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1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse CV Axle Assembly EMPI

P311-0A527FD    W0133-1838699  New

  • 100% New
Brand: EMPI
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Submodel
1999 - Mitsubishi Eclipse RS

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93 Mitsubishi eclipse creaking noise

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Question From Ice 9 on 93 Mitsubishi eclipse creaking noise

it comes and goes, sometimes i can drive around and go over bumps and whatever else and it makes no noise, other times all i have to do is turn my steering wheel, or lean on the front of my car and it creaks. my dad said he thought it was the strut. do i just need to replace it? also before i got the car the front bumper was broken in two, so not sure what kind of damage it took but the guy who had it before me took absolutly no care of it. any ideas?

Response From Ice 9

so do i just need to replace the strut, or is there something i can do to fix it?

Response From Ice 9 Top Rated Answer

ok, so i got new struts, had them put on and once they were done i pushed on my front end and it creaked just like before, the guys were nice enough to real quick put it up on a lift and look at it, they said it was my lower controle arm bushings, and on a side note that my axle needed replaced pretty soon and that my wheel bearings were on their way to needing to be replaced, but i had time. so i replaced the axle and got rid of a clicking noise, and replaced the bushings, but the creak is still there, what else could be making noise? thanks in advance.

Response From DrElectrics

Im no mechanic, but definately sounds like the struts.

shakes after replaced engine

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Question From trixywicker on shakes after replaced engine

I have a 97 mitsubishi eclipse 2.0lt. non turbo that was in perfect running order then the timing belt went which blew the engine. The engine was replaced and immediately after the car would shake after about 40mph but NOT when the clutch was in. They changed the tires, balanced, aligned, put new tie rods even though i told them the car was MINT before the engine was changed. still not fixed, they then told me they thought it was the transmission but decided to look at all other smaller things before they resorted to that...they are now looking at the axles. Ive heard from several people it could be the engine or transmission mounts. I would assume they checked this. They are stumped and my bill is climbing. All I know is what ever THEY did while putting that engine in caused the shaking or could there be any fault IN the used engine that could cause these symptoms? Any other opinions?

Response From trixywicker Top Rated Answer

My mechanic replaced the axle and said he found a bent bracket. Now the car is fixed. Mystery solved.

Question about brake job

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Question From salilsurendran on Question about brake job

Hello Friends,
Recently my brakes started squealing and I took it to a mechanic. He initially said the brake pads would have to be replaced and quoted me around $260 each axle. Then he called me up and said that the front rotors would have to be replaced since they were metal to metal. I was wondering as to why the rotors need to be replaced since they can be resurfaced and I had brake problems for only a couple of days and surely the brake pads would have given some indication that they were wearing out before going metal to metal. He even showed me the place where the metal on the rotor had filed away because of the brake pads being metal to metal. He quoted me $718 + tax. Of which about $315 is labor and $310 is parts and $50 is something like sublet which I think is rotor turning. Is the job too expensive. My car is at 60k miles and this is my first brake job.

Response From Hammer Time

Those Maserati's can be expensive to repair

Response From salilsurendran Top Rated Answer

Those Maserati's can be expensive to repair Mine is a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder 2-door convertible

Response From Hammer Time

I guess i should have known that huh?

Those prices sound pretty outrageous. You should be looking at $250 to $300 per axle with new rotors. I don't know what he was subleting. There is no machining for new rotors and at those prices, there shouldn't have been any extra anything charged.

I also question how bad the brakes could have been at that mileage. You would have to have been pretty rough on them to wipe them out at that mileage.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

Deciphering - Quote from top post ">>My car is at 60k miles and this is my first brake job."

IMO that's enough miles to need a full go around with a first brake job. Prices still seem high and didn't check on ranges of parts as still don't know what year this vehicle is. Machining 60,000 mile rotors would be out of the question and also as HT mentioned can't figure on what would be "sublet" out to do this?


Response From Hammer Time

The average mileage I see for front disc brakes these days is about 80 t0 90K and I see them as high as 150K, depending on the type of driving. Rear drum brakes commonly go 150K if the wheel cylinders hold up. When you see 60K, it's usually had the brakes used aggressively, although it does happen.

Response From Tom Greenleaf

OK - I see more lower miles and just plain worn down not real problems for first round. Plenty of folks do mix of stop and go, country driving vs prolonged highway use or all low speed. Some is just mostly vented discs give out shooting rust out of the vented area!

Centric brand (ca-ching$$) makes seriously baked on heat proof painted rotors, drums and other parts that really helps and machine after the painting of course ready and perfect out of box.

True - it all depends on use plus exposure by nature is going to vary greatly,