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2018 Jeep Renegade Suspension Ball Joint - Front Lower Moog

P311-529D785    K500352  New

2601899 , 68246489AA

In Stock & Ready to Ship
Moog Suspension Ball Joint  Front Lower
  • Ball Joint
  • MOOG K500352 Ball Joint
  • Product Attributes:
    • Adjustable: No
    • Greasable: No
  • Backed by superior materials and rigorous testing, MOOG® ball joints deliver reliable performance you can count on. MOOG problem-solving innovations ensure fast, hassle-free installation.
  • Suggested Purchase Quantity: 2
    • Most jobs typically require 2 of this item.
Brand: Moog
Position: Front Lower
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Position
2018 - Jeep Renegade Front Lower

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CarJunky AutoAdvice

control arms, ball joints

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Question From str8ofakind on control arms, ball joints

97 F150 4x4 repair guide says i can't replace ball joints but parts store lists ball joints as a replacement part. bushings can be pressed out and in, how about ball joints?

Response From Double J Top Rated Answer

Upper ball joints cannot be replaced separately,the upper control arms have to be replaced.

The lower ball joints are pressed out/in

Click here...


ball joints on 2002 pathfinder LE

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Question From flyballa on ball joints on 2002 pathfinder LE

how do the ball joints look to you guys? are the ball joints on my 2002 nissan pathfinder LE good or bad?

pictures show the front of the car


Response From Hammer Time

That next to last picture seems to show the shaft nut loose for some reason. If that has been driven loose, you probably need the knuckle and everything.

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

They look black.

There is no way for us to tell if your ball joint is bad by just looking at a picture of one. Now, if the picture was of a ball joint that had a boot that was disintegrated, then yes, ball joint would need replacement. Looks like the passenger's outer CV joint is slinging grease though.

You need to test the ball joint's vertical and radial end play. Which should be 0 mm of play.

Ball joint replacement

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Question From indy4192 on Ball joint replacement

1997 Ford Taurus/130000/6 cylinder/3.0 OHV/Front wheel drive

I am needing to replace my lower ball joints. I have been quoted a price of $230 total for labor and parts to replce the two lower ball joints and wondered if this was a good price?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Lazy - didn't look up parts cost. Bet they aren't the cheapest or the worst out there and would require an alignment. For where I live that price seems fair. Most/many originals had no grease fittings and replacement probably will so tell whoever changes your oil to grease them every time and any others of course,


Response From indy4192

I am looking at $25 per ball joint, right now going to buy two and have my mechanic see if both are bad, he is charging me $90 labor per instalation. So If I can do one now and another one next month that won't kill the pocketbook.

Response From steve01832 Top Rated Answer

If you can buy the ball joints separately from the lower control arm then all you need is the press. Just a big C-clamp with the ball joint adapters. Please, I don't want to see hammer marks on the new ball joints when you are done. lol. I think places like Auto Zone even rent the presses, or Taylor Rental.


Response From walkaround

That's not necessarily a bad idea. Just be aware that if you go this route you may find out that you also need an alignment so your are headed to the shop anyway. But you would probably still come out ahead overall by doing half of the work yourself that way.

99 Merc sable ball joint

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Question From fuzzy1 on 99 Merc sable ball joint

Good Day,
I have a 1999 Merc Sable and im having problems separating the lower ball joint from the lower control arm. The hub bearing is bad and i dont want to damage the good ball joint with a pickle fork. Any ideas? I've tried a 7 foot pry bar and hammer to loosen but no luck.

Response From nickwarner

I doubt this is going to come apart without the pickle fork, but just separating the joint with the fork shouldn't damage it. Might tear the rubber boot a bit, but if you're careful this can be minimized. With that 7 foot bar you are putting pressure on more than just the ball joint, and could possibly do damage if you get too rough. The pickle fork is only applying pressure exactly where you need it to be. If the joint comes apart from that, it wasn't a good joint to begin with.

Response From way2old Top Rated Answer

Usually a big hammer where the ball joint goes through the spindle will free it. Just be sure to hit on a solid part on the spindle directly where the ball joint goes through.

Response From fuzzy1

ok. got the darn thing out.. turns out a good solid pitman arm puller does the trick.. fit like a glove and 5 turns of the ratchet and it popped loose.
I did try the hammer idea as I have for many years along with the big bar and had no luck, so a little online research proved the pitman arm puller to work best.
I greatly appreciate the info.
Thanks Fuzzy1

Ball joint

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Question From invurt on Ball joint

On Saturday, i had to replace upper ball joint so I did but because it is a Honda
i have to change the ball joint and control arm because they are all in one.
Today when i was driving the side i got the control arm fixed I heard a knocking sound.
Could this be it? N I should be able to go back and get it fixed for free?

Response From Hammer Time

You could have left something loose. You need to get to the bottom of that problem ASAP.

Response From invurt Top Rated Answer

Yea but does the ball joint look right? To me it looks smashed in there.

Response From Hammer Time

It's just a rubber boot. It looks like you haven't greased it.

Response From invurt

Thank going try that let you know

Response From invurt

I tryied it didn't work. It happens sometimes. When u change ur control arm do you need to change both at the same time? Cuz I only change the left side cuz bad ball joint.

Response From nickwarner

If the control arm is defective a reputable shop should warranty it. But thats only if thats the issue. Let them have a look and see what they say.