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2013 Ram C/V Axle Shaft - Front Left 6 Cyl 3.6L Mopar

P311-0E6E135    R4880213AF  New

In Stock & Ready to Ship
$75.00 $250.15
  • ; Left, Remanufactured, [EGL=3.8L V6 OHV Engine, EGQ=4.0L V6 SOHC Engine, EGV=3.3L V6 OHV Engine, ENS=2.8L 4 Cyl TD Next Generation Engine+DG2=6-Speed Automatic 62TE Transmission]
Brand: Mopar
Position: Front Left
Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Submodel Body Region Engine VIN Position Block Engine CID CC
2013 - Ram C/V Base Mini Cargo Van Canada G Front Left V 6 Cyl 3.6L 220 3604

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Reasonable estimate for Axle boots?

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Question From Guest on Reasonable estimate for Axle boots?

I just had my Mercedes inspected...and was told that my Axle boots are broken. He gave me an estimate for the replacement/repairs including labor. I trust this guy...but just want to make sure this is a fair quote:

$530 total. Breakdown below:

Includes: Boot Kit (2)...82.14 = 164.28
Shop supplies: $20.00
Labor for Axle Shaft Assembly: Removal/Installation = $273.00
Labor for Axle shaft boot (remove & replace) $32.50
Labor for Axle shaft boot (remove & replace) $32.50

Response From DanD

Considering you haven’t told us what year & model; I picked a 2000 E320 and the flat-rate labour guide pays 4.2 hours to remove and install the axle shafts and then .5 each for the boots. So yes; it sounds fair for this model. One other model showed approximately 1 hour less for the R&I.


Response From Guest Top Rated Answer

Thank you! The model is a '98 E320. :)

Front axle shaft brakes at u-joint yoke

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Question From lowrider07 on Front axle shaft brakes at u-joint yoke

C-20 4x4
6.2 Diesel
192000 miles

Replaced inner and outer axle shafts installed new u-joint on left front drive shaft. Old axles shaft broke the ears where u-joint attaches . After about 50 miles inner axle broke the ears off. The only change made to the truck was to change out automatic locking hubs to mechanical .What could be causing axle yoke breakage ?

Response From Loren Champlain Sr Top Rated Answer

I've never seen this happen without having a bad u-joint 'destroy' the yoke. Metal fatigue, maybe? You aren't driving in 4WD on bare pavement, right? The front differential isn't 'locking' up? I can't see how the hubs could cause this problem, unless maybe, one side is not unlocking, but still can't see how it'd break yokes. (and that's no yoke).

Axle Shaft / half shaft removal

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Question From Crypt Keeper on Axle Shaft / half shaft removal

97' for escort
Trying to remove the passenger side axle shaft from the transmission side. The shaft snapped in half near the wheel from a collision with a curb. I've been prying on it against the transmission to no avail. I've gotten what I believe to be a really good pry on it many times. The transmission hasn't cracked, but I heard it's possible. At any rate, I can't pry the thing out. Any tips?

Response From Hammer Time

Another thing to try is to use 2 bars and get one on each side of the joint. Getting straight force instead of one side can make a big difference. Use a hard, quick popping motion.

Response From Crypt Keeper

Okie Dokie, thanks guys. I was basically using an over sized prybar on one side and not using popping actions. I'll have to figure out what I can get in there to do this with. Perhaps I'll try the board first. I appreciate everyone's input. I'll let you know how it fares after I get another chance to try. Thanks.

Response From Crypt Keeper Top Rated Answer

Ok, well I ended up looking through my tool box and I found I had a pickle fork that was just wide enough to fit over the CV joint. It worked like a charm as far as ease of removal, however I must add that there was a dust shield which was damaged. Then again, I'm thinking the dust shield was not removable or reusable. I've installed the new one without the dust shield due to lack of the part and lack of patience from my boss as my car is at work! ha ha

By the way, I work on Diesel Trucks and Coaches, that is why my pickle forks are so large. I ended up spending about 3 minutes vs. the initial hour plus with an unsuccessful pry bar.

Response From Hammer Time

Something like that would be great if you always had enough room to get it in but you rarely do.

Closing this question now as solved to keep the spammers out.

Response From rippley

Ive always had luck popping out a cvjoint using a short 2,x4 wedged between the trans and joint kicking it so it pops out its easyer than trying to get a good hit on it when u dont have the room to swing and it keeps u from cracking or chiping the aluminum trans housing

Response From Sidom

Hmmmm.....usually the drivers sided is the PITA one to remove...

The right one should just pop out.......Try rotating the axle like 90 or 180 degrees to get the ring in a different spot & then try prying on it again......If you have the room, a good long bar & big hammer,,,put the bar on the end of the inner joint & hit it with the hammer.......

Intermediate axle shaft

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Question From Richard3 on Intermediate axle shaft

1994 Buick regal,3.8 frontwheel drive with overdrive.Drivers side(left) Trying to replace seal, half shaft severely stuck. Upon removal-welding plate and slide assembly to inner joint housing, the intermediate shaft came out with joint housing(no snap ring in groove). Did something break internally (spider assembly) Shaft will no longer stay inside transmission which I know will lead to leaking. Can I put another ring on the end of the inner shaft to lock in again or will it require additional parts? Pushing 300,000miles-wifes baby.

Response From Discretesignals Top Rated Answer

Your going to have to remove the final drive cover and assembly to get the broken ring out and inspect the side gear.

Response From Hammer Time

Wouldn't that be the passenger side?

He's looking for the driver's side.

Response From Discretesignals

True, but in his case the whole output shaft came out with the driver's side CV axle attached. There is a ring that holds the other end of the output shaft to the final drive side gear. The output shaft runs through the middle of the transmission.