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First Equipment Quality
1998 Mitsubishi Montero Sport CV Axle Assembly First Equipment Quality

P311-29C4918    W0133-1732010  New

First Equipment Quality CV Axle Assembly
  • New - Lifetime Warranty
  • Front - Left
Brand: First Equipment Quality
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Drive Type
1998 - Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4WD
First Equipment Quality
2002 Mitsubishi Montero Sport CV Axle Assembly First Equipment Quality

P311-56207C5    W0133-1732012  New

First Equipment Quality CV Axle Assembly
  • New - Lifetime Warranty
  • Front - Right
Brand: First Equipment Quality
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Drive Type
2002 - Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4WD

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1994 kea front axle wont come out

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Question From hicup on 1994 kea front axle wont come out

ive been looking to try and find info on how to take the axle out can anyone help me i heard it just snaps in and out but ive been prying on it and its not coming out anyhelp will be great thanks 1994 kia front left axle

Response From dmac0923 Top Rated Answer

Im assuming that youve seperated the axle from the hub assemble first right???? other wise yes once the axle/hub assembly are separated, the axle will just pop out of the transmission. its held in there by a snap/retaining ring in a grove on the axle itself.

Response From hicup

Thanks for the info, it's just that im prying so hard that its chipping the tranny and dinging it up preaty good with out any luck in coming out, is there a better tool then a crowbar thanks.

Response From Loren Champlain Sr

Just a hard, steady, pry won't do it. You'll end up breaking the alluminum transmission housing. Give it a hard, quick, snap. May take several tries. There is a tool that is designed to go up, and behind, the hub that you can attach a slide hammer to, but a bit expensive for the DIYer. Might be cheaper in the long run to pay someone to do it.

Response From Guest


Stuck Axle

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Question From DjERA on Stuck Axle

I went to the axle shop to have it replaced...

After 3 blocks the car stopped, the oil was transmission oil was on the floor. The shop claims its the transmission is the issue, they think the axle is stuck due to heat. So someone how it melted and integrated to the transmission... I went to the guy that re-constructed the transmission and he says: "That's impossible, the only thing that got that axle stuck is the clip"

Guy wants to give me 150$ and the axle...

I paid 70$ hes giving me 80$ + axle..


Any suggestions?

Year of vehicle 1997
Make of vehicle saturn
Model of vehicle sw2
Engine size 1.4
Mileage/Kilometers 150k

Response From Sidom

I'm a little confused with the info here but if you had a shop change the axle and then 3 blocks later the car stopped moving & dumping tranny oil on the ground,,,,,,it sounds like an axle just popped out.

Inspect the axle and if the C clip isn't damaged & the splines are ok, pop it back in. If anything looks off, change out the axle....

This should be a non issue and the 1st shop should take care of this and if it is a defective axle that would also include the tow...

Response From DjERA

I went in to the axle shop and had them change my axle. The axle gave up on me 3 blocks away, they did pay for the towing back. The shop brought a "transmission specialist" and he told them the issue was on the transmissions end and perhaps its stuck because it got so hot it integrated into the transmission. They offered me returning my 70$ and giving me 80$ more plus the axle for free.

I went to the transmission shop that re-constructed my transmission and the guy said That the axle should be able to come out when the ring is broken.

I will have a mechanic try to bring it out tomorrow but for now I need the forums advice.


Response From Hammer Time

You just repeated the same thing you said the first time that could not be understood. Nothing that your saying is making any sense as Sidom has already told you. The axle just slips inside the transmission and locks in with a clip. It's either still attached or it isn't. Your going to need more accurate details for anyone to be able to tell you anything.

Response From DjERA

I'm sorry for wasting your time.

Response From Hammer Time

Nobody said you were wasting our time. You just need to supply more information for us to be able to understand what the problem is.

Response From DjERA

Problem is basic, The axle is stuck, they tried bringing it out and they damaged the transmission bearing.

Response From Sidom Top Rated Answer

I've seen this before if I'm interpreting all the info correctly....

It sounds like they forced an axle into the tranny, where they should've just tried a different one. The axle failed and now they can't get it out. It's not a case of overheating, it's a case of the slip ring being to big or the splines on the inner CV joint being damaged and forced into the tranny. On stubborn ones the other axle can be removed and the stubborn axle driven out from the back side, there is tools designed for this but usually won't work when an axle has been forced into a tranny. Being it's an "axle shop" I'm assuming they have already tried this with no luck.

If that's the case the tranny is going to have to come out and the case split to fix this, only to split the case BOTH axles have to be out of the tranny.....

If I've got all that right, it's looking like you are going to be needing a new tranny....

I would tell them to keep the offer they made and just get your car fixed so it works the same way it did when you originally brought it in...

camero axles

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Question From Guest on camero axles

can you run 1975 camero axles on a 1975 nova, (even though they are 1/2" longer)?

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Stretching my memory but I think GM used the axle as the race for the bearing and that would be a stopper right there. That would have to be perfect, T

Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

no those axles will not work

Axle removal

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Question From sdbout on Axle removal

Have a 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 - 4WD with positraction, I need to remove rear axle and want to know if I need to take the pin from the differential or can I just use a puller to pull axle off? Any help would be appreciated.

Response From way2old Top Rated Answer

You need to remove the pin from the carrier. There is a C clip that holds the axle in place. You need to push the axle in toward the middle to remove the clip.

Oil is Leaking After CV Axle & Seal replacement

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Question From spins06 on Oil is Leaking After CV Axle & Seal replacement

Hello guys!

I need your advice: I own Sienna 1998 (VIN WUO21575) and after front driver`s side CV Axle and Seal replacement transmission fluid is leaking from the place where Axle goes into Differential. What could be the reason of that problem?


Response From Hammer Time

It means he damaged the seal while installing the axle. Bring it back to them and tell them they need to repair at no charge.

Response From spins06

Probably, I understand what could be a reason. When the first guy took off new axle from differential to replace the seal, he used a fork (like tie rods separator fork) and he damaged space on the axle where the seal installed. Here are the pictures:





You can see very thin like a ring (or nest) on axle where seal goes. Now that ring is bended - I marked it with red.

Could it be the reason of leaking?

Response From Sidom

That area you have mark is more of a dust shield, to keep dirt out of the seal area........The seal for the oil rides on the hub area in front of that marked area....
If a new seal was installed with the axle, I would guess he damaged the seal installing it.....That shield should to be straightened or removed though before installing a new seal.....

Response From spins06

Can you see on picture that Seal has two parts - with small diameter and larger diameter. The part with a small diameter should be completely inside that nest for dust, and that nest push the Seal into differential. But now I think it`s now completely inside and because nest is damaged it doesn`t push the seal to differential.

Is it really easy to damage that Seal, because the rubber is quite thick. And guy installed seal with a special tool for seals (beat with a hummer)

Response From Hammer Time

Yes, it's very easy do damage it when installing it of installing the axle. If the seal is leaking and if the case is not cracked,then the seal is damaged.

Response From spins06

I understand, thanks! Does that damaged nest plays the role?

Could you give me any advices how to take off that axle, because it is very difficult to take it off.

Response From Hammer Time

Why are you trying to take it out? If someone else installed this axle, then it's their problem and if you mess with that, they can refuse to cover it.
That ring is just a sling shield and it prevent road debris from getting into the seal.

Response From spins06

The guy who did it is not very experienced I suppose, he did it in his house. I went to transmission guy yesterday, he tried to take it off but he couldn`t and he was busy, I will have an appointment with him next week.

If the reason is in differential bearing, can I hear the noise or it`s very quite?

Response From Sidom

The reason the seal is leaking is it was more than likely damaged when your guy installed it.....Those type of seals can be tricky to install.....

The ring/nest is just a 2nd seal.......a seal for the seal.....all it does is protects the oil seal from junk getting at it......
The factory correct 100% way to fix this would be to install a new seal and new axle with a new nest......

If it was my car.....I would get a new seal & pop off the nest/ring/shield & run without it.........most axle don't have those anyway

Response From spins06 Top Rated Answer

Thank you for recommendation! I am going to buy new axle and seal.
Interesting detail: after the second guy tried to take the axle off, fluid didn`t leak for about one day, after 25 miles driving.

I am going to buy that axle, could you please tell me if it is Ok that it`s called "Import" axle?

Link deleted ............... not allowed

Response From Sidom

Last 8 of the VIN.....someone is use to calling the dealer for parts.................lol