchased a new blower motor resistor and installed, but still nothing. I checked for power at the motor and the resistor and I get nothing. I had my brother who is an electrician check the switch and he says it seems to be fine. I am running out of things to check and Chrysler wants $80 just to look at it. If anyone can help with this it would be much appreciated, by the way this ram has the 5.9 V8, thanks again.

Response From DanD Top Rated Answer

Because I don’t know what a quad is; a ram pick up, ram van or ram wagon? I’ll talk generically because the one thing that I see in all three is that the blower motor is fed power directly from the ignition switch when its in the run position. The resistor and switch are on the ground side of the circuit. So with the motor unplugged you should have power on one of the wires (either blue or green) with the ignition on. With out having power at this wire you’re going to have to chase it back to the ignition switch to find out where it has gone open.
The blower motor circuit is fused before the ignition switch; with you not saying anything about other things not working it likely isn’t a fuse. But recheck them any way it’ll be of a higher amperage 40 or 50 amp in the under hood fuse panel.
Also with the blower motor unplugged you won’t see any power at the switch or resistor because like I said they are on the ground side of the circuit.
Not to insult anyone but tell your brother to remember that this is a DC (direct current) system not AC. I’ve seen electricians work on automotive wiring before and they keep looking for a neutral wire; there isn’t one. LOL

Response From steve01832

The next thing you should check is the blower motor relay.


2005 ram w/blower motor issues?

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Question From diggerd on 2005 ram w/blower motor issues?

I`ve got a 2005 dodge ram, 4.7 w/125,000 miles on it. Recently,the blower motor seems to have weakened. The motor turns on and you can hear it work harder as you turn the knob from low up to high.It pushes a little more volume on the higher settings,but not like it did a few weeks ago. Wondering if this is a motor issue,if this vehicle has a cab filter?( the manual doesnt mention one ), or is it possible one of the internal trap doors has a broken spring and is somehow restricting airflow? the last one seems like a longshot because I can move the air from defrost to floor etc. as u should be able to do.Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You J.D.

Response From Hammer Time

Do you own a dog?

Response From diggerd

yes,but they spend very little time in the vehicle

Response From Hammer Time

I asked because I have seen many evaporators totally plugged up with dog hair sucked into the vent. You probably need to remove the blower motor and make sure you don't have anything caught in it like a plastic bag or even rodents.

Response From diggerd Top Rated Answer

thx hammertime,the motor looks easy acess and i will pull it and check it out.thx so much for your time.it is greatly appreciated

Response From Hammer Time

Once you get it out if you don't see anything in the motor cage itself, look up inside the hole and toward the center of the car at the evaporator core and see if it is clean.

Response From diggerd

will do.thank you again for your time.

Response From diggerd

pulled the motor and it was clean.poked inside and was greeted with a door? that had a broken plastic tab and had dropped down and was laying across the top of the motor.was blocking probobly 80% of air flow. i think this part is the Insulator.Not totally sure. appears to be sold with the evaparotor.was able to extract it so the airflow is back but i`m sure it`s not to wise to run that much heat at the exposed harness` for very long.they want 250.00 for the part.any ideas where i could pick one up cheaper? the only number on the part is PP1-P40 . thank you again for all your help.It`s refreshing to find people that will help just because they want to.

Response From Hammer Time

That is the recirculation door. It is designed the bring in outside air at one position and recirculate inside air from it's other position. It has to be in place or it will restrict air intake.

Response From diggerd

will order one up and get it installed, thank you again hammertime!

Response From Hammer Time

Make sure you know exactly what is broken and what it's going to take to fix it.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

To re-stress what HT just said - make sure you know EXACTLY what is broken and any associated parts. Been quite a while since dash diving but dealer parts can be itemized to the smallest clip.

Unless this is universally a problem spot and an upgrade part is available I did go the used route at a local pick your own and hopefully find same already plucked down so a parts for something like this were not so much work. Got ever dang dinky thing around it that could fail or be lost.

Good luck, measure twice cut once as they say,


92 dodge ram van heater/AC

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Question From mpbarber on 92 dodge ram van heater/AC

1992 Dodge Ram Van B250 318. When I put the heater switch on high with the AC on the wire from the main splice under the hood to the ignition switch heats up and if I let it run will eventually melt the insulation and then burn through the wire. My guess is that it's drawing too much current but I can't figure out why. Any thoughts?

Response From Sidom Top Rated Answer

When you say "heater switch", I assume you are talking about blower motor?

If that is the case it sounds like the blower motor is drawing too many amps. You would want to start with measuring the amp draw of the blower motor. You may also want to check the fuse box and make sure all slots have the correct rating fuse and larger fuses aren't being used. It really seems like this should pop a fuse before melting wires...

You might also want to check the draw on your a/c clutch